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Okay, maggots! What this forum here is for, is the discussion of all things military! Wanna learn about some weaponry? Well come on in! Armor? Got it here! SpecOps or Medieval Knights? We have it! Just read the FPMJ before you post!
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Alright! Maybe you have a piece of equipment you want to speak of, or a rifle you just can't live with out. Well, this here is the place to go! You can find anything and everything related to the Modern Armory of the world's military in this thread. Wanna find out about Claymore mines? THEN GET TO ASKING!

(In the vain of the Gunny himself.)

11/13/2008 #1

I'll kick things off with a little Vehicle I'd like to introduce to you all. It is known by it's NATO designation M53/59 Praga. It is a lightly armored, Anti-Air truck that, besides being able to shrug off handgun rounds and, at a distance rifle rounds can unload it's rear AA turret at any time, allowing (In theory) for the creation of modern day Siegfried lines in quick succession. It's speed is a max of 60 KMH, it's rear turret can hold a maximum of 900 rounds, and it is still in use by Slovakia, Egypt, Libya, The Czech Republic, and the former Yugoslavia.

While this vehicle, by the present's current standards may not be what the military of many developed nations wish to purchase, it's creation should be used as a blue print for future light infantry strike vehicles.

::edited for Boldness::

11/14/2008 . Edited 12/5/2008 #2

I`ll add my bit in about common street guns. These are the type of guns you`ll find runaways or gang members using, and are usually not military issued. The most common are 9mm caliber, semi automatic guns, bought cheap, and get the job done. However, the below are some of the specifics.

The Scorpion is a fully automatic submachine gun, introduced in the late 1950s for hopes of a more effective gun than the pistol, but not less intrusive. It was first licensed in Czechoslovania and Yugoslavia as a military firearm, then adopted as a more common gun as street terrorist groups got ahold of them. Depending on the model and year, the size of the gun can range from 7 cm to a gun meant to rest on one`s shoulder. The Scorpion is considered a more "classic" gun, it covers the basics: Range, size, bulk, noise in an efficient way, but is not as specialized in a certain area. Think of the Scorpion as more of a "starter" gun, it`s easier to handle and more straightforward than quite a lot of other guns in use. More information on the different models and makes of the Scorpian can be found here.

The Mag-7 is one of the smallest guns, easily concealed in the palm of one`s hand, and ideal for ambushes or a shooting in a public place. It`s black and looks like a glue gun. It was initially intended for close combat or room-to-room searches. The firepower of the Mag-7 is extremely powerful, it`s a 12 gauge shotgun, however, it is manually operated and must be pumped.

11/14/2008 #3


It's offical, Gobs is bad-friggen-a** with with her knowledge of fire-arms.

I'll put up a favorite of mine known as the FN-P90. This weapon is under the newest classification as a PDW or Personal Defense Weapon. It was originally meant for use by tank crews whose duties did not include small-arms training and whose pistols and sub-machine guns proved ineffective against body armor adorned enemy soldiers.

The FN-P90 was first designed in 1986, and brought into service in 1994 by the company Fabrique Nationale Herstal and was made to chamber an entirely new round known as 5.7x28mm so as to add an extra punch, made dual-core by having both steel and aluminum added. This weapon has been sold to many different countries including, but not limited to the U.S, France, Pakistan, Mexico and many, many more. The most famous U.S user is the Secret Service, who issuses the weapon to it's agents in the field.

Truly, this is one of the better weapons out there.

11/14/2008 . Edited 11/14/2008 #4

(Bows) Why, thank you. And now, for my encore...

I should probably mention that, while the Mag-7 is a good gun to wrap your hand around, it`s probably not best to hide under a shirt, even a baggy one. It`s considerably bulky, due to the 12 gauge, which contributes to the firepower.

As for the cheapest guns out there, most are of the "Saturday Night Specials" brand, have a caliber of .25 to .32, and are usually long, heavy rifles, not great for on-the-spot gunning, but when you`re on the street, you`ll probably take what you can get.

Another one is the High Standard HS-10 Shotgun. This one comes from the very own United States of America, and is gas operated, semi automatic. Since it`s a rather unique gun, its assembly is comparingly different from most "normal" guns, normal being a vague term. A diagram of the High Standard HS-10 Shotgun can be found here. It boasts a secure holding spot for a small flashlight, but this ups the length of the gun to about 27 inches. Some models also come with a carrying handle. (Pfhhh... I sort of laughed when I found this out. Made this gun sound like a plaything.) However, the carrying handle also doubles as a sort of eyehole and resting spot for said flashlight. The design was patented in 1965, and the design was improved 5 years later.

Primarily, this shotgun was only sold within police circles or law enforcement type agencies, and, like all others, sneaked its way into civilian hands via "police surplus" and trade ins.

If anyone was curious, a typical shotgun diagram can be found here... I got bored and started searching the assembly of one.

11/14/2008 #5

M16A2 U.S. Military issue rifle.

Manufacturer- Colt ArmLite

Round- 5.56mm Nato Round

Maximum range- 3,600 meters

weight-7.78lbs (without mag)

length- 21 inches (without componsator)

effective range- 550 meters (point target) 800 meters (area target)

11/18/2008 #6

H&K G36 Assault Rifle: This assault rifle is, perhaps one of the better choices out there. Used by the German military, as well as several other nations military branches and many of the U.S Police forces (Pentagon Police, etc) this rifle has been widely adopted. The cal. is the standard NATO 5.56mm round, and was adopted by the German military in 1997. It is fed by a 30-round standard magazine, but can also be fed by a 100-round C-Magazine. A weapon above and beyond in many respects, any soldier, marine or officer would be ignorant to consider it a weaker firearm.

AK 47: Now, everybody knows this firearm. While it has a long and torrid history in the eyes of the United States (It was, and to this day is the principle tool which resulted in many of our G.I's early deaths) it should never be overlooked. It's strength and durability, as well as reliability and capabilities of using either U.S ammunition or Russian ammunition made this weapon an ingenious, and ferocious weapon. David Hackworth, a soldier, an Army Colonel and, upon retiring from the service war journalist even declared it superior to the U.S M16 assault rifle during his time in the service. This weapon is one of the best choices for those who are afraid of running out of ammo, seeing as it can use practically any type you might find on today's modern battlefield. This rifle is fed by either a 30-round magazine, a 40-round box, or a 75-drum magazine from the Russian PPK machine gun.

Mil-24 Hind: My absolute favorite Helicopter, the Mil-24 is to the Russians what the AH-64 Apache is to the US. This helicopter can carry a payload of several missles, thousands of rounds for its anti-personnel guns, and even a full team of Russian Spetznaz (Special Forces) soldiers. Not to mention that, with this entire load it can also carry a piece of artillary weighing around 3,000 pounds! Of course, some drawbacks should be expected. It cannot make quick turns and, should it do so (in earlier versions, anyways) it was known to flip over and crash rather quickly. One thing about the helicopter was that the entire vehicle was sealed against biological weapons. A deadly vehicle that earned it's keep throughout the Russian conflict in Afghanistan in the 1980s, where it earned the nickname "letayushchiy tank, “flying tank”.

12/5/2008 . Edited 12/6/2008 #7

I like G36K that's a nice gun. HATE AK's they suck and they are REALLY boring to shoot. I'd perfer an Apache.

12/18/2008 #8

AK's have been used (reliably) throughout the world. I list firearms on whether they're useful in an actual fire fight.

Compared with our M16, this gun is in a class of it's own. Our M16 is useless if it falls into some dirt, while the AK 47 will keep on going.

I like the Apache, but the Mil-24 is my choice.

But yeah, the G36K is a nice weapon.

12/18/2008 #9

Not anymore really, the M16A4 is a great weapon as is the M16A3. The A2 and A1 models are only average though.

12/18/2008 #10

Still, that's after a lot of modification.

The AK-47 has remained a substantial weapon for it's entire lifetime without modification.

Besides, the AK-47 can use NATO rounds, but our rifles can't use the AK-47's rounds.

On the battlefield, I'd choose the weapon that's proven reliable and effective, and the M16 may be good, but the AK-47's been through a helluva lot more and is still around, as well as cheap to produce.

Regardless, not like the services are gonna change their weapon of choice. But, it's always better to acknowledge the weapon's strengths than to underestimate it's effectiveness.

12/18/2008 #11

Though remember power isn't everything. The Ak is inaccurate and slow. My weapon of choice would either have to be the TAR21 or M468.

12/18/2008 #12

You're right on that, the SR-25 would be my choice on the modern battlefield.

However, jamming problems haven't been as bad on the AK as they have been on many other assault rifles.

Although, if I'd have to choose right now I'd definetly go for the SR-25 or the FN P90. Although, the Beretta 92FS is also a good weapon.

The M468's also a good choice.

12/18/2008 #13

Allot depends on your enviroment as well. I wouldn't take a P-90 in a open field or long rang combat enviroment.

12/18/2008 #14
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