Napoleonic Wars RP
Set in the peninsular war from 1809 to 1814. Play as Britain, France or the Spanish Rebels. Fight on the front lines or dabble in politics back home.
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Background: By 1809 France has spread through most of Europe; Italy, Prussia, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Spain and Portugal had been conquered. However Napoleon seemed to have over-extended his forces. The Iberian Peninsular seemed to be the Achille's Heel of France's Empire. The British had won numerous naval victories over the French, the most recent: the battle of Trafalgar. However they had been to face the French on land. The Iberian Peninsular seemed a great opptunity.

General Wellesley, future Duke of Wellington, was sent to Portugal. There he defeated the French and liberated the country. However now he must push into Spain. The British objective is to push the French back into France. Back in London however, political turmoil could boil over, especially following Wellesley's release of a captured French Marshall due to his valorous conduct. Yet since this is the age of Jane Austen novels, love will probably be in the air.

France has now awoken to the threat in Portugal, their objective is to push the British into the sea. Also managing to suppress the Spanish rebels will be a vital step on the road to success. Back in Paris there is war of words between Napoleon's regime and it's oppressive laws and those who wish for freedom of will. They fight by secretly publishing smutty novels to embarrass the Emperor. In political circles here you have to gain favor with the Emperor alone.

Finally the Spanish rebels; they fight for freedom from French rule. They've allied with the British to do this but are watchful for signs of betrayal. They live in the wilds rather than in towns, romance may still bloom but it'll have to be tough to survive here.

Any questions? Ask them here.

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Irish toaster

Hey can I join?

12/19/2008 #2

Sure, which side are you thinking of being on?

12/20/2008 #3
Irish toaster

I actually don't mind.where would you want me to start?

12/20/2008 #4

Just pick a side, British, French or Spanish. Then choose who your guy will be; a politician, a soldier, nobleman or dirt-poor criminal. Next think of some characteristics which you can see in character creation. Then you're away!

Oh, and nice name.

12/20/2008 . Edited 12/20/2008 #5
Irish toaster

Cool.Will do.

12/20/2008 #6
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