Irish war of Independence
An Rp set during the days of the Irish war of independence.
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disused account

Place for Rebels to go, Has lots of weapons and such stored

11/17/2008 . Edited by Irish toaster, 11/17/2008 #1
Irish toaster

Rory burst open the safehouse,an old barn house. He took off his jacket and began to light a fire. He was aware of a draft also.

"Close the door" he ordered the rest.

5/16/2009 #2
disused account

James slumped against a wall.

5/16/2009 #3
Irish toaster

When the fire spluttered to life he took a seat in an old worn,stray covered armchair. He stared into the fire,an orange glow on his face.

"You know the British will send troops soon James" he said grimly still looking at the fire.

"When they do. Our true colours will show. If we can stand and fight against the stongest Empire in the world"

5/16/2009 #4
disused account

He nodded.

(I updated my play..

5/16/2009 #5
Irish toaster

((Grand so))

Rory didn't see the nod because he was looking at the fire!

5/16/2009 #6
disused account

James stared at his hands.

5/16/2009 #7
Irish toaster

Rory kept looking at the fire.

5/16/2009 #8
disused account

"You should rest."

5/16/2009 #9
Irish toaster

Rory shook his head. "No you and the lads get some rest. I'll stay on guard for the night"

He was now looking at his revolver,turning it over in his hands in contemplation.

He knew war with Britain could mean certain death for all of them. He was not scared for himself but for the young Irishmen and women. Those men and women so willing to die for what he felt was a lost cause. Altough he would never admit it to anyone but himself.

5/17/2009 #10
disused account

He nodded and drifted off to sleep.

5/17/2009 #11
Irish toaster

Rory nodded then nodded again then he kept doing it until his head plopped off.

5/18/2009 #12
disused account

James tossed a blanket over him and took watch.

5/18/2009 #13
Irish toaster


Most of the rebels were resting or playing cards while a few kept watch also. Most of them were quiet.

5/18/2009 #14
disused account

(littlemanlove there.)

James lit a crigerete. He kept seeing the RIC men drop.

5/18/2009 #15
Irish toaster

((No I meant the fact that Rorys head fell off of his body. I was only joking though :D))

A rebel soldier walked over beside James. "You alright boss?"

5/19/2009 #16
disused account

(I totally missed that

"Yeah, just gonna play football with Roy's head" Jk

"Yeah, get some rest."

5/19/2009 #17
Irish toaster

"Sir" he said hesitently. "Can I be goalie?" JK

He nodded. "Right you are sir" he turned and left.

5/19/2009 #18
disused account

He pulled out a picture of April and tried think about her, but his mind still saw the RIC men. He slumped aginst the wall into a nigtmire.

5/19/2009 #19
Irish toaster

Suddenly screaming and gunfire started sounding in the distance.Distant booming sounds could be heard.

"What the hell is that?" asked one rebel.

5/21/2009 #20
disused account

Not our problem yet.'

5/21/2009 #21
Irish toaster

"It will be" remarked Rory.

5/21/2009 #22
disused account

James peered out for a moment.

5/21/2009 #23
Irish toaster

Some civilians were fleeing across the farmlands,away from some danger comming from the direction of the nearby town.

5/21/2009 #24
disused account

"What d'you think Sarge? Go or stay?"

5/21/2009 #25
Irish toaster

Rory pursed his lips. "Ask one of those running away what's going on"

5/21/2009 #26
disused account

He cupped his hands. 'What's going on?"

5/21/2009 #27
Irish toaster

A weary middle-aged man walked over and took off his hat.His face streaked with soot and dirt. "Their burnin' the town down" he said dejectedly. "Our home..."

A rebel soldier rushed out of the barn to James and the man. "Are you serious!?" he exclaimed. "Who? The R.I.C?"

The man shook his head grimly. "They had thick english accents. I don't think they are army though.At least...they don't look it..."

5/21/2009 #28
disused account

James shook his head and wadded toward town, gun at the town.

5/21/2009 #29
Irish toaster

"Where ya' goin' sir?" asked the rebel as other civilians streamed past them. The flaming town could be seen lighted against the black,soot-filled night-sky.

5/21/2009 #30
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