Irish war of Independence
An Rp set during the days of the Irish war of independence.
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disused account

He gave grin and slaped his shoulder. "Let's get goin'."

3/19/2009 #31
Irish toaster

"Where?" he asked.

"If we go anywhere else people will get suspicious,and we don't want that lad"

3/20/2009 #32
disused account

(Let's get goin'= Let's get started

3/21/2009 #33
Irish toaster

((Say that next time so xD))

3/21/2009 #34
disused account

(I'm used to American English..)

3/21/2009 #35
Irish toaster

((Yeah it's funny how even though we use the same language or English can be different in ways))

3/21/2009 #36
disused account

(Yeah, like bold to us is brave and blod to you is bad

3/21/2009 #37
Irish toaster

((Exactly.The way ye say vacation and we say holiday and ye say elevator and we say lift))

3/21/2009 #38
disused account

or hoile(sp?) and party)\

James got them in line. He lit a smoke and drew deeply.

(In Texas right now w/ grandpa bored as all heck waiting for my dad get back so we can eat.

3/21/2009 #39
Irish toaster

((Hoile? ye say Hoile?))

Rory took a seat on a rock and took out a long awaited drag of a cigerette too. "At least we are getting somewhere"he said dryly.

((Awesome? xD))

3/21/2009 #40
disused account

(Nope. Lee shouldn't smoke shamrocks :o)

(Trying remember ww1 orders Ah!

"Detachment to the left by file, quick march."

(*fail* American civil War order there :o)

3/21/2009 #41
Irish toaster

Rory took a drag of a cigerette. "It's a start" he said.

"I wonder how well disciplined they will be under fire though..."

4/1/2009 #42
disused account

"We'll find out soon enough.."

4/1/2009 #43
Irish toaster

Suddenly a breathless young boy came running up the mountain,sopping wet and almost out of breath.

Rory ran to him and sat the boy down. "Jesus boy you're going to catch your bloody death what's the matter?"

The boy gulped hard. "Sir...I have a message. "Albie has been caught by the British!"

A cold sensation poured down Rory's spine and his face was grim. The man was silent for a moment before speaking. "Then we'll get him back. We'll get the boy back"

4/19/2009 #44
disused account

"What's the matter?" asked james.

4/19/2009 #45
Irish toaster

"Albie's been caught by the British" he said bitterly. "I think we should get him back"

4/19/2009 #46
disused account

"WHAT?! F***!

4/19/2009 #47
Irish toaster

Rory nodded.

4/19/2009 #48
disused account

"Mick needs to know.."

4/19/2009 #49
Irish toaster

"Then tell him" Rory shrugged. "But dammit I'm goin' anyway with or without Mick's blessin'. That boy does not deserve to be tortured."

4/19/2009 #50
disused account

"I know. And i heard he and that girl got a wee one."

(I'm have Mick get guns and stuff.

He wrote crudely coded message for mick.

A from 16 taken.


He gave it one of the men.

4/19/2009 #51
Irish toaster

"Good. We find out where Albie is then we get em' out."

he smirked. "It will be an embarressment for the army. We can use that to our advantage"

4/19/2009 #52
disused account

He grinned.

4/19/2009 #53
Irish toaster

"Let me know Mick's reply" he said before giving his jacket to the freezing boy.

4/19/2009 #54
disused account

A message came from Mick. They're planing to take him to Linon, he's in a bracks. Midnight. Meet at Grashm for report 8:30.

4/19/2009 #55
Irish toaster

Rory nodded. "That's it then. Let's get ready to move out"

4/19/2009 #56
disused account

They marched.

(To Dublin.)

4/19/2009 #57
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