Irish war of Independence
An Rp set during the days of the Irish war of independence.
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She shrugged.

"I wish."

4/11/2009 #91
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"But you are."

4/11/2009 #92

She shrugged."Whatever it is, it isn't helping much."

4/11/2009 #93
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"Every person who does not bow to the British makes a differice. It shows them we wont be stepped on any longer.

4/11/2009 #94

She smiled.

"Ah well, that's the best thing I've heard in awhile."

4/11/2009 #95
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He grinned. "I should be a peacher eh?"

4/11/2009 #96

She laughed.

"I'd go to a sermon." she grinned, receiving her food.

4/11/2009 #97
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He grinned and accidently brushed her hand.

4/11/2009 #98

She barely noticed and just looked at him.

"You want some?" she asked.

4/11/2009 #99
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"Some what?"

4/11/2009 #100

She pointed to the other half of her sandwich.

4/11/2009 #101
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4/11/2009 #102

She passed it to him and ate hers.

"This'll keep me goin' for a week."

4/11/2009 #103
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"Good," he said eating the other half.

4/11/2009 #104

She grinned and finished her glass of juice.

4/11/2009 #105
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"There isn't guy looking for you is there?"

4/11/2009 #106

"Probably a few." she said, eyes dancing. "Mostly british soldiers who want my neck on a string."

4/11/2009 #107
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He grinned. 'That i could see."

4/11/2009 #108

She nodded and laughed.

"Otherwise no, most of the Irish are constantly on alert or already taken. It's fend for yourself here, I suppose."

4/11/2009 #109
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"Hmm.." he joked.

4/11/2009 #110

She smiled and shrugged.

"Ah well." she said. "I'd scare them off within the first week anyways."

4/11/2009 #111
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"II'm here," he teased.

4/11/2009 #112

"You've known me three hours." she quipped, grinning. "Just wait awhile."

4/11/2009 #113
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"Wana make a bet?"

4/11/2009 #114

"I've got nothing 'cept this piece of cheese to wager." she said, shaking her head.

4/11/2009 #115
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"$30 says i stay a whole day."

4/11/2009 #116

"A whole day, hmm?" she pondered, shaking her head. "Make it a week and you've got a deal."

4/11/2009 #117
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4/11/2009 #118

She grinned and held out her hand.


4/11/2009 #119
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He sqeezed it, "Deal."

4/11/2009 #120
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