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Okay, maggots! What this forum here is for, is the discussion of all things military! Wanna learn about some weaponry? Well come on in! Armor? Got it here! SpecOps or Medieval Knights? We have it! Just read the FPMJ before you post!
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Okay, as you all may be aware of, I do not give the authority to randomly create weird, inane topics to just anyone. Only the mods may do so. That being said, the Mods and myself will take any and all suggestions seriously, and will try and do what we can to ensure that any and all who come here have a voice in what topics should be created. Also, should we Mods be at a loss as to how to decide whether to create the topic or not, we shall hand it off to those who are not in control to vote upon.

To repeat; any and all suggestions will be taken seriously. And the Mods will do what they can to assure a fun, safe time for those who wish to see a new topic here. Just post a topic idea you'd like to see here and we'll review it to see whether a thread just like it has already been created, whether it meets this forum's needs, and/or whether we should create said topic.

Have a pleasant day, recruits.


11/13/2008 . Edited 11/14/2008 #1

Okay, ever since I first thought of this forum, this idea has been in the back of my mind. It has since been brought to the forefront thanks to Ms. Sunshine.

Non-Professional Advice On Becoming A Professional Soldier

So, you wanna join your country's armed forces but aren't too sure which branch you want? Or, perhaps you know but aren't old enough, or perhaps are too shy to go to your local recruiter. Well, it doesn't matter. While we have no affiliation with any governing body, we will provide a safe place to speak for anyone wanting to join a LEGAL STANDING MILITARY. We do not condone and we DO condemn joining an illegal military/terrorist group and, should you do so we hold no responsibility for our boys and girls in uniform when they blow your pathetic butt to kingdom-come. I repeat; We will try and help any and all who come here decide, within reason which service might be right for them unless they wish to join an illegal group.

Ultimately however, it is your choice and not ours. Anyone who should insult you for your choice of service will be dealt with by the D.I's and/or myself, the Company Commander.


Ms Sunshine has furthered the idea for this thread by including such things as a particular service you may have in mind but want more info on. I decided that this thread would be added here in this topic first and, should people agree with it's creation then I shall go ahead with it. Until then I will take any and all suggestions so as to tailor it to help those in need.

Thank you for your time.

11/14/2008 . Edited 11/14/2008 #2

I would totally enjoy something like that!

You thinking only doing US Mil/Canada, or going all over the world?

11/14/2008 #3

All over. :)

So we aren't just helping our people, but people from around the world make a choice.

11/14/2008 #4


I'd love to get a thread like that. Pretty sure I want military in my future...

11/14/2008 #5

Oh! I recall you saying that a thread about styles of weapon fighting would be nice. What'd you have in mind?

11/14/2008 #6

Well, something where we can talk about things like kendo and fencing, but I know there's got to be more out there.

Like there's this one fighting style that I'm pretty sure isn't actually real, but it's in the movie Equilibrium... It's really awesome.

Because the thread we have now is Martial Arts, but I think of that with only using your body to fight, but there has to be ones out there where you use specific tools to fight...

11/14/2008 #7

Now, this is pretty thorough, Uke! What need have you for me?


I myself have, on many occasions, considered a career in the Armed Forces. However, I feel that I have not been sufficiently supplied with information to this effect. How can I know what branch of the military is right for me if I am not aware of all of the possibilities, all of the numerous choices I could make, all of the really, really cool weapons I could use, but don't know about!!!


Is that good enough, Commander?

11/14/2008 #8

Hmm...I think the style you're referring to is the fictional style of Gun Kata.

And that sounds cool! If you want, go ahead and make it!

If it helps people find what they are looking for, then we have done our job/completed our mission!


Heh, so you like it then, Sunshine? Okay, sounds great! I'll begin the thread almost immediately. Cae, you take care of the Weapon Style thread.

11/14/2008 . Edited 11/14/2008 #9

Yes, that sounds about right.

I'll make that, and keep an eye on it too. But I suck at names....

"Kicking Butt and Taking Names: Now, With More Weapons"?

11/14/2008 #10

"Sticks And StonesCan Break Your Bones, But Sticks Hit More Than Once"?

I dunno, I'd go to Gobs for this one.

11/14/2008 #11

Ha. I like that one. Makes me laugh.

I'll ask Gobs.

11/14/2008 #12

I love it! By all means, go ahead.

11/14/2008 #13

A thread where we can talk about Gun Kata, SIR!

I think it should be called "Fictional Fights: The Coolest Styles That Never Existed"

Yup. Then we could talk about all the styles we wish we could learn...

11/14/2008 #14

...if only they were real...

11/14/2008 #15

There ought to be a poisons page...

I could get pretty jiggy with that one.

11/15/2008 #16

And we need a page about vigilantes, just so we can talk about people like this-

I mean, with crackpots like these, who needs government agencies?

11/15/2008 #17

I put on a disclaimer on the rules thread, in case some idiot decides to use what he's learned here in real life. Better safe than sorry, I always say.

11/15/2008 #18

Speaking pf which, would it be beneficial to have a Medical Procedures thread? What you find in a regulation First Aid kit, how to perform amateur surgeries, messed-up stuff like that.

11/15/2008 #19

First aid would be good...

11/15/2008 #20

(Cracks knuckles) Oh, I`d bust a couple inboxes on that topic.

11/15/2008 #21

*raises eyebrows*

Now I'm positive you'll have interesting stories, Gobs... Probably you too, U'Dust, what with all that falling-off-roofs.

11/16/2008 #22

(evil resonating laughter) It`s what I`ve built the last 10 years of my life around.

Gob: feels useful.

11/16/2008 . Edited 11/16/2008 #23

So when's this First Aid thread going to show up?

And what's it going to be called?

11/16/2008 #24

I'll put it up now, if you like.

I think it will be called the First Aid Kit, probably.

11/16/2008 #25
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