Irish war of Independence
An Rp set during the days of the Irish war of independence.
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Irish toaster

Rory's residence. He decided to live a quiet life after the 1916 Rising.

It is based in the countryside.The cottage itself is small with a homely sense about it.It has a thatched-roof and is made of mature timber.Old farming ploughs and barrels once used for the local creamery are propped against the back wall and beside the garden shed.

A well-worn path that meanders through the woodland arrives just outside the cottage and continues lazily across the tranquil landscape.

Rory lives alone here in quiet bliss.Unless something should disturb this..

2/16/2009 #1
disused account

James wandered up the path. A man could used to place like this.

2/16/2009 #2
Irish toaster

Rory who was tending to his flowers looked out of place.Such a strongly-built man carefully tending flowers.

He arched his back and wiped his sweat-beaded brow with a cloth. It was a fine day,but hot,he noted.

Then he turned to see James walking up the path to his house. His heart leapt. Was he imagining? No,he was really there.

"James you scumbag!" he laughed "How the hell did you find me?"

2/16/2009 #3
disused account

"Ye can smell those roses miles around, ya old coot."

2/16/2009 #4
Irish toaster

"Cheeky as ever arn't ya!?" he chuckled. "Come on inside.The fire is blazin so it is"

2/16/2009 #5
disused account


(Do you guys really say "grand a lot or is that due to American movies?

2/16/2009 #6
Irish toaster

((We say grand ALOT! seriously,me too.If you saw me in real life I would say "Thats grand so" so much its not funny))

"Grand so indeed,step inside,its cosy and warm"

When they entered Rory gestured to an empty chair and he sat opposite it. "What brings you here boy?"

2/16/2009 #7
disused account

"Just a chat for now."

(We say "Um" and "like" every other word.

2/16/2009 #8
Irish toaster

"As long as it isn't about what happened three years ago"he said "Then I'm all ears"

2/16/2009 #9
disused account

"How are you?"

2/16/2009 #10
Irish toaster

"Grand. How's yourself all these years?"

2/16/2009 #11
disused account

"Grand," he smiled. 'But the rebel isn't out of me yet..that's why I came here.."

2/16/2009 #12
Irish toaster

Rory's expression became wary "What are ya thinkin' a doin' James boy? I'll have no part in it.Too many o'my men died in that goddamn week.I won't repeat it"

2/16/2009 #13
disused account

"I am IRA, I'm charge of the flying callmn here, we need men to help, just train them as all I ask.

2/16/2009 #14
Irish toaster

"Are you serious!?" he exclaimed. "Another rebellion is taking place?!"

He stood up and began pacing the room. "The rebellion will not be successful.The British army is the most well-trained vicious fighting force out their.You wont have a hope of winning!"

2/16/2009 #15
disused account

"We're not being stupid like in '16. We tried to fightt the English in an open conflict and well..this time we change the rules of war. No unifrom but a workman's cap.'

2/16/2009 #16
Irish toaster

"Hit and run tactics? It will never work!"

2/16/2009 #17
disused account

"It will! The English still wear redcoats in there eyes.'

2/16/2009 #18
Irish toaster

Rory shook his head. "I don't like the sound of it.Hell I'm a bloody great soldier,but If I see a fight that will only cause death and destruction and achieve nothin'...I can't help ye"

2/16/2009 #19
disused account

"Come to tonight Dublin and here Mick speak," he sighed.

2/16/2009 #20
Irish toaster

"Feck off ,Dublin city? That man will be killed before things even bloody get under way"

2/16/2009 #21
disused account

"Just come."

2/16/2009 #22
Irish toaster

"Why should I?"

2/16/2009 #23
disused account

"Becuse part you will never sit still.'

2/16/2009 #24
Irish toaster

Rory took a seat and sighed. "Tell me how we could possibly win?"

2/16/2009 #25
disused account

"By boging them down and making them afaid every man in the feild has a gun in his cart. Only through fear!

2/16/2009 #26
Irish toaster

Rory thought long and hard.He would be risking his life for another slim chance of a free Ireland.

He rose and began to pace the room again.

Finally he sat down. "This decision dosn't bloody come easy...."

He spread his hands "I'm ready for duty boyo,where do ye need me?"

2/16/2009 #27
disused account

"Dublin, we get orders from Him anyway."

(We need old Devy

2/16/2009 #28
Irish toaster

"Well If you havn't a lorry were gonna have a long walk ahead of us"

2/17/2009 #29
disused account

(Lorry= car?

"That I do, old man."

2/17/2009 #30
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