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A place to discuss various aspects of writing fictional stories as opposed to writing poetry. No spamming and try not to flame. This is a place to ask questions, get answers, get help, find an editor, find beta readers, etc.
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Almost every writer I know has had it at one point in time or another. Feel free to tell us how you dealt with it or ask for help in dealing with it.
11/1/2006 #1
Just don't write for a long time
2/28/2007 #2
To be honest, I find not writing just makes me despondent about the whole thing. I've tried things like searching for specific writing prompts from the internet or books. Otherwise just try song lyrics (I don't necessarily mean writing songfics)/ photographs/ postcards - something like that - for inspiration. Try to get out of whatever style you usually write in so that it seems fresh and interesting when you start something new. Failing that, try doing some homework/revision/housework for a while. I always find that loosens my creative muscles =D
5/28/2007 #3
Usually I reread my story and if that doesn't work I just rattle on about certain things. Most times it doesn't make it in the good copy of the story but it helps me think about the different characters and what should happen next.
6/10/2007 #4
Yeah, re-reading kind-of helps, but guess if you don't want to write on at this time, you might not want to read about it either. Try imagining other things or random cool ideas - maybe that's why some people turn to poems, or short stories just to get their mind working. Or perhaps reading stories from others to get ideas.
7/23/2007 #5
Jade Nightingale
I am suffering from major writer's block! See, I am also currently writing a story for fanfiction.net right now, but I also would like to write story for fictionpress. However, everytime I get an "okay" idea. I the realize that idea makes no sense, and would probbaly end up beign abandoned by me for lack of interest, or be flamed because of stupidity of the plot. Please help me out, i have no idea what to do, and I want to have good stories on here as well as fanfiction. net. So, please can you offer up more ideas, you can even PM me if need be. I really need help with this.
2/2/2008 #6
Okay, so what do you usually write about? Perhaps you could discuss your ideas and someone could see what's wrong with it? If we don't have an idea what you actually want, then can't help.
2/2/2008 #7
Jade Nightingale
See, that's just the thing. Even though I have written a fic, and am currently writing a fic on fanfiction.net, the plots of them are nowhere near the same. They aren't even the same fandom. I really can write/read anythign I suppose, there isn't a specific genre or topic I stick. If I just come up up with a plot "ou-of-the-blue", and I truly like it. I mean it truly is or can be put together well, or it makes sense(at least to me) then I stick with it. So, think that is my issue, I don't know what I WANT to write, but what do want to do is come up with ideas of my own accord. I just wanted some suggestions to help me "get the ball rolling" I guess. I have been suffering from writer's block for fiction, just fiction ever since I got this account. So, if anyone could tell me some ways in order to get me thinking creativately, or what they do in order spur on ideas for a story it would certainly help out a lot. Thank you so much Also one more question, are we allowed to do "diary-like" stories. An example would be the Dear America series. Such each story starts with with "Dear Diary," then across from that is the date like August 15, or something like that?
2/3/2008 #8
So write some one-shot short stories. I've found that the really important thing is to get the flood gates open again. That might not apply to everyone, but when things are going well, I can push out 6000-10000 words a day. I'm planning to get speech recognition working on my laptop so that I can actually speak it, since you can speak faster than you can write. My current novel is about 200,000 words. I get stuck sometimes too. Nada. Nothing. Bone dry. And not just for a day or two, but weeks at a time. Some times rereading helps. Some times I realize that I've written myself into a corner. I find that I'm making my characters do something they don't like and that's what's causing my block. I have to go back and listen to them until I can find their voice again. Some times I just have to walk away and go play in the garden or go skateboarding or take a trip and NOT think about it. Some times I have to go write something else for a while.
2/21/2008 #9
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