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Grace kissed him back, "Stop doing that... it's uh very distracting" she smiled and stopped dancing

12/4/2008 #91
Rowan Salder

Adrien chuckled. "I bet. Wanna go someplace else and try?"

12/4/2008 #92

"I'm sorry, but i shouldn't even be kissing you." Grace sighed

12/4/2008 #93
Rowan Salder

Adrien hugged her. "You can do what you want. It's your life."

12/4/2008 #94

(decided to make it a little more interesting)

"No, really, i shouldn't be kissing you, i have a boyfriend. That's why i was wondering why not Hannah, trying to make you like her more than me. I'm sorry if i lead you on, but i really can't" Grace said, with a worried look on her face.

12/4/2008 #95
Rowan Salder

Adrien nodded. "Ok, I will try, I mean, I do like her some. But you are gonna have to choose eventually, cause from that kiss, I know you like me back." He winked and walked off.

(good night:P)

12/4/2008 . Edited 12/4/2008 #96


Grace sighed and went back to the room.

Hannah woke early in the morning, she took a shower and put clothes on. Then she went out into the hallway and headed towards the small dining corner of the hotel, for breakfast.

12/4/2008 #97
Rowan Salder

Adrien was standing against a wall. "Mornin sunshine." He said jokingly.

12/5/2008 #98
Rowan Salder

(gonna be gone till mid-day sunday.)

12/5/2008 #99

Hannah smiled, "Morning, care to join me for breakfast?"

Meanwhile, Grace was woken up by a call from Brayden "Hey honey, what are you doing later? I was thinking of taking you out for lunch" "Yeah, lunch sounds good" Grace sighed.

(have fun doing whatever you are gunna do)

12/5/2008 #100
Rowan Salder

Adrien shrugged. "Why not."

12/7/2008 #101

Hannah smiled, but she felt like something was wrong "Adrien, what's wrong, we aren't going to try to kill you anymore"

Grace got dressed, and went down to breakfast also.

12/7/2008 #102
Rowan Salder

Adrien sighed. "Whats wrong is I like two girls equally."

12/7/2008 #103

Hannah smiled, "I can fix that if you like" she moved closer to him

Grace found them but didn't join them

12/7/2008 #104
Rowan Salder

Adrien smiled softly. "It'll take time, we can try though."

12/7/2008 #105

Hannah smiled and nodded

Grace joined them, "Morning"

12/7/2008 #106
Rowan Salder

Adrien smiled back, then looked at Grace. "Mornin."

12/7/2008 #107

Hannah knew he liked Grace more, but she also knew Grace had a boyfriend.

Grace smiled, "Brayden is joining us for lunch"

12/7/2008 #108
Rowan Salder

Adrien smiled. "Cool."

12/7/2008 #109

Grace smiled and looked at the menu.

Hannah smiled too, and put her hand on Adriens knee

12/7/2008 #110
Rowan Salder

Adrien smirked at her.

12/7/2008 #111

Breakfast passed, with fun conversations

Grace smiled and excused herself, she left and walked around the neighborhood

Hannah smiled, "What shall we do know?"

12/7/2008 #112
Rowan Salder

Adrien shrugged. "What do a want to do?"

12/7/2008 #113

"we could get to know each other better" Hannah smiled

Grace walked around, until she bumped into Brayden

Brayden smiled, "Hey honey, how ya been?"

12/7/2008 #114
Rowan Salder

Adrien smiled. "Sure."

12/7/2008 #115

Hannah smiled back, she asked him a few questions "What do you do?"

Grace smiled "I've been busy, but i'm not busy for now"

Brayden grinned, "Where ya staying?"

12/7/2008 #116
Rowan Salder

Adrien shrugged. "anything i can. Right now I work at a bookstore."

12/7/2008 #117

"Oh, that's cool" Hannah smiled

Grace smiled and brought him back to the hotel. "Hannah, Adrien? Hey, this is Brayden, Brayden, this is Adrien, and you know Hannah"

"Hello Hannah, and nice to meet you Adrien." Brayden smiled, he put his arm around Grace and hugged her into him

12/7/2008 #118
Rowan Salder

Adrien rose and shook Brayden's hand. "Nice to meet ya."

12/7/2008 #119

Brayden smirked "So, you and Hannah, or am i mistaken?"

Hannah blushed slightly

Grace sighed, but smiled. Adriens right, i need to make a choice, but its hard.

12/7/2008 #120
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