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NEVERMIND, search resolved.

Hey everyone, I've been searching like crazy the past few days to find a certain slash story I remember reading long ago. It may or may not even have been on, but hopefully someone will be able to point me in the right direction and tell me whether it has been taken down or where I can find it.

A major motif of the story was "What happens to an angel when he falls from heaven?" or something along those lines. It's a story about a normal guy, the protagonist, who gets involved unwillingly with a BAMF and his partner who are in the area battling demons or fighting the devil, though he doesn't find this out at first. Said normal guy falls for this BAMF, who finds out that the protagonist is actually an angel who has fallen from heaven, the reason for which he is being targeted by the forces of the devil. Towards the end, there is a showdown between the good guys and this devil, but for some reason, in the aftermath, the protagonist loses his memories of all that happened between himself and the BAMF and the devil, etc. In the final chapter, the BAMF love interest finds our protagonist working at a bar or something and approaches him, asking him what he thinks happens to fallen angels. The protagonist is very confused but finds himself drawn to this stranger (our BAMF).

The story was significantly better than my summary, and I remember that it was also very, very long, perhaps over 100k and certainly over 25 chapters. There are several scenes that I remember clearly:

1. The scene where the BAMF proves to the protagonist that he is a fallen angel: They are sitting together in a Church and the BAMF pulls out a mysterious book to show to the protagonist. The protagonist is puzzled for a few moments because the book is written in a strange language that he does not understand. He tells the BAMF this, but the BAMF says that he is supposed to read it aloud. The protagonist, still confused, forces himself to do so and finds that he can understand what is written. He looks up from the book and sees the BAMF smiling; upon his asking as to why, the BAMF says that he is speaking in the angelic language, the most beautiful ever conceived. He thereby tells the protagonist what he thinks about where he came from, etc.

2. A scene early on, before the BAMF and the protagonist fall in love: The protagonist is walking around late at night (I don't recall why) and happens upon the BAMF and his partner cornering some old guy in an alleyway. The BAMF is actually doing this as part of his demon-/devil-battling job, but the protagonist takes it the wrong way. He witnesses the BAMF interrogating the old guy before shooting him violently and dumping his body. The protagonist is freaked out and runs away. He is terrified and shocked by what the BAMF has done and confronts him about it later. He may or may not have used the BAMF's gun later in the story to threaten or shoot someone.

3. The ending scene, in which the BAMF and the protagonist meet again, years later: As stated in my slipshod summary above, at the climax of the story, the protagonist loses his memories of the BAMF and the whole devil/demon situation. In the final chapter, he is working at a restaurant or bar when two mysterious men come in (the BAMF and his partner). The partner recognizes the protagonist and points him out to the BAMF, who immediately walks over to the protagonist. He asks him, "What do you think happens when an angel falls from heaven?" The protagonist is confused but gives him an answer (I don't remember what) which hints back to their former relationship, although he doesn't remember any of it. The BAMF smiles and asks him out; the protagonist, feeling drawn to this stranger in a moment of dramatic irony, agrees to see him.

4. Some other scenes which are hazy in my mind: The BAMF certainly shows up to the protagonist's flat uninvited several times throughout the story. The protagonist has some history with the concept of angels and heaven, which intrigues the BAMF when they meet. The BAMF may have threatened the protagonist with violence somewhere in the storyline. At some point, the protagonist tries to break up with the BAMF because he is scared of what the BAMF does for a living, leading to much angst and a confrontation about it later. After finding out he is an angel, the protagonist has flashbacks about his time in heaven; Michael was somehow involved. In the showdown towards the end of the story, the devil appears and tries to attack the protagonist, but he is stopped by the BAMF, who loves the protagonist.

I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU HELP ME FIND THIS FIC. I remember it was a supremely satisfying fic and I'm extremely disappointed that I've lost it. Help!

Thank you in advance,


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