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For us sneaky types that don't like old-school weapons. I mean, if you're planning an assassination, poison's one of the most fool-proof, sneaky, and sometimes even dramatic ways to go through with it. This place is also open to animals with some badass secretions, plants you probably shouldn't eat if you want to live, and ways the natives of South America will thoroughly own you if you get on their bad side.

I'll start with my favourite-

Hemlock- is a plant that looks a bit like Queen Anne's Lace, so unless you're HD friggin' Thoreau, I wouldn't suggest ingesting Queen Anne's Lace while in the wild. Just in case it's, you know, hemlock. It is a biennial plant, meaning that it will thrive in the wild for two years before dying. It's incredibly deadly; barely a mouthful of its roots or seeds will kill you within the minute. It was used to dispatch controversial philosophers in Ancient Grecian times, namely Socrates. My favourite poison because it does the job quickly and efficiently, even if it will leave traces for the autopsy report.

Hemlock contains a neurotoxin that's classified under alkaloids coniine, which is Badass for 'f*** up the nervous system'. Efficient, practical, and quiet. Beautiful.


Ahem. Feel free to post questions or info about poisons here. I'm sure we all know something about poison.

11/15/2008 . Edited 11/15/2008 #1

I remember seeing about something that was a painkiller -I think- and it was way more powerful than morphine. Like WAAAAAYYYY.... Not sure if it was actually real, or what it was called.

Anybody have any ideas?

Oh, also, something that kills you faster than cyanide... Think it started with a u, or a p?

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11/15/2008 #3


I know we were talking about it in Chem...

Ah, which reminds me... I have Chem hw.

11/16/2008 #4

There are a lot of poisons that begin with P. Only a few that'll kill you quicker than cyanide.

The only poison I can think of that begins with U is Unisol poisoning, and usually if you catch that quickly enough, you'll live. It's a pretty pansy sort of poison. Ooh, alliteration.

11/16/2008 #5

There's propyl alcohol poisoning, which will screw you up. It's found in rubbing alcohol and alcohol swabs.

If consumed you can die or be put into a coma. I'm not sure if it kills you quicker than cyanide, but it will mess you up bad.

11/16/2008 #6
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