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Okay, maggots! What this forum here is for, is the discussion of all things military! Wanna learn about some weaponry? Well come on in! Armor? Got it here! SpecOps or Medieval Knights? We have it! Just read the FPMJ before you post!
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So, you wanna join your country's armed forces but aren't too sure which branch you want? Or, perhaps you know but aren't old enough, or perhaps are too shy to go to your local recruiter. Well, it doesn't matter. While we have no affiliation with any governing body, we will provide a safe place to speak for anyone wanting to join a LEGAL STANDING MILITARY. We do not condone and we DO condemn joining an illegal military/terrorist group and, should you do so we hold no responsibility for our boys and girls in uniform when they blow your pathetic butt to kingdom-come. I repeat; We will try and help any and all who come here decide, within reason which service might be right for them unless they wish to join an illegal group.

Ultimately however, it is your choice and not ours. Anyone who should insult you for your choice of service will be dealt with by the D.I's and/or myself, the Company Commander.


11/14/2008 #1


Now I can ask tons of questions! I know before we were talking about either Canada SpecOps or Massod, but I was wondering about others...

Any suggestions?

11/14/2008 #2


Well, Id say the Japanese S.A.T "Special Assault Team" would be another good choice! They allow women into the service (to the best of my knowledge) and train along side the Navy SEALs and Army Rangers. They have a great track record as well!

But, then again the U.S Navy has the (Open to women) Gunner's Mate rating, Explosive Ordinance Disposal rating, and the SeaBee Construction Battalion rating.

11/14/2008 #3

Anything special about any of those that would make going for it more... eh... lost what I was going to say... lucrative, maybe?

I don't know, I've been having problems with words.

11/14/2008 #4

Gunner's Mate: Works the gun turrets on board today's biggest, baddest destroyers. They also handle weapons, and weapon systems both on-and offshore.

SeaBee: The fightin' SeaBees! They build, they fight! The Navy's construction battalion is where the best and brightest go to learn how to operate a CAT bulldozer and fire an assault rifle at the same time. These men and women are the pride of even other services, as they have been heralded by the Army, Marine Corp and Air Force!

E.O.D: These boys and girls make up less then 5 percent of the U.S Navy. Their job is to find IED's, and other explosives, disarm them and safely dispose of them all while out in potentially dangerous battlefields. They go to an explosives school for a total of 42 weeks to learn about all the different explosives the enemy may use against them, and are taught small-unit tactics and rappelling.

Truly, the Navy has some of the best Ratings.

11/14/2008 . Edited 11/14/2008 #5

What about the Japanese SAT?

11/14/2008 #6

Mainly counter-terrorism, hostage-rescue. They don't do much more than Urban Combat.

Not the best if you want for an adventurous life style.

Though, they can own guns for their home. (Japan has notoriously strict gun laws. Same as the whole of the UK.)

11/14/2008 #7

Yeah. Something Japanese would be pretty easy though. I am learning Japanese...

Yeah, adventure would be pretty good...

11/14/2008 #8

I'd like to give a few tips.

One- Be prepared, work out everyday mile long jogs push ups pull ups are great to

Two- KNOW YOUR MOS, once in the military your placed in a MOS (Infantry, MP, Comunications etc...) thinking about what MOS you want to go for will help.

Three- Consider your branches. Are you a loud mouth who loves blowin' s*** up? Then the Marines are for you OORAH, Or do you perfer high grade gear and lots of tank support then go army HOOAH, like fighting from a chair?? Then join the Chair Force (I couldn't resist) Or do you want to serve for a long time but see little action, Navy is the right branch for you. (Seals and aviators withstanding.)

Four- Listen do your DI or else.

Five- Never talk unless spoken to.

Six- Learn how to assemble rifles and pistols ahead of time. (It'll impress your DI and help you out) I hope that's helped a bit (:

11/18/2008 #9

Yep, sure has. Thanks for the expertise!

11/18/2008 #10

Your welcome (:

11/18/2008 #11

Oh, I'd like to condem blackwater right now. PMC's make professional soldiers look bad they're paid twice as much to do the soldier's job.

11/18/2008 #12

Nice to meet you, SM (We really need a new nickname for you...seriously.)!

Hope to have more posts by you, but I wanted to point out that most D.I's (Are they called D.I's in the Corp? I loathe these different titles for different branches) in the service are a tad less enthused with recruits coming in with prior firearms knowledge as they may bring with them bad habits that the D.I's will need to spend extra time correcting. Better to have a blank slate than to have to chisel a new page, as I see it.

But, I'd say that'd be a good thing to at least know which end should be pointed at the enemy and not at you. :)

However, if I may be so nosy...what, if I may ask, MOS are you aimming for?

11/23/2008 #13

I think we should call him Mo.

11/23/2008 #14

Or Jarhead.

You know, for the Marine Corp bit.

11/23/2008 #15

What about Moj.

OR!!! Raj.

Or.... Jorm.

I like Jorm.

11/23/2008 #16

*Looks up*

Maybe we should head to the Scuttlebutt for such things?

...Jorm...either Jorm, or Raj.

11/23/2008 #17

Infantry Oorah.

11/24/2008 #18


Oh yeah, you and I will get along great, Jorm. :)

12/5/2008 #19

If you're a female looking to go military, make sure you're not just looking for the most intense/elite/combat-related job that will let you in. You have to remember that even though you can be accepted into a particular MOS, it doesn't mean there still aren't restrictions as a female. For instance, in the U.S Army, females can be field artillery, but can't actually be in a combat unit (meaing any female in that branch ends up in a staff position, or a training position). They get the same training as everyone else, but they don't actually get to go out and -be- an FA soldier down range.

MP is probably one of the best if you're a female looking to get into combat, because they have no restrictions.

Engineer is good too, although not engineer units that are attached to infantry units.

I'm not sure about the Marines, but I'm pretty sure the restrictions are pretty similar.

Just something to keep in mind that a lot of females don't get told when they join. They get into a combat branch, but never actually get to do that job.

1/28/2009 #20

Oh, I'd like to condem blackwater right now. PMC's make professional soldiers look bad they're paid twice as much to do the soldier's job.

Keep in mind that most Blackwater guys were military at some point. I know a lot of retired infantrymen go into that.

1/28/2009 #21

Blackwater got a s*** load of soldiers killed they sit on their a*** protecting VIP's with heavily armored veichles while grunts get s*** and are sent on hazardous missions.

Yeah it's basically the same in the Marines, you could go infantry as a woman but they'll only put you on convoy security and less hazardous assignments.

1/28/2009 #22

Most of those guys are vets. They've served in the military and done their combat time. Keep that in mind when you badmouth them like that.

2/5/2009 #23

Yeah well the least they could do is act professional. I know these guys are vets but they're betraying their former comrades. And mainly my problem is more with the idea of the government using blackwater I mean think about it are professional soldiers not good enough? I mean the state department signed a nine year contract with blackwater, so what? are the Marine Corps Embassy Guards not good enough for them all of a sudden.

2/5/2009 #24

Some advice for anyone thinking of going to basic training:

You will get in trouble. It doesn't matter if you are the most squared away guy out there. It doesn't matter how fast you run, how clean your stuff is, and how well you can shoot. At some point, you will screw up.

It won't be fair. You'll get into trouble for something your buddy and/or whole platoon did more often than you'll get in trouble for things you did. Or maybe it'll be for something that nobody had any real control over in the first place. Be the person who can deal with that and drive on without complaining about the situation or about the person who did screw up (because, at some point, it will be you).

**Know the difference between an an excuse and a valid reason.** If you were late to formation because another Drill Sergeant was having you help load equipment, that's a reason. If you were late because somebody grabbed your shoes and it took you ten minutes to find them, that's an excuse. You'll look a lot better if you just admit you screwed up and lost your shoes than trying to explain all the extenuating circumstances.

Your Drill doesn't care about your 'MAD SKILLZ'. Showing off does not make up for a lack of competency in other areas. It will make you look worse. Everyone gets the same training regardless of their previous experience anyways.

If you're put in a leadership position, take charge. If not, support the guy who has been put in charge. Don't correct your buddy in front of other people. Don't try to take charge when you're not.

Keep accountability of yourself and your equipment. Trust me. You don't want to be -that- guy who they have to shut the post down for because he left his M4 somewhere in the woods.

2/6/2009 #25

Don't speak unless spoken to otherwise it means they don't care.

Remember that the verbal abuse you get from a DI will help you in the long run.

Be respectful to your fellow recruits.

Try not to laugh when four DI's are screaming at you.

2/6/2009 #26
William McKinney

Technically they're called security contractors. private military contrators do alot of protection, and only a little actual fighting. seeing as you really don't here about them, they don't make the armed forces look as bad as some of the soldiers in the armed forces themselves do. have you seen the videos on youtube of the soldiers throwing a puppy off a cliff? or the one where thye insult all of the poor children?

3/29/2009 #27

Remember when blackwater started a battle because they fired into traffic. Or their highly successful operation drunk off duty contracter shoots ISF officer. And yeah I saw the one where the Marines threw the puppy but really its b*** you know how many dogs get put down a day in the US? And the kid thing wasn't a big deal either because no one got killed. I just get pissed at the idea that people can sell out the armed forces you know that blackwater got an extended contract from the state department to replace the USMC Embassy guards (which Obama cancelled) do you know what an insult that is??? Now I don't entirely blame the PMC's themselves more I blame Erick Prince and the people who hire him but I think war profiteering should be illegal.

3/29/2009 #28
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