Irish war of Independence
An Rp set during the days of the Irish war of independence.
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disused account

Largest city in Ireland

2/18/2009 #1
disused account

James pulled in front of bulding. "We're here."

(So what would they talk about o.o *Stuid American fails again!*

2/18/2009 #2
Irish toaster

((Will I post what they say?))

Rory laughed "This is the place eh? Its a dump"

2/18/2009 #3
disused account

(Only you can answer what you will do my son, the truth lies within :P

"Its hidden in plain sight," he corected

2/18/2009 #4
Irish toaster

"That explains why its a dump"he said. After a search by some sentries he walked in.


Inside hundreds of people were gathered around a prominent figure,who was standing on a table adressing the crowd,who were talking incessantly,smoke filled the air.

"And I tell you this..."the man said when the crowd stopped cheering "The only reason those in the north want to remain British,is because they are the decendants of English and scotch protestant settlers! They have no right to be there and I'll be damned if I'm gonna take their occupation anymore!"

The crowd screamed and cheered,some banged their tables in agreement.

2/18/2009 #5
disused account

(What's goin on?)

James stood against the wall.

2/18/2009 #6
Irish toaster

((IRA meeting.There debating their cause))

"We were a peaceful nation"he continued. "We had advanced laws,art,music and writings...before those butchers arrived on our shores and massacred our women and children!"

Rory snorted and whispered to James "They are just folling themselves with their plans"

2/18/2009 #7
disused account

(He who? Brain go ow, blame snow

"Now, now don't judge."

2/18/2009 #8
Irish toaster

((He's just an Ira man giving a speech about anti-British stuff))

"We Irish though,never give up.We have been betrayed countless times by the British for peace,now,we strive for War!"

2/18/2009 #9
disused account

Mick stood camly in the back, arms crossed, unnoticed.

2/18/2009 #10
Irish toaster

"Here he is!" a man called out. "Its Micky boy!"

2/18/2009 #11
disused account

"Now was nescry to put me on the spot, John?" he grinned.

2/18/2009 #12
Irish toaster

"Yes"he laughed "Come over here boss!"

2/18/2009 #13
disused account

"Ah ya louy peice a.." he muttered steping over. "Evenin' gentlemen."

2/18/2009 #14
Irish toaster

They all aplauded his arrival.

"Speak! Speak! Speak!" they all called to him

2/18/2009 #15
disused account

"Gentlemen our land has been under the shadow of the ferkin' English boot for 700 years! But tonight we set the wheels for change!"

2/18/2009 #16
Irish toaster

The crowd burst into applause.

"Go on you tell em'!" one said.

"Let's get them,tonight!"

Rory shook his head. "This is going to be a disaster.Freedom cannot be achieved with violence.I know that now" he said to James

2/19/2009 #17
disused account

"Gentlemen, let's not act rashly, do ye have any wepons?"

"Wait, Roy, wait."

2/19/2009 #18
Irish toaster

"I have a rifle!"one called out.

"I have a hammer!"

"I'll use me bloody fists!"

Rory shook his head in dismay,stroking the scar that crossed his neck.

2/19/2009 #19
disused account

(Totaly coping MC now :D)

"Lads, do you relize there's a stock plale of RIC goods not two minutes from here?"

2/19/2009 #20
Irish toaster

Some heads turned to eachother and a murmuring began.

"Lets steal em!" one shouted and they all nodded in agreement.

2/19/2009 #21
disused account

"Well of crouse we are, slow as hens ye are. All men with guns stand in front of me."

James moved.

2/19/2009 #22
Irish toaster

In the end only twelve were standing in front of Colins.

Rory groaned.

2/19/2009 #23
disused account

"We'll have to move quick boys, and I see none you have bullets!"

2/19/2009 #24
Irish toaster

"I have five!" one called out

2/19/2009 #25
disused account

"Then mind goin' frist?" he teased.

(He's spining in his grave)

2/19/2009 #26
Irish toaster

((Yes because you keep making him spell things wrong ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! xD))

Silence followed his words.

2/19/2009 #27
disused account

"Move out, you gobshits."

James filed out with them.

2/19/2009 #28

Anne had been sitting at the back of the crowd, listening to group disguised as a man and sighed. What would this acheive? She'd seen their defeat not a few years ago, and now they were all riled up for nothing. But perhaps she shouldn't be so negative. Maybe they'd get what they wanted - they were smarter now, with new members ready to take on the British. Maybe she'd get to see the Irish free in her lifetime.

As they all filed out She followed and ran her fingers through her hair under her hat.

2/20/2009 #29
disused account

(em..he's in the street. Females would not sit on IRA meetings..)

2/20/2009 #30
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