The Military Factor
Okay, maggots! What this forum here is for, is the discussion of all things military! Wanna learn about some weaponry? Well come on in! Armor? Got it here! SpecOps or Medieval Knights? We have it! Just read the FPMJ before you post!
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Ever feel like you don't quite belong in the modern era? Where SCUD missiles and Laser Guided Bombs reign death from above while little kids kill without remorse only because they don't see the pain they cause? WELL BUCKLE UP, AND SIT YOUR BUTT DOWN FOR THIS BLAST FROM THE PAST!

Anything and everything, from the Katana to the Zweihander, from East to West. You can find any and all discussions related to ye olde medieval equipment within the confines of this thread. Do note, however, that should you contract the Bubonic Plague, I shall not be held accountable. Nor shall I take responsibility should your country fall due to misguided beliefs that a sword is a better alterantive than a rifle or missile on today's modern battlefield.

11/13/2008 #1

Okay, here's a little tool I love more than anything:

Bagh Nakh: Also known as Tiger Claws, this tool can come in claw or blade form and, when worn goes over the knuckles of the wielder. This weapon is a wicked tool and, when used properly can make anyone's day on the recieving end a helluva lot worse. A cool tool for those wild and/or vicious enough to get in close. A good tool to make a fictional martial art use, IMO.

11/14/2008 #2

My favourite weapon? Tessen.

It's an folding fan that is meant to look harmless, and has outer spokes of iron. Samurai could take these to places where weapons weren't allowed. Used for fending off arrows and darts, and possibly even helping with swimming. Used in tessenjutsu, which I would so learn if I could...

11/16/2008 #3


Cross bows- accurate and powerful

Pikes- Why get close in close combat? When you can stab em from a yard away.

Scimitars good for head slicing

11/19/2008 #4

Zweihander/Bidenhander/Bihander: The many names of this 5 and a half/6 foot blade from Germany is, perhaps, what all those big a** swords in games and movies were inspired by. This weapon was used by men known as Doppelsoldners, who were trained exclusively in it's use and were paid twice as much as a regular half the survival rate. The weapon was, in the hands of a noteable folk hero used to cleave men's heads from their necks but, in the hands of many others were usually used to kill cavalry and move pikes away.

While believed to be a heavy weapon, the actual blade weighed little more than a 16 pound (at most).

12/4/2008 #5
Kerrigan Sheehan

I love Claymores. I'm short, and I saw one longer than I am tall once. Any sword that half-crushes and half cuts is awesome.

Another favorite is the old fashioned bow and arrow. Not the modern ones with sights, etc, but the kind you see at Renfaires.

The Francesca is also fun, seeing as it's a bouncing axe, more or less. It can be used to hack or as a projectile.

3/21/2009 #6
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