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Have a story that stretches the boundaries of current Science Fiction? Is it unpredictable and fresh? Do you shy from the neat happy endings that are commonplace in today's fiction? C'mon in, lets share some links and compare notes!
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Hi I'm Darwin, moderator for this forum and an avid science fiction fan. I grew up reading Andre Norton, Anne McCaffery, Alan Dean Foster, Isaac Asimov and so many more... My passion for fiction turned to creative writing as early as Fifth Grade...though I didn't really do it as a hobby/passtime/serious pursuit until I was nineteen and in the Navy. I have one published book "Gemutations: Mercenaries and Angels" available through Authorhouse or Amazon or Barnes and Noble on line. Currently I have posted seven stories of varying lenghts with about four more that are brewing in the background. I live in Central California with my husband of 13 years and my twelve year old daughter. We live on a small Ranch (or if you prefer....Zoo) That is the short of it for me! Thanks for reading and welcome aboard! Darwin
11/1/2006 #1
Elizabeth Stanton
Aww, You've been all alone in this thread for almost a month! I shall save you from the absurd silence on this thread! My name is Elizabeth Stanton. I love all books (except Westerns. Hey, even a good cheesy romance is good for a laugh once in while.) I read a lot of Sara Douglas, and a plethera of other authors. One of my favorite books of all time is The Contortionist's Handbook by Craig Clevenger. (Fantasic and dark character Study!) My writing started just this past summer while I was with the Army overseas in the desert. I'm currently working on a project called The Thirteenth Skull. Its all written (by hand!) and being added to FP. Its a bit bare, I think, but feel free to leave some critisims (Or, if you're having a bad day and want to attack someone, I can take it!) I'm currently trying to make my way through college, though obviously my forte is not the English Language. Well, Nice to meet you Darwin! ~ES
11/30/2006 #2
Wow, only a half-month, this time around! ...anyway! I appear to be the youngest here, as a tiny little ...high school Junior. I'm told these are the best years of my life. Should that statement be followed with 'to develope high blood pressure'? I'm surprised I have time to write as much as I actually do. I really love Sci-Fi in general, and at the moment, I'm treading through Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, along with reading Signal to Noise, by Eric Nylund. A good war story's not bad at all, and really, those are the things I really like writing. Gritty, (melo)dramatic stories based around some war or other. I'll almost always focus on the emotional aspect (such as in my recent posting, even though's sorta emotionally sterile. I should fix that...), especially when I throw in wierd twists. Like immortality, or coming back to life when you're killed. The stuff I put my characters through makes me feel SO bad for them! I've got three major stories planned, a fourth sitting in the back of my mind, and a few short stories here or there. One of the major ones won't be posted on FP, since I'm planning to finish it sometime (heheh, it'll take years upon years, I know it) and have it published. The others are: a vengeance story set in the old West (it really doesn't count as a western, though, I think), and a Space Opera/Commentary on Humanity's habit of fighting. Nice to meet you two! ~'Sano
12/14/2006 #3
Hi I am Pterodactyl. I am 15, a Sophomore, and recently descovered Larry Niven's Known Space Stories, The Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, and my own feeble ability to write. On this site I plan to post a story in the Sci-fi section someday. I have a rather chaotic universe that surprised even me when I developed it. Honestly A Superhero fic is not supposed to turn out to be a full on Space adventure. I obviosly have a strange imagination, 10 different speicies of Aliens and interdimentional Travel. The only thing holding me back from posting it is the introduction to the multitude of about 20 human characters that make up the majority of the sub plots. As a reader I recommend Larry Nivin as a published author. Even though his books were writen in the late 60's to late 80's none of the stuff he writes about contrasts current physics or history. Even the time scale makes sense. That is not really much about me but oh well.
2/2/2007 #4
Asymptote Inverse
Hello, all! You can call me Asymptote. I'm now a freshman in college, but I've been reading science fiction since I was in middle school. I'm an especial fan of Larry Niven, but I'd have to say that 2001: A Space Odyssey is my favorite sci-fi novel (although I haven't had the good fortune to read the sequels "2010" and "3001"). For almost a year now, my mind has been occupied by the story forming within. I imagine the story as a largish series that I hope eventually to send off to a paper publisher. The story is about the Harvest, a war humanity is waging (and losing) against an extraterrestrial race millions of years more advanced. "Inevitable" is my first attempt to actually publish something following this plot line. Darn...I really thought I would be able to think of something cooler to say about myself than that. Oh well.
4/1/2007 #5
Hey, I'm junkfoodmonkey, but even I can't be bothered to type that, so just call me jfm. I'm hoping to be part of your little gang of SF writers here, assuming I can ever manage to upload my story. Is the document manager on here always a bit rubbish? And I thought was bad. I grew up reading and watching lots of science fiction, then I lost interest in it for a while, at least in book form, but my interest seems to be coming back. The story I'm hoping to upload soon is a science fiction novel I did for NaNoWriMo in 2006. I've edited it and hopefully it's now worth a look. Glad to be here and hopefully I'll get that pesky document manager to let me upload soon.
4/11/2007 #6
Oh well, I've tried for four days to upload now, still no joy and of course absolutely no way to contact FictionPress to report anything or find out what's going on. Looks like my story won't be going up here then. Bye folks. jfm
4/14/2007 #7
If its any conosolation JFM the problem is across the board...I've been trying to upload for two and my friends Baava has been trying for a week. Dunno what is wrong Sorry to hear of your troubles, we hope that when the problem is fixed you'll swing back by and give us a chance to read your work! Darwin
4/14/2007 #8
Thanks, Darwin. I may try again next weekend to see if they've fixed the problem yet. jfm
4/14/2007 #9
Yeah me too...I'm trying to upload a new chapter of Promises after a YEAR! I mean that is way too long for any of my stories to be in the holding pattern! I also want to post the next chapter of my first original story and its major rewrite Forgotten Ties and I can't do either right at the moment! ERPH!
4/14/2007 #10
Can I give you a tip I just picked up from a Live journal community entirely devoted to rants about A sneaky workaround. I can't know for sure it will work on here, I don't know if the docuemnts and stories bit works exactly the same as, but it's worth you having a try. I can't do it as I don't have any stories already here on the site, but you can give it a go: Login to your account page Select Stories, then pick any random story and click to edit it Select Content/Chapters, then pick any chapter and click exp over at the right This will export a copy of that chapter to your document manager. It doesn't do anything to mess with the orignal chapter, that's perfectly safe. Now go to document manager, click to Edit/Preview that document and then delete all the old text in it and paste in the text of the document you can't get uploaded. Do whatever tweaking you need and save it. Now you can do whatever you need to with that, just the same as with a document you've uploaded the normal way. I hope it works for you! jfm
4/14/2007 #11
DUDE! ***SMOOCH*** It worked! And I just forwarded your post to my friends to help them out too! THanks much! YAY!
4/14/2007 #12
Excellent. That must be the way the people who are managing to update are doing it. I got a chapter onto with this workaround yesterday, but I'll have to be patient for this place.
4/15/2007 #13
Well finally! I got the parts uploaded and the story created.
4/16/2007 #14
Well, this is basically the same as, save the colors and the little difference in site navigation. So if you had problems with Doc manager there, here could be no different. Though, I have not stumbled across hardships in using it.
6/10/2007 #15


6/12/2007 . Edited 9/14/2014 #16
I posted in this topic before neglecting it's actual purpose. :/ So, I m John, pen name Emiya Shirou (yes it's from an anime, so what?), i'm 17, also in high school, and have the for boys around my age weird hobby to write. Especially if you take into account that English, the language I like to write in, isn't my native. No, I am dutch. A fully fledged cheese eating orange dutchman. Now why we dutchmen have been contemplatively praised for our so-called wide knowledge in foreign languages, I must admit it, that is a fa├žade. Not true. Relatively speaking, we do have probably a high quantity of foreign languages taught, with me currently having four. But the level of anything but dutch and english is pathetically low and things are just obligatory until you get in fifth grade where one average scholar doesn't care for his languages at all. I dare not to state so confidentally like Mr. Hat did, that I actually 'can' write. I really don't have much tutors around me to confirm/deny my capabilities. I have learned whatever I can do now completely on my own with only one girl I personally know who has beta-read some of my stories. But considering her same situation of a none-english speaking society I unfortunately can't give much weight to her comments. Been interested in Sci Fi ever since I got in touch with it. I watch and have watched a lot of Sci Fi series and movies at already young age including Star Trek, Star Wars and Star Gate (And whatever you can make up with 'Star' in the title, that is ^^). I started writing on mainly about fantasy about two years ago. But I know that when it comes to my own imagination I'd always end up with something high technological. I also tend to throw in religious history and combine them with a high technological and most probably impious society with ancient supernatural powers none still reckons to be true. Fact is that religious history describes many wonders that can be explained with high technological advancements. Figure my liking of the Stargate universe.. :P
6/15/2007 . Edited 6/15/2007 #17
Psh, you can write fine. I've seen a lot of non-native speakers speak/write English, and you aren't half bad. Hell, I thought you were native just looking over your posts. (Just goes to show you how much I know... ._.)
6/15/2007 #18
... Errr. Just another random 16-year old guy who likes sci-fi and likes to write (I won't even go to claiming anything about the quality... because... well, if you really want to find out how bad--err... good it is... just mosey on over to the--enough of that). I guess what's odd about me is that I'm pretty good academically across the board, basically in all subjects, and I must admit, it doesn't take much effort with the difficulty of the classes at my school (at least so far). I'm on my State math team, which I guess might be sort of special, considering math and writing seem to be located on opposite sides of the spectrum. I'm also interested in political philosophy, particle physics, game theory (as well as math in general), playing the piano, and a bunch of other random stuff. It's going to make choosing a major in college a major pain, I can feel it already. I like a good, philosophical read that'll spark my thinking processes and whatnot. I'm also more of a fan of short stories (or apparently, "one-shots" as they seem to be called here) and novelettes than the full-blown novel. I've been reading a lot of short story collections lately. (Currently working my way through the Tenth Annual Edition of The Year's Best Science Fiction, over 250,000 words of sci-fi short stories and novelettes. I haven't read one I haven't liked yet, and I'm about 80 percent of the way through...) If anyone else is a short story fan, please contact me so I can check out your stuff. :P Well, yeah. That's me.
6/17/2007 #19
Meh, your statement about Writing being quite the opossite of the exact sciences. Well, I guess there is a sign of truth in that but, consider your subject. You like science fiction, for what? You also like particle physics which I also find interest for yet have no simple understanding of. I guess I ll read your stuff to see what you have disclosed from your gifted mind.
6/21/2007 #20
I think what ecwix is/was saying is that people who tend to get involved in mathematics (or other academic circles) aren't usually also able to write very eloquently. Often there seems to be a schism between people who are very self-regimented (think of those kids in class that were always on top of their schoolwork as if it were their entire existence) and people that get labeled as "daydreamers". I guess half-assing it in school is part of the criteria for being a writer. :P --dreamshell--
6/21/2007 #21
[q]I think what ecwix is/was saying is that people who tend to get involved in mathematics (or other academic circles) aren't usually also able to write very eloquently. Often there seems to be a schism between people who are very self-regimented (think of those kids in class that were always on top of their schoolwork as if it were their entire existence) and people that get labeled as "daydreamers". I guess half-assing it in school is part of the criteria for being a writer. :P[/q] Sort of. The truth is, I'm not looking into a career as a writer, though publishing would be real nice, but I'm more of looking into going into some science-related field. Particle physics or something like that. I feel as if I'm going to end up as a professor somewhere doing research. The thing is, sometimes, I'm annoyed that I have to try to balance time between writing and other stuff. Most other people like me have taken so many extra supplementary classes and whatnot that they're already basically in college, and here's me still plugging it along in high school. Sure, my class load may be pretty harsh, but still, it's nothing compared to what some other people do. And about that other comment...sometimes, I think science fiction is sorta like the reading for the "intellegent", because some of the concepts you find in some of the sci-fi novels are pretty far out.
6/21/2007 #22
Hi there! My name is Hannah in real life, I'm 15 years old. In general I write fiction because I want to share my enthusiasm with others. I know it sounds like a cliche! But whenever I find something I'm really interested in, I gather enough components and then sit down and write about it. My previous story, Isolation, is a pretty dark story about a school cut off from civilisation. Reading it makes you doubt my sanity somewhat :D But it was a really good form of stress relief. I recently turned to sci-fi after looking at things in our world today, like the increasing obsession with perfection and the idea of being watched. My new story ('2057') imagines how things will be 50 years from now. I've only submitted the first few chapters but I have it all planned out already! I live in London with my family and hope some day to be a photojournalist. Hannah xxx
7/10/2007 #23
*Says hi to Hannah above* Hi, hi, it's Concerto. Guess the other names don't matter anymore. I could tell you, but it could be fake. I want to allow others to experience and feel some of my experiences and feelings. I want them to step into the journey I've created. I once never knew between sci-fi and fantasy and so decided fantasy was everything, blah it was easier. Recently got annoyed and decided to find a difference. Had to make a story about it to prove a point, but it went on. Anyhow, I've been saying I live in La La land. Concerto.
7/20/2007 #24
The Ricochet
What up people! The name's Chris, but I'll stick with Syndrome because... well... it just sounds cooler. And let's be honest, when it comes to scifi there's alot of creativity and skill involved---but quite maybe about 35% of impressing the audience is just making something that sounds fricking awesome. With that said, my style is a somewhat different one than you might see. Fights are earthy (meaning people won't take two/three billion hits before croaking) and fast paced, and everything in my storylines has a very good reason behind it. In one story in particular, currently known as 'The State of Things' the prologue is a pre-history to the story stretching back to the beginning of time. Overboard? Maybe. But that's just how a roll folk. So, I'm glad to be part of the community, and look forward to hearing from all of y'all! Much love to all, Syndrome
8/31/2007 #25
Hey, I'm nameless. My stories are odd, because I'm...odd, I guess. But odd in a good way, I suppose. Not that I like to write random, pointless garbage, but rather things that spring out of my head.
1/2/2008 #26
Well hey. *prods*
1/3/2008 #27
I'm theme. I enjoy incorporating philosophical anecdotes into historical fiction, science fiction, or just about anything else. Most of the time I read philosophy. From Kant to Nietzsche to The Republic to Rawls, I've read it all. I also enjoy Orson Scott Card or Joe Haldamen. I'm a high school senior living in Nebraska. I have yet to publish anything, but I pump out short stories like crazy. Some good, some bad, some mediocre. They vary in type, length, subject matter, context, writing style, and more then anything theme. I'd love some criticism on my pseudo philosophical sci-fi stories, if you ever have a free moment. That's about it for me, Alex
1/22/2008 #28
Hey, I'm Kitty and uh, I hope I'm posting this right. I really like sci-fi, but what I like most are the psychological implications of a story. I read everything from romance to contemporary to...the backs of cereal boxes. And I still want that shrek cereal bowl but the person who I live with threw out all my little shrek tokens. Grr. Ah well. Who needs a bowl with a built in straw anyway? I don't even like milk by itself. :grins: Anyway, back on topic. Let's see, I'm working on a story called A Rei of Light, which is a work in progress. If you ever have time to read it, please tell me what you think. Here's a summary; if it's a little long, sorry. Rei is a highly guarded prisoner with slightly more than questionable morals. A doctor comes to visit her every day, and they play a game of wills that Rei is determined to win at almost any cost. But...nothing is ever what it seems especially the relationship between her and her doctor. The threads of fate that bind them have been twisted, and it is all they can do not to strangle themselves on their own pasts...
2/7/2008 #29
Hi I'm Thraysmachus and I just started getting into scifi and started writing in middle school Im a freshman in high school and I story out...sad going into a chronic state of emoness......
2/23/2008 #30
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