Not So Run of the Mill Science Fiction
Have a story that stretches the boundaries of current Science Fiction? Is it unpredictable and fresh? Do you shy from the neat happy endings that are commonplace in today's fiction? C'mon in, lets share some links and compare notes!
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Being that the other half of my writing lately has been more about supernatural/science fiction, I didn't feel quite right posting news about it on a primarily science fiction thread.

I am creating this for those who, like me, write in more than just the genre of science fiction! So jump on in, share those story links for things that don't fit the basic premise of this thread!

8/3/2010 #1

I have a series of Supernatural Science Fiction stories that I've been writing on since about 2004. The basic one is "The Only Half Saga" which actually encompasses three stories:

"Before the Fall" - Smitten by a human, Carmen, an Ancient vampire insists on making him her "one." Only, when her "Renate" joins the brood, he lets her know in no uncertain terms he doesn't have the same feelings for her. There is another consequence of their tryst...she finds herself pregnant...and the child will be a half-blood - a dhampir - taken from her and killed if they find out about it. Thus Cabal comes into the world, an outcast to both the humans and the vampires with which he shares his heritage.

"Redemption" - 125 years after leaving the vampire hunter Corea - his trainer - Cabal arrives at the town of Redemption, on the trail of his now vampire father with the drive to enact his revenge for his mother going mad - for forcing Cabal to kill her in order to save himself. He never expected that he would find anything more than information and a cold shoulder...he ends up finding love for the first time.

"Endgame" - Nearly five hundred and fifty years have passed since Cabal began hunting for his father - and Finally he's closing on the elusive vampire. His talents bring him to the attention of Victor Sierra, a supernatural hunting organization who wants his ability to track for their own purposes. As endgame closes, Cabal finds that revenge doesn't always turn out the way one plans.

A parallel story is "Of Dhampirs and Warlocks" A story that centers around the dhampir Garrett Kelly. His witch mother took a huge chance beguiling the Ancient Meirakat, risking her very life should she be found in order to give birth to a being that would tip the scales of the war in the Witches Coven's favor. Garrett didn't know this until the Ancient began hunting them - killing his mother in a most heinous of ways. In his thirst for revenge he takes an odd turn considering his heritage - he becomes a member of Victor Sierra, an organization dedicated to the eradication of dangerous supernaturals in a post apocalyptic world.

Continuing the Saga is "The Devil's Own" is focused on Dominic, one of 12 half-brothers created for and dedicated to the protection of their vampire father. When a vampire and her dhampir business partner arrive from the United territories, his world gets turned on it's ear. He finds himself questioning his place and his duty. Related to the story but not really an "Only Half" story is "Rise of the Crimson Death" a story focused on Cherlize the vadaryne who is a major player in the happenings in "The Devil's Own."

For bits and insights into the different characters that make up the Only Half Universe, check out "Tales from the Dead Zone," a collection of short stories that are found in between the stories that make up the major arcs.

8/3/2010 #2

Nice idea!

I write horror stories on occasion, although right now only one of them is up on FP:

It's a post-apocalyptic (sort of) romance that I wrote as a vehicle to work out some ambivalent feelings about getting married. Definitely one of the stories I feel most proud of.

8/7/2010 . Edited 8/7/2010 #3
I write poetry, fantasy, ( I ghost are supernatural I write that), and some realistic fiction.
1/8/2013 #4

Bumping this thread a bit....I know we've gained some new readership (thanks for coming). So if you write in arenas other than Science fiction let us know!

3/21/2013 #5

A little actually. How did that even happen anyway? It was dead and then all of a sudden a few new people show up. Finally because I was getting bored of rereading the same thing and waiting for responses for awhile now. And you're welcome for coming.

3/24/2013 #6

I write mainly science fiction, though I have been dabbling in fantasy and poetry, as well as parody, and have done some physiological fictions in the past.

6/9/2013 #7

I like to write in this crazy genre I call "Smash", which has no real guidelines other than you mix genres, time periods, etc. and get an extremely imaginative but not over-the-top story. (Biggest Smash project is a 7-or-8 book series called "Knights of the Lurkish Protectorate", featuring these wolflike anthropomorphic aliens called Lurks as they live in a medieval-mixed-with-industrial-revolution-and-tribal world. My main character is a medieval knight but he has a friend who's an engineer. It's all very fun.)

On the other hand, I love historical sci-fi (retrofuture) and the like; similar to Smash except I didn't invent it. It's like, Steampunk, Dieselpunk, and the like.

I also have a genre I call Industrial, which could also be a subgenre of Science Fiction--- it involves a lot of what you'd see in Washington DC or New York--- subways and the like--- and it's sort of 1990s in atmosphere if you ask me. My story "The Factory" is probably my first work of Industrial, but I wrote it before I'd realized the genre. Now Industrial involves a specific look, like exposed piping, caged lightbulbs, rust, and underground cities--- The Factory has rust but not any of that other stuff. Although a significant amount of the story's time will be spent underground, since my main character is a miner. It works well with dystopian situations, this genre does.

I also like Fantasy! I'm a half-fantasy, half-scifi writer, and I write equally well in both. I tend to avoid the typical "space-opera, laser-beam, robot, floating car" formula for sci-fi projects, rather going for a new twist on old ideas. Just as I tend to avoid resorting to magic in my fantasy stories. (Not to say I don't like reading stuff like that, though.) Been there, done that, everyone and their mother has read it. I like bringing forth new ideas that no-one's really seen or thought about before. It's just sort of my unique brand of the genres. :) I even made my own theories on time travel! I'll explore that concept deeper in my Watchkeeper series.

7/21/2015 #8
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