Irish war of Independence
An Rp set during the days of the Irish war of independence.
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Irish toaster

A part of the City further away from the fighting .Where people can discuss, rest or plan their next move at a quiet cafe...

11/17/2008 . Edited 11/17/2008 #1
Irish toaster

Connor stolled down the street admiring the aroma of freshly baked bread.His stomach rumbled suddenly."Maybe I spent a bit too long on that last painting"He chuckled to himself,making his way towards the Backery.

12/7/2008 #2

Kate wandered down the street, glad to be home. She had enjoyed travelling, of course, and the theatres had been amasing but... home was still home and it was where she longed to be.Her stomach grumbled, making her flush and she found her way to the familiar bakery. It was just the same as it had been wo years ago when she had left... not that she had expected it to change. She was glad it hadn't though.

She bumped into a man on the way in and flushed again.

"Ah'm so sorry." she apologised, putting a hand to his shoulder to steady the both of them.

12/7/2008 #3
Irish toaster

Connor's brows rose then he smiled warmly"No need to apologize ma'am,I'm just as clutsy these days"

12/7/2008 #4

She allowed a smile to slip through for him and her cheeks tinged pink,

"Never the less, Ah hope Ah didn't hurt ye."

12/7/2008 #5
Irish toaster

((Just a note we don't really talk like Hollywood says we do.We don't really sound so scottish with ack's,ayes and ye's XD its ok I make mistakes with other accents too that people correct me on ^^))

"No,no I'm alright.Heading into the Backery?I can't say no to some freshly baked bread.I would have nightmares if I did.Care to join me?"

12/9/2008 #6

((Ah, okie day. Thankies :D It was getting difficult to remember how to write it anyhows :)))

Kate smiled and nodded,

"I am and I will, thankyou. I love fresh baked bread." she admitted, "It is one of my weaknesses."

12/9/2008 #7
Irish toaster

"After you madame"he said theatricality ,bowing and gesturing towards the door.

12/9/2008 #8

Kate laughed softly and curtsied in return befor stepping into the bakery, inhaling the delicious scent of baking and freshly baked goods.

"Yum." she murmured, looking over at what the baker had for sale.

She had planned on visiting an old friend of hers... but he could wait for her stomach to be happy once again.

12/9/2008 #9
Irish toaster

Connor stroked his chin,smearing blue paint in the process."Hmm what to have?"he said aloud.

The man at the counter looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

Connor shrugged"I'll just have two breadrolls please,oh and some butter."he turned to Kate with his brows raised"Having anything?It's on me"

12/10/2008 #10

"You have a litle something here." she giggled, touching her own chin, "And I can't possibly let you pay. I only just met you, besides, I'll just have a scone, please." she told the man behind the counter, pulling out her little purse.

12/10/2008 #11
Irish toaster

Seamus held his hand up to protest."Its no problem,really.Its my pleasure."he handed the man the money.

The man behind the counter scoffed at them and went into the kitchen area.

"You new here?"He asked.Gingerly,casualy, trying to scrub off the paint.

12/11/2008 #12

She narrowed her eyes at the man behind the counter for a moment before smiling at the other man,

"Not so much new as just returned." she admitted, "Actually, I was supposed to be going to meet an old friend of mine at the Post Office... only my stomach distracted me."

12/11/2008 #13
Irish toaster

Connor laughed"Never argue with your stomach.Actually my father said he was going to the post office too in a little while,some get together is going on I guess,a good many people are going."

Connor drummed his fingers on the counter.Then smiled as the food arrived.

"Ah! Never argue with your nose either"he chuckled,taking in the aroma.

12/12/2008 #14

Kate laughed with him and nodded,

"Perhaps we can walk together." she offered once she thanked the baker.

12/12/2008 #15
Irish toaster

Connor shrugged."I have nothing else to do.It would be an honour."he smiled.

The baker made an amused noise before turning away.Connor glared at his back.

12/13/2008 #16

With a smile touching her face, Kate nodded and slipped her arm through his,

"Thank you." she murmured, atempting to distract him from the baker and avoid a confrontation, "We should probably be going though."

12/14/2008 #17
Irish toaster

"Lead the way madame!" he said theatrically."I imagine you know this place more than I"

He pointed upwards enthusiastically "Onward me'lady!" he said in a self mocking tone

12/15/2008 #18
disused account

(If you want to hear the wrost clare accent watch Far And Away with Tom Cruise *beats head on desk.*

12/15/2008 #19
Irish toaster

((Haha yeah so many americans think we talk with aye's and our' ya doin' lassy? xD

And think we have red hair,green eyes and live in cottages :P))

12/15/2008 #20
disused account

(I do like the Aye, and say it :D But the rest as Sergent Harper put it "Oh dear, oh dear the horor me eyes 'ave seen it." :FD

12/15/2008 #21
Irish toaster

((Yeah aye isn't too bad but its a dying word now.Its more used by the scots.Anyway we should continue this in off topic.Too Off topic! :D))

12/15/2008 #22

((Haha. Funny kids here :D))

Kate laughed and bobbed a curtsey then pushed the baker door open,

"Come with me, good sir. I have not been here for many years but I will find the way." she laughed.

((To the GPO))

12/15/2008 #23
disused account

(Let's bring it back! Aye? Emo love birds rougie?

12/15/2008 #24

((Ish, mi love. Where were they headed?))

12/15/2008 #25
disused account

(Me nono..wanaa have them ff like a month though, I'm bad starting things.)

12/15/2008 #26

((Sure. May as well... I'll PM u... hang on))

12/15/2008 #27
disused account

(She at GPO yet?)

12/15/2008 #28

((yessir she is))

12/15/2008 #29
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