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I have written a really cool story, but I think it counts as fanfiction. I have this idea that a band I like's songs are all based on the story of an actual couple of people but the band just sings the songs for money etc, and I've written a neat little thing to start that theory off. but because it's based around the songs, does that make it fanfiction, or can I post it here? I don't wanna post it here and have it taken down or anything... please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! T^T
1/29/2008 #1
I don't honestly know but I'll respond anyway. I'd suggest looking through the rules to see if it mentions anything. Although it may be considered fanfiction. There may be a category for it then.
1/30/2008 #2
I looked through the rules to see, but there was nothing there. I'm also a member of fanfiction.net, this site's sister site, and it specifically says NO stories about real people or celebirties. I have it up on adultfanfiction.net, but because it's an "adult" site I know the story will get limited exposure. Do you know any other sites that might show it?
1/30/2008 #3
I'm sure stories about real people/celebrities are banned. I think www (dot) ficwad (dot) com [remove spaces and add real .'s to the word 'dot] allows real people/celebrity fics.
2/1/2008 #4
Thank you for the link. I thought real people were banned, I just thought maybe mine didn't actually count.... anyways, thanks ^^
2/1/2008 #5
You can always post it on the sister site www dot fanfiction dot net
2/21/2008 #6
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