Dallas Monty Finishing School for Young Ladies
A boarding school for girls between the ages of 6 and 17 set in the English countryside. Come one, come all.
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Edalene Athene

Here are your enrolment forms. You are required to provide name, age, physical apperance, personality, background/rank and any other interessting facts you think will help give others a better overview of your character.

3/8/2009 #1

Name: Dagny Dominique Dargen

age: eight

Looks: short brown hair, dark blue yeyes, and formal clothing

class: elite

Personality: serious, honest, sincere, and ready to work. She's really not social at all.

ambition: Right now, it's engineering, she's always loved those numbers.

hobbies: reading, writing, journaling, and sharing her ideas.

Background: Really, smart kid, that comes from a elite family.

3/15/2009 #2
Edalene Athene
Great! You can start anytime! Here is my character
3/17/2009 #3
Name: Yvonne Beth O. Irquila Gender: Female Age: 16 Appearance: Beth is a very tall woman; at the height of 5'8" and is pale. She has good posture, and is a very proper woman. She has dark brown hair, and the greenest eyes in their area. She always has her chin up, and has long legs and firm hands. She usually wears leather pants used for riding horses, and her a white unformalized t-shirt. Class: Elite Personality: She is a quiet woman, but she is very rebellious. All she sees wrong she quickly protests and tries to correct. She has the traits of a great leader, and she isn't the kind to give up easily. She is very kind, and friendly, which kinda draws people's attention to her even if she isn't really pretty. She is intelligent and participative in class, but most teacher's dislike her for her rebelliousness. She is patient and very motherly, and for some reason, she is scared of men, especially those in uniform. Ambitions: To win an international horse raising tournament or to become a respectable person of society, Hobbies: Riding her horse, writing, reading, humming, arguing about something stupid, drinking tea Background: She is the middle child of the Ilquira family, and is expected to become a great lady, loyal behind her husband, but Beth defies that and wants to stand beside her husband. Someone he could stand with and be proud of. The Ilquira family are close to the church, and that is why when she was still very young, her mother sent her to a convent where she was taught about manners etc. But apparently, the nuns told her too much scary stories about men and now she is terrified to be at their presence(except for those in her family).
3/17/2012 #4

Is the forum still open? If so, here it goes:

Name: Gwendolyn R. Morgans


Appearance: because of a horrible accident , Gwen is missing a leg. She is slightly short for her age, and has curly auburn hair that seems to have a life of its own. Her muddy brown eyes are hidden behind a pair of thick glasses, and she always wears dresses that go to her ankles. She is either seen in a wheelchair or with a crutch.

Class: middle

Personality: she is usually shy and reserved. She very rarely speaks out, but will if she isdefending something she cares about. She is usually writing in her journal, and will smile infrequently. Many assumes she was mute, and is furious with the word cripple.

Ambitions: Gwen hopes to someday create a way to regrow limbs, and become a famous scientist

Hobbies: writing, designing prosthetic limbs she wants to create.

Background: Gwen lived in a fair family, alongside a brother and sister, but when "the accident" as she called it, she was left with no one besides her grandmother, who shipped her off to the Academy.

I had a ton of fun creating this character! Is the forum still open?

7/13/2012 #5
Eric Cartman forever

Name: Alice Lucas

Age: 17

Apperance: Long sandy-blonde hair, usually tied up in a small pink bow (she was forced to wear it as a child, now she always does out of habit) on her head, and tinted blue eyes. She often wears shirts and pants, and hates dresses and skirts. She's a tomboy, except for her pink bow.

Personality: Impolite, short-tempered, snobby, violent when angry, outspoken, and seemingly a dislikable person when you first see her and how she acts. She can be nice, kind, and she can be a great friend when you get to know her. She's often misjudged and she rarely cries about it when she's around others. She's insecure and no one knows that.

Background: She was a suspect in her father's "murder" because she hated him and wanted him dead. She was a suspect, and was cleared later on because of the lack of evidence against her. Ended up, her father was killed by a serial killer instead, it was later revealed. Years later, she was sent to the school by her step-father who called her an impolite brat often and always misjudged her. Her biological father, Simon Lucas, left her family and came back. That's why she hated him.

Rank: Low.

(This is an OC on FF.net as well, which has been edited.)

10/26/2012 . Edited 10/26/2012 #6
Eric Cartman forever

(Is this forum still open?)

2/1/2013 #7
Eric Cartman forever

(I'm still interested in RPing this.)

11/10/2016 #8
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