Irish war of Independence
An Rp set during the days of the Irish war of independence.
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Kate frowned at that and watche dhim. It was not often he did not tell her what was going on.

2/19/2009 #61
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He glanced at his watch. "I'm late anyway so forget it.

2/19/2009 #62

A little stung that he wasn't involving her, Kate just shrugged and stood, aiming to return to the kitchen.

"Stay safe." she called as if second-thought.

2/19/2009 #63
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"Always." He stood up and pressed his lips to hers. Its been a long time snice they kissed.

2/19/2009 #64

Kate blinked then flushed, biting her lip to hold back her grin.

"Albie..." she mumbled, leaning bac to look at him, "What are you doing in Dublin?" she asked softly.

2/19/2009 #65
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"The less you know the better," he smiled. "But I'm doing somthing for ireland, but know fighting this time."

2/19/2009 #66

She eyed him a moment then sighed and straightened the collar of his shirt,

"Still, you be careful." she ordered, pouting a little. She didn't want any more wars and fighting... she didn't want to see Albie hurt again.

2/19/2009 #67
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He kissed her again. "I'll be safe."

2/19/2009 #68

She sighed and kisse dhim back for once then smiled,

"You had better be. Or I'll be very mad."

2/19/2009 #69
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He just grinned.

2/19/2009 #70

Kate frowned at him and tapped the back of his head lightly and shoved him away,

"Don't smile like that, I'm serious." she huffed off into the kitchen.

2/19/2009 #71
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"I'm sorry," he muttered.

2/19/2009 #72

Kate heard him and sighed, already forgiving the fool. She did care about him after all.

2/19/2009 #73
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He sqeezed her hand. "All you did for me back then..why?"

2/19/2009 #74

She jumped at how close he was all of a sudden,

"Why do you think? I thought we went over this already." she frowned, biting her lip a little.

2/19/2009 #75
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"I stil don't belive I was worth all that s***.

2/19/2009 #76

"Then you're an idiot." she told him bluntly, "Aren't you running late?" she asked, glancing at the clock.

2/19/2009 #77
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"Its not worth going," he told her. "Let's sit by the fire."

2/19/2009 #78

She frowned at him again and f*** her hands on her hips,

"You're acting so odd this afternoon."

2/19/2009 #79
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"How?" he wondered.

2/19/2009 #80

She shrugged and tossed the dish rag on the sink,

"All this talk about what happened- then the meeting, and now you're not going."

2/19/2009 #81
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"I just think about that a lot, and I gotta talk to someone."

2/19/2009 #82

"What made you want to talk now? This... business about a meeting and Dublin and 'for the good of Ireland'?" she asked, biting her lip.

2/19/2009 #83
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"Its starting again. War.

2/19/2009 #84

Kate paled significantly and foundherself suddenly needing to sit. She braced a hand against the bench and breathed in dep. More war meant more blood and death and fighting. She licked her suddenly dry lips and blew out a breath.

2/19/2009 #85
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He put his arm around you. "I won't get hurt again, all I do is take messages to people."

2/19/2009 #86

She leaned her weight against him and closed her eyes a moment,

"How can you say that? We saw people get hurt, Albie, who had nothing to do with the fighting."

2/19/2009 #87
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"Becuse I have somthing to come for.." he stopped. Not like this you fool!

2/19/2009 #88

"What?" she asked, lookign up at him now, still pale but a little better knowing he planned on staying out of the fighting.

2/19/2009 #89
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The word was out before he could take it back. "You."

2/19/2009 #90
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