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Have a story that stretches the boundaries of current Science Fiction? Is it unpredictable and fresh? Do you shy from the neat happy endings that are commonplace in today's fiction? C'mon in, lets share some links and compare notes!
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Good morning. ZOMG the illustrious leader comes back out of the ether... FFFFFT.

I'll make no excuses....I have failed at every attempt to keep this forum up and running. Thank you to those who have sporadically come in here and started discussions, who have posted their ideas and their links while I have been off doing other things. I haven't moderated, I haven't contributed, nothing...and I don't consider that very fair to the people who placed their faith in this forum.

I am seriously considering taking this forum down, because I haven't been managing it like I should, because I don't have the time to make this what it should be. The stats support the idea that this little corner of Fictionpress isn't really all that popular anyway, and you guys are probably better engaged on other forums.

Unless there is a serious uproar, I will probably be deleting this forum by the end of the month or the first week in October.

9/29/2011 #1

I understand that you feel that you haven't contributed as much as you should have, the problem is that there isn't that many forums for sci fi writers already, and while this forum is hardly buzzing, it still gives a place for aspiring writers to add a story. Basically, I don't see why it needs to be taken down, life changes and you don't have time to properly maintain it, but a lot of topics have helpful information for writers on here, especially in regards to science fiction, and you never know what will come of it in the future?

It would be sad, if already the small number of forums dedicated to actually writing sci fi, dwindled further...

10/2/2011 #2
Is it just me or doese it seem that Role playing as overtake most of the forums? Not just in sci-fi but in tw other forums too. Role playing helps no one and really shouldn't be so much of the forums.
1/4/2013 #3

Role-playing does seem to be gaining ground in many areas, I agree...

While Role-playing does have a certain amount of merit (c'mon we all have to admit a certain amount of role-playing occurs in our heads all the time - it's how stories are created, we put ourselves in our protagonists position given a certain situation in order to work out their reactions.), it does not do a lot of constructive use in a situation where original fiction is concerned.

Several issues can and will arise...especially when we are talking about original stories.

First off, unless you and your partner(s) are serious about staying a team if/when you decide to publish your works, then there will be issue with Copyright - who owns what character and percentage of the creation each is responsible for. Copyright is not easy even if you're on your own working on something...much less throwing more author/creators in the mix.

Another major issue I have with Role playing is the loss of creative control of a character. I am very possessive of my stable of characters and I get really antsy when someone tries to take them a direction I as their creator don't see them going. (for example: Cabal finding himself in a Yaoi situation when he is quite homophobic...doesn't care if a guy is into that thing so long as he doesn't get hit upon...see?). I have had this happen on a Round Robin Writing Project and was quite miffed with the liberties taken with my character.

Sometimes role play seems to be solely for the purpose of exploring sexual situations - which IMHO should only be a SMALL part of a science fiction story not the main focus. I went through my share of years where I was as explicit as possible in regards to sexual situations. I have since realized that it is more fun when things are left to a readers' imagination - I do not need to get into all the intimate details of their rendezvous.

So in large part I am in agreement on your view of the Role Play in general. I have had to fend off my share of "Oh can I PLEASE use so and so in Role Play?" And I've had to politely tell them no for the second reason above.

1/4/2013 #4

I agree with you that it's okay to have it in your MIND but to put it on a forum for original fiction just irks me. I don't know anyone into sci-fi so if I want to talk about it I need to come into a sci-fi forum or something and all the role-playing just makes it harder.

Also, creating a forum for a role play between 2 people? Can't they just PM back and forth? I'm referring to the private role plays that say in the forum description "private role play for [pen name] and [pen name] only. No entering."

If you create a forum on a public website you should allow people to come in.

What are others thought on private role playing forums?

Oh, and glad your back n the forum, Darwin.

1/8/2013 #5

MMM....yeah being locked out of a forum thread would be highly annoying...especially on a public website. And definitely that could be accomplished through more private means (IE EMAIL or PMS).

:D thanks for the welcome back...your subject was one I felt I needed to chime in on. I get email alerts when threads I follow get replies.

1/8/2013 #6

That's what I was thinking and I follow this entire forum and get alerts. Wow maybe I do need a hobby. Not the point anyway, your forum is the irst forum that isn't role play when your sort by relevance. How is role playing relevant to discussing sci-fi? You're welcome.

1/8/2013 #7
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