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Okay, maggots! What this forum here is for, is the discussion of all things military! Wanna learn about some weaponry? Well come on in! Armor? Got it here! SpecOps or Medieval Knights? We have it! Just read the FPMJ before you post!
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Okay, no idea what this is? Well, here I go to explain; You see, this here is a thread dedicated to REAL military acronyms that, at best just don't make sense and, at worst make your military seem like some god/deity is having too much fun making it the butt of some cosmic joke or something.

To give you an idea, I'll go first:

R.A.N-Royal Australian Navy.

Don't see the humor? Don't become a sniper, then.

However, this isn't just military branches, but for equipment/weapons/titles too. So, share with us the acronyms that make you wonder if the guys on high had correct intel when they wrote it out.

11/13/2008 #1

Here`s one:

DAISY- Disposal Automated Information System

and, DANTES: Defence Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support

11/14/2008 #2

Oh, oh...

DICASS: Directional Command Active Sonobuoy System

11/14/2008 #3



I like the last one...pfft!

11/14/2008 #4

Who`d have thought? The military... well, damn...

11/14/2008 #5

WARM- Wartime Reserve Mode


11/14/2008 #6

ASLEEP- Automatic Low Energy Electron Probe

CRUD- Corrosive Radioactive Undetermined Deposit

11/15/2008 #7

This one's more honest than anything-

Pulsed Energy Projectile- PEP

11/15/2008 #8

F.U.B.A.R- F**ed Up Beyond All recognition

S.N.A.F.U- Situation Normal All F**ed UP

11/18/2008 #9


Tube launched Opticly tracked Wire guided missile system

12/4/2008 #10
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