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Have a story that stretches the boundaries of current Science Fiction? Is it unpredictable and fresh? Do you shy from the neat happy endings that are commonplace in today's fiction? C'mon in, lets share some links and compare notes!
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With the new age of self publishing through Amazon, Nook, and other on line sites, I was wondering if people reading this forum have books/short stories/ etc for purchase?

I currently have three book available for purchase through Amazon

Two Gemutations Novels are available (Mercenaries and Angels and Plague)

Both books are science fiction novels centered around genetic mutations - and focused on Tigershark a mutant mercenary who comes to find out that his life is nothing but a sham.

Plague takes place six years after the first book. Tigershark and Angelina find themselves heading the effort to stop a mutagenic plague threatening to kill the human populations. They get unexpected help from Doctor Tom Martin and his brother Steve. It's up to them to find the cause before the humans use it as an excuse to create a war between the two genus of human kind.

The other book currently available is a Supernatural/Science Fiction novel called "The Only Half Saga: Before the Fall"

The story follows a dhampir, Cabal, who manages to survive a nuclear apocalypse. Along with him is his full-blooded vampire mother, they try to survive the detritus left behind.

Go ahead and share any titles you have ready for download and in print! I look forward to seeing what you all have to offer.

1/6/2013 #1

I am no where near good enough to publish anything myself but Jave Harron recently published the complete version of Ergo Sum. It sold quite well. Only one copy in stock the last time I checked.

3/12/2013 #2

Nice to hear he had a decent turnout on his first effort! That is quite awesome! Congratulations are in order!

Here in about a week I have a fourth novel coming out through Createspace and Kindle...I will be adding links when it all goes live!

3/21/2013 #3

My latest (And so far LONGEST) novel is available for purchase through Amazon:

"The Brothers Martin: Forgotten Ties" - Dr. Tom Martin faces the most challenging medical case of his career. Mira Stevenson's injuries are more than standard medicine will fix, and he is forced to use experimental cybernetic techniques in order to save her life. His plans for making the cybernetics as minimally invasive as possible continually get thwarted by the governing board - actions which lead him to believe there is a more sinister purpose to the course her recovery takes. The whole ordeal threatens to expose secrets about Tom's past he would rather remain hidden. Rated: 16 for Language and Violence

Hope you'll be willing to give it a shot! It is available in both Kindle and print formats!

6/10/2013 #4

Congratulations on your publication, it sounds fascinating. I have a new list of books I need to look into.

6/10/2013 #5

I have three future fiction published through with a distinct sci-fi element of near-light-speed space travel and DeepSleep to make the time pass without ageing the travellers. CAUTION they are MA rated.

The "Delights" series are also set in the future, but there are no unpredictable advances in science.

2/15/2014 #6

Congratulations! Always a good thing!

2/15/2014 #7

Guess I forgot to post the latest in my line of published works!

"The Only Half Saga: Redemption" - Nearly 150 years have passed and the Earth is finally showing signs of bouncing back from nuclear devastation. Cabal is still on the trail of his father. Clues bring him to the town of Redemption - recently ravaged by a brood of vampires. His intention is to get the information he's looking for and move on. Yet he keeps finding reasons to linger. After so long living on the outside of human and vampire societies, he never expected to find acceptance much less love - in Redemption he manages to find both.

2/15/2014 #8

I forgot to say that because I am now retired and don't need the royalties, there are free copies on the internet - just Google Helen - Space Slave, Martha – Space Madam or Jacqui – Space Waif, or I could post them on here if their rating is allowed. I would rather not post bowdlerised versions.

2/15/2014 #9
Jeremy R Walker

I have published several short stories . I am looking to improve my Writing and want feedback so Here I am

December 22, 2012 ( published on the Kindle ) A short story set the day after the Mayan calender ends or is it just a dream

A Daughters Gift ( published on the Kindle ) A Daughter s dream and her gift to her father

Revelation of a Dream ( published on the Kindle ) Just get it and read you should enjoy it is a combination of December 22, 2012 & A Daughters Gift plus 2000 words that totally changes the nature of the story

Captors Confession ( published on the Kindle ) when her Captor Confesses to a famous unsolved murder and a murder that was called complications from cancer as he confesses to his deeds something in him changes because she looks like his first victim

Bugging Me ( published on the Kindle ) 2 million years after he is put into cryogenic stasis on the moon he is thawed now he is as far as he knows the last human on earth he was thawed for a purpose to solve the Drug problem of the new inhabitants of earth

Conversation with the Creator ( published on the Kindle ) A short story of one man who doesn't know the meaning of the word faith talking to the creator

A Matter of Faith (Published on The Kindle) What is faith ? could you explain it ? would Religion collapse without it ?

Literary Fraud (Published on The Kindle)what is plagiarism ? An author with little Imagination takes a wrong turn in life and ends up confused when his dream comes true .

5/8/2014 #10

Definitely haven't published this book but I was told it might me a good idea. I'm about a quarter of the way through Katya. Can anyone tell me the steps of getting a book published through Amazon or Kindle? And any reviews on my book would be appreciated- I can always improve

6/20/2014 #11
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