Napoleonic Wars RP
Set in the peninsular war from 1809 to 1814. Play as Britain, France or the Spanish Rebels. Fight on the front lines or dabble in politics back home.
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Capital of Portugal, headquarters of the British army on the Peninsular. A pleasant, sprawling, Mediterranean city that feels the shadow of war. Especially with troops on the streets, supply wagons rolling out to the frontlines orders being sent out to officers. Here important decisions are made but are they the right ones?

11/22/2008 #1
Irish toaster

Richard disembarked from the troop ship.He did not like ships and so felt relieved to have his feet firmly on the ground.

I suppose I best try find out who I'm going to be serving he thought.

Richard made his way through the large port of bustling people and carts.

12/20/2008 #2

Thomas walked down the gang plank that led to the dock side. The other ships were off-loading supplies for the army or troops to add to it's numbers.

Should report to the commander here, so I know which unit I'm assigned to he thought.

He saw a likable-looking chap, black hair and blue eyes; making his way along the dockside.

Should ask for directions.

"Excuse me soldier, do you know where the garrison is at Lisbon?"

12/20/2008 #3
Irish toaster

Richard turned to face the man.He inclined his head."Im afraid not.I have just arrived.What rank are you?I'm assuming from your clothes your army yes?"

12/20/2008 #4

"Indeed, I was in an infantry battalion back in Britain. I'm Major Newton, on the way to fight the French. You?"

12/20/2008 #5
Irish toaster

"Major? I am at your service then major.Captin Richard Hawkins.At your service.I too would not mind a fight with the French" he gave a warm smile and shook hands.

12/20/2008 #6

"Well then, let's find out which unit we're assigned to."

He accosted a soldier on the corner of the street. A grizzled Sergeant who looked like an old veteran.

"Do you know where the commander's office is?"

12/20/2008 #7
Irish toaster

((So will we create the seargeant as a character or?))

12/20/2008 #8

((depends if he becomes a recurring character or he isn't seen again.))

12/20/2008 #9
Irish toaster

((Alright you can take control as the seargeant so))

12/20/2008 #10

"Yes sirs," said Sergeant Harper, "Up that street, turn left. It's the big house on the right. Can't miss it."

"Thank you, Sergeant."

12/20/2008 #11
Irish toaster

((You watch Sharpe too I see ;) ))

"Thank you Sergeant"Richard said."Good luck"

12/20/2008 #12

((Nice to see you get the reference :) ))

Thomas walked up the street and soon saw a large house with guards at the door.

((Oh it is kind of late ,so I'll be back tomorrow))

12/20/2008 . Edited 12/20/2008 #13
Irish toaster

((no prob see ya!))

"I suppose we knock then"he smiled.

12/20/2008 #14

((And I'm back!))

Thomas knocked on the door. It was opened slightly and a pair of eyes took in their uniforms then ushered them in. They were in an entrance hall.

12/21/2008 #15
Irish toaster

"Thank you"Richard said and stepped through."Well,this is where we find out If were to be posted as soldiers ready to fight Frencie,or merely lambs for the slaughter."he chuckled."Lets hope its not the latter.My men and I wouldn't mind a fair fight"

12/21/2008 #16

Thomas was led to the garrison commander's office, which was flurry of activity as various haggard-looking clerks pored over list after list of men, wages and supplies. At the far end of the room was the commander's desk. There he sat; signing documents and discussing something with the head-clerk.

Thomas approached. "Excuse me Sir," he asked, "Do you know where we are assigned?"

The commander barely looked up, replying. "Campbell."

The head-clerk said "Names."

"Major Thomas Newton and Captain Richard Hawkins." he replied.

"OK, Newton you're assigned to the 124th Dumfries Battalion. The Highlanders."

"Thank you"

The head-clerk turned to Richard.

12/21/2008 #17
Irish toaster

Richard looked at him for a moment,regarding the man,expecting him to say something.When he didn't he introduced himself.

"Captain Richard Hawkins,sharpshooters.My men will be arriving tommorow.Am I too be posted to the Highlander Battalion also?"

12/21/2008 #18

The head-clerk checked one of the numerous lists.

"Seems so, your sharpshooters are generally available to which Battalion needs your help the most. Right now it's the 124th Highlanders, they leave Lisbon two days from now. Both of you will need to report to the Battalion's commander: Major-General Mackintosh."

"Where might we find the Battalion?" asked Thomas.

"They're on the outskirts, head west from here until you start seeing lots of soldiers in kilts."

"Thank you."

Thomas left the house, and began to find which way was west.

12/21/2008 #19
Irish toaster

"So we are to be fighting with the scots"he mused."I think this might come in handy"Richard produced a compass from his pocket.He tossed it to Thomas and winked."No need to thank me,its your birthday present" he grinned and clapped him on the shoulder.

12/21/2008 #20

"Thanks", he replied. "let's find a stable, I'd rather ride than walk."

12/21/2008 #21
Irish toaster

When they reached a stable Richard set about selecting a horse."Never was good at horsemanship"he admitted."I prefer to have my feet firmly on the ground,its quieter too."

12/22/2008 #22

"Well, that may just make you a better infantry man." Thomas replied.

12/22/2008 #23
Irish toaster

Richard nodded.He mounted the horse easily enough.

"You comming?For all my useless horsemanship I've still mounted faster than you"he chuckled and made his way out,back to the docks and waited for Thomas.

12/22/2008 #24

"Cheeky bugger." Thomas said to himself, as he mounted his horse and rode out to join Richard.

He checked him new compass and headed west, eyes peeled for Scots.

12/23/2008 #25
Irish toaster

Richard admired the portugese countryside.Occasionally locals would offer bread too him as he passed and he thanked them.One woman who was sitting at the side of the dusty road blew Richard a kiss.

"Let's hope the French are as welcomming"he said dryly to Thomas.

12/23/2008 #26

"Do musket shots, cavalry sabres and cannon balls count as a warm welcome?" Thomas asked.

Soon he saw a hill on the top of which was a large group of tents, in a rough square shape. Most of the officers seemed to be in the tents, as most of the activity he could see was from the men. Groups of them were cooking, talking and there was a Rugby match under way too. He approached the encampment.

12/23/2008 #27
Irish toaster

"I think we have found the scots"he said and galloped to the camp

12/26/2008 #28

Thomas followed, soon they reached the men playing Rugby. (Sorry for the delay)

"Where's your commander officer?" he asked one of them.

3/3/2009 #29
Irish toaster

((Dude...10 years later...xD))

The scot saluted "Just head past those lads over by the wee tree,you can't miss him,he's the fella with the crazy hat"

3/3/2009 #30
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