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Okay, maggots! What this forum here is for, is the discussion of all things military! Wanna learn about some weaponry? Well come on in! Armor? Got it here! SpecOps or Medieval Knights? We have it! Just read the FPMJ before you post!
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Ever wonder what being a Green Beret was all about? Or, maybe you wanna find out all you can about the Navy SEALs, GSG-9 or even GIGN. Well, it doesn't matter what you want to know, odds are this here is the place to ask. Don't know who those groups I mentioned are? Well, I have only one thing to say to you; GET TO ASKING QUESTIONS!

The only dumb question is the one not asked. Anyone think it stupid of you? I'LL WRITE'EM UP!

(God bless the Gunny. Amen.)

11/13/2008 #1

Don't forget,

Marine Force Recon

Air Force Red Berets

Army Rangers

Marine Scout Snipers


Special Air Tactics




Royal Marine Commandoes.

Army Special Forces (Green berets.)


11/19/2008 . Edited 2/5/2009 #2

What countries are those for?

11/22/2008 #3

(Figured I check in)

To be precise, the Marine Corp Sniper is another MOS, not exactly SF/SOG. However, much like the GSG-9/GIGN/RAID/HRT being law enforcement, it does have a place here as well.

For the record, SF and SOG (Special Forces/Special Operations Group) are special branchs of the military that, unlike an MOS/Rating you cannot "Choose" it as a normal Occupation, but have a chance at joining it. To be exact, you don't have the ability to be "Moderate" at it. You have to be the best of the best.

Surprisingly the Marine Corp doesn't actually like the fact that it has any SOGs in it's midst, FYI.

11/23/2008 #4

*is totally lost*

Care on dumbing that down for me, Uki?

11/23/2008 #5

Special Forces/Special Operations Groups aren't something you can get a "Guaranteed Enlistment" on, because they're kind of like special, one-shot chances. A "Guaranteed Enlistment" means that you will get every opportunity to go out for your chosen MOS/Rating, but the SF/SOG are a try-out group where, if you don't make the grade you get tossed in whatever the service wants.

G.E also allows you to, if you cannot be placed in your chosen MOS/Rating to get out of the service without receiving a Dishonorable Discharge.

In short, you cannot just signup for SF, but you can for the Marine Corp sniper.

11/23/2008 #6

Okay, that makes waaaayyy more sense to me.

Thank ya.

11/23/2008 #7

True however, The average USMC grunt is trained to be just about equal to a US Army Ranger Marine Corps riflemen rank with special ops units and USMC snipers are on par at least with the majority of SEAL, SFOD-D etc.. snipers.

2/5/2009 #8
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