Irish war of Independence
An Rp set during the days of the Irish war of independence.
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disused account

"We're going to put those fires out."

5/21/2009 #31
Irish toaster

"Alright boys!" the rebel called over his shoulder. "Let's move out!"

The soot-covered civilian took hold of James' hands. "Bless you lad.Bless you"

5/22/2009 #32
Star the Foxhound

April, always one for showing up in the middle of something, came running up to James and threw her arms around him. "Oh James!! It feels like so long since we've had a moment together!"

5/22/2009 #33
disused account

"Not now," he hissed. 'You aren't doposed to be here or know this place! Its too danous go on home." He stalked off toward the town.

5/22/2009 #34
Star the Foxhound

"James!" April grabbed his arm and tried to pull him around to face him. "Why are you hardly spending time with me anymore?"

5/22/2009 #35
disused account

"April, I'm about to fight damn it!"

5/22/2009 #36
Star the Foxhound

She still held onto him. "Then take me with you. I'll dress up like a man... I bet I could pass."

April moved closer and looked up at him, wanting to kiss him.

5/22/2009 #37
disused account

He hugged her. "No, I'm loosing you to somthing foolish, wait here."

5/22/2009 #38
Star the Foxhound

April leaned closer and kissed him. "Let me go with you, please..."

5/22/2009 #39
disused account

"No, I I'm not taking the chance you get hurt."

5/22/2009 #40
Star the Foxhound

"James..." April kissed him again.

5/22/2009 #41
disused account


(I posted on da ship)

5/22/2009 #42
Star the Foxhound

"Let me come with you!" April stared at him.

5/22/2009 #43
disused account

"No! Those men aren't reguar British soilders, they are people Churchhill sent to terrorize us! Last we they pulled up in a car and shpt a prgent girl on a park bench just for being there. No!"

5/22/2009 #44
Star the Foxhound

April looked at him. "It's my choice! Let me make my own choice!"

5/22/2009 #45
disused account

"The bloddy town is on fire! I have to go!" He led the men toward it.

(Post in ww1.)

5/22/2009 #46
Star the Foxhound

"I'm coming and you can't stop me!" April kissed him again and looked directly at him.

5/22/2009 #47
disused account

(Unless you want to kill her you better not.)

He shrugged it off and led his men.

5/22/2009 #48
Star the Foxhound

((Why would she die if she went with him??))

April watched him, not wanting him to leave and she took a few steps after him.

5/22/2009 #49
disused account

(Cuz Black and Tans were whacked out soilders from ww1 the English sent to terrorize the people into giving up the location of IRA units. In reality they roamed the coutry killing and raping at random. Children playing in the Dublin streets were shot as lorrys drove by.Very nasty people Some guy's grandfather was tied to a wagon wheel rolled around until he died. My point is, if were seen with IRA guys they'd kill you. If they captured IRa they'd break fingers or rip out nails cut off down there..nasty stuff.)


5/22/2009 #50
Star the Foxhound

"James..." April stared at him but stayed rooted to the spot, while she knew how dangerous it was to go with him a part of her wanted to.

5/23/2009 #51
Irish toaster

((Its grand if April comes. Some women fought against the black and tans. Sure it's all good))

Rory got up and met up with the two outside the barn.

5/23/2009 #52
disused account

"Tell her to stay, Roy," he whisppered.

5/23/2009 #53
Irish toaster

Rory looked at April for a moment then at James.

"I would advise against it yes but we can't stop someone who is determined enough to fight for their country. Let her come. We're all patriots here...we should be allowed die as such. That's the bottom line boyo"

5/23/2009 #54
disused account

James stared. "She's never held a gun before!"

5/23/2009 #55
Irish toaster

"Neither have half our bloody soldiers" said Rory.

5/23/2009 #56
disused account

He scowled and headed toward town.

5/23/2009 #57
Star the Foxhound

April's face brightened as she looked from Roy to James. "Oh please, I can become a good soldier if you work with me! I'll fight really hard, I promise."

5/24/2009 #58
Irish toaster

Rory nodded. "Give her a gun" he said.

One of the rebels tossed her a pistol.

"If you want to protect our folk come along. Just remember one thing. Shoot in the direction we're shooting and you should be fine" he gave a slight smile.

"Alright lads move out. Let's make these brits go back to where they came from!"

A cheer sounded all around and they ran after him and James.

5/24/2009 #59
disused account

He ignored her.

5/24/2009 #60
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