Not So Run of the Mill Science Fiction
Have a story that stretches the boundaries of current Science Fiction? Is it unpredictable and fresh? Do you shy from the neat happy endings that are commonplace in today's fiction? C'mon in, lets share some links and compare notes!
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Banana Ham

It's nice to see that the life is returning to the forum. :)

10/26/2009 #61
Brenda Agaro

@ Peterodactyl: Oh, okay. Sorry for the confusion. XD If it feels ready to be posted, feel free to let me know. :-)

As for my work, I don't have much other than bilingual poetry and prose (Spanish to English), a couple of Haikus, and other stuff. I'm hoping to post more soon (most likely sometime next year.) Like I said before, the only sci-fi piece I have posted here is a flash fiction I wrote years ago. It's kind of...weird (the main characters aren't humans.) If you want, you could check that out. It's called "Overreaction" (free feel to be honest if you review.)

10/26/2009 #62

That's fine, my wording was a little confusing. And bilingual is fine, I would do it if I felt that I wouldn't butcher the non English half of the piece.

I honestly feel that anybody with the guts to post something in a second language is amazing. So, I'm interested in anything that you've got.

I'll review "Overreaction" as soon as possible. And I'll try to be not so harsh when I review. I tend to give people the third degree when I go through and do a serious review.



10/26/2009 #63

*Sees sudden surge of “Mill” thread-posting in inbox* o_O

So… hi, new people. Yeah… we should really do more with this forum.

And Darwin, please excuse my *AHEM* “tardy” response to your chapters (read: complete absent-mindedness about them), I literally just remembered all about you sending them to me. I am an @$$. ;_;

10/27/2009 #64
Brenda Agaro

@ Pterodactyl: As long as it's not a flame or something along the lines of "Your story sucks. It should be sent to the dump", then I wouldn't mind if you have to be harsh. I rather have a honest review. :P I'll review your story (the one you have posted) once I get the chance.

@ dreamshell: Hi! It's nice to meet you! :-)

10/27/2009 #65

I never ever EVER review like that. I find it useless, hard to learn from, and pointless. So any review that I give tends to be either gushing enthusiasm for good writing, or filled with what I would hope to be good info to know about for later writing.



10/27/2009 #66

Well, it's been a couple months since anyone has done anything in this forum but it can't hurt to join in, right?

I'm Adam. I live in north Florida and have been writing semi-seriously for a few years now. I have one completed novel (first draft) under my belt and a screenplay as well. I used to write as a hobby in middle school, then found it more rewarding to read. In high school I stopped reading fiction for pleasure and I still haven't picked it back up. I read a lot of nonfic, mostly dealing with science and socioeconomics. Naturally, that makes me more interested in sci-fi as a genre to write in.

12/31/2009 #67

Still luv ya Dreamshell! HEE!

Okay, I'm not necessarily going to make it a new year's resolution or anything, but I really need to visit this place more! Thanks for all of you who have joined up...thanks even more for those of you who've kept this place alive and going!

1/6/2010 #68

I’ll make my pseudo-resolution to catch up on your stuff, Darwin. As best I can, anyway. It’s not a matter of not wanting to, either, I just put way too much on my plate all the time.

In the meantime, we could always talk shop. I know I’ve got some fun ideas for my own brand of vampires that I never miss an opportunity to blab about when bloodsuckers are brought up. For more info, email or IM me. ;)

Cuenta: (Belated) Hi back! The same to the rest of you.

1/6/2010 #69

Hey, I'm Peter and this looks like a pretty good group to join. I have been interested in writing stories since I was a kid, but now I do it as a more... frequent hobby. since I've started that about two years ago I think I write best whenever I do Sci Fi...

Admittedly I don't read much science fiction, I think that's mainly because I stick close to my favourite authors, who write historical fiction. Yet funnily enough the two have some things in common.

So I get most of my inspiration from films/tv shows/video games which I watch or play. Especially movies as I think every film I go to the cinema to see is science fiction xD.

But I don't do fanfiction, or fanfiction masquerading as original work, I mostly just take general aspects and merge them with my own ideas...

And wow, I sound so damn egotistical right here... Well to even it out I often come to fictionpress thinking I have a good story, then leave it thinking that its crap xD

1/28/2010 #70

Welcome to the forum Peter, I hope you continue to find things interesting here...

It's funny how our favorite authors strongly influence our own writing styles. My influences were Andre Norton, Alan Dean Foster, and Joan Vinge. So I ended up writing Science Fiction primarily and have since slid out into supernatural science fiction and dabbling in some young adult material.

No Fan Fiction? HEE, well that's how I got started, wrote my own little what if story for Predator and next thing I knew I had three of them, plus Gargoyles, plus Dark Angel, and my most recent was a delving into the Underworld Mythos. I haven't worked on any of them in a long time - the inability to market the ideas led me to some dead ends in the process.

AND LOL at your last line. I think we all can have a little bit of ego about our works!

Again welcome, hope you enjoy your stay!

1/31/2010 #71
Zeal of 1200BC

Hi. My name is... Well, it's from something I thought up, but it's long, so just call me Primary. I think of all sorts of things that I usually compile into my main story. I'm currently working on a rewrite, but I haven't worked on it in awhile. My influences were all T.V. shows- Star Trek, Stargate, those programs. I hope this forum isn't completely dead yet, because I want to see if my ideas are really as unique as I believe.

2/16/2010 #72

Hi, I'm KFP! Can I join? I've been lingering around here for awhile and I've kinda wanted to start my own Sci-Fi fic. I figured I'd just hover around here and read some fics and collect some pointers and stuff.

2/16/2010 . Edited 2/16/2010 #73
Anna Cate
Hi, I'm Anna. I'm eighteen and started writing with the typical pre-teen fantasy novel in middle school. I moved away from sci-fi and fantasy for many years, and recently returned to explore all the fun that are monsters, aliens, and technology. Still getting the hang of it again, but I'm having a lot of fun experimenting!
3/12/2010 #74
Any and all are welcome to join! Thanks for dropping me (us) a line! Hope you enjoy your time in the forum!
3/12/2010 #75

I am Timewatch, but there are some who call me... John...

Much like the original poster, I started getting interested in writing around 5th grade, when my dad thought my brother and I were spending too much time running around outside, so he offered to pay us one cent for every word in a story we wrote. In three months it turned into an 80,000 word story. Needless to say, we didn't get paid as much as we'd like. However, we both enjoyed writing, and went on to 100,000 or more words. But of course, my brother went back to whatever it is he does in his free time, so that left me in charge of an epic tale. The trials of junior high left me distracted, but I came back to the 140 page or so long story (in size 12 font, Times New Roman, single spaced). It sucked. So I started re-writing, gave up, and just started the story anew. Then, I realized I didn't have to limit myself to one story at a time. Things just exploded from there, and here I am.

So yea.

3/28/2010 #76

Caanti Numera. That's my real name, btw. I'm not a writer so much as a storyteller. My past is uninteresting, but here's the cliffnotes.

Was born. At 16 quit high school by way of GED. Started college, quit that when I ran out of money. Saving so I can do some more. My eventual aim is to get a Ph.D in something to do with chemistry, and a masters or Ph.D in something to do with politics.

I never really started telling stories. It's always been a part of who I am, although at first is was a shoddy mediocre part. I'm working on it though. One day, I hope to be able to write something that's good enough to sell, not because I want to make money, but because I enjoy writing/storytelling as much or more than I do reading, I want to share that sense of enjoyment, learn to write well enough that people can share in that sense of enjoyment.

That's me in a nutshell.

4/4/2010 . Edited 4/4/2010 #77

Caanti, Timewatch, welcome! New members are always welcome - though it's been a little slow on the board lately!

I will try to get to both of your written works sometime within the next day or so!

Once again, welcome!

4/4/2010 #78
Twisted Skys

Well... This feel a little like doing something stupid but only realizing that it was stupid only when everyone is staring at you. Eh, this is frightening. I'm D.R.M., but mostly people call me Wolf, or Dei.

I'm 16, a sophmore in highschool. I like to read and write (obviously), I feed off music, and enjoy torturing characters with sarcasm and cynism(although the touph part about interweb sarcasm is the pulling it off without making yourself sound a complete a**). I write mostly science fiction or fantasy. Anything that I can build my own world and not have to deal w/ historical fact (ironically enough, I'm better at history than my english class). I enjoy experimentations, and really stretching the boundries of imagination.

I'm a well cultured reader, my bookshelf far too small to accomidate all my books and my room too small to accomidate all my bookshelves. I enjoy books such as the Chronicles of Amber, Anne McCaffrey's books, Andre Norton, C.S. Lewis, and so forth.

I want to publish something someday but feel I need more practice. If you want to give a critice, I would love you forever and of course (my own personal rule, in fact) return the favor. I'd prefer you on read the newset stuff. The older it gets, the worse it becomes. ^^; I hope to be excepted (cynism and all .), and welcomed into the forum.

5/3/2010 #79

Hey, I'm Thornton. I started writing short stories while living as a poor graduate student. It was science by day, science fiction by night. For me, writing is a way to play with all the kooky ideas that would get me laughed right out of lab meetings. (Although secretly, I think all scientists like to daydream about telekinesis and faster-than-light travel.) I spent a little time shopping my stuff around and even sold a story to an e-publisher, but then my dissertation reared its ugly head and forced me into a lengthy hiatus. Now that I'm Dr. Thornton, the muses have returned, but I'm looking for a less isolating experience than just feeding my work into the gaping maw of the publishing industry and hoping something actually makes it through. Hence, FP.

I get a little frustrated with the info dumps and impersonal edge present in a lot of classic sci-fi, so I try my best in my own work to keep things grounded in the characters. Right now, I'm working on my first novel, where I'm trying to tackle a lot of Big Ideas--ethics, religion, philosophy of mind and the nature of self--through a pretty limited group of characters. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure the first few chapters feel like a stale and pretentious rip off of The Matrix, but hey, that's what feedback is for, right?

5/17/2010 #80

Hi, Thornton, and welcome. Nice to see a scientific mind taking a stab at science fiction (it's a sad rarity around here).

Animus piqued my interest, as I have a fascination with the idea of uploading one's consciousness and various other hard sci-fi concepts, though I am ambivalent about it due potentially negative judgment on it/them. I personally can't stand the "science is bad" and "immortality=hubris/abomination against God/nature" ways of thinking. But maybe that's an unfair assumption on my part to think your story has that.

Anyway, welcome again. ;)

5/17/2010 #81

Hello Thornton, I'm in the process of reading Animus, and I must say, If you were charging money for the chapters after the first(which would have to be free for sample purposes), I'd pay. It's really interesting. Anyways, glad to have you here, and keep up the excellent work.

5/18/2010 #82

Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! I always seem to meet the nicest people on the internet...

dreamshell: Personally, I'm all about better living through science. I've tried to write characters in Animus with a variety of opinions on the topic; there are certainly some who feel the whole concept of consciousness transfer is wrong, but there are others who think it's the best thing since sliced bread. I'm doing what I can to portray them all (well, most of them--there is a religious leader-type who's pretty much just a total creep) in a well-rounded way. That being said, I do see some serious social and ethical problems with one corporation holding the monopoly on sales of immortality and it's a view that doubtlessly colors the work. Anyway, sorry if I'm being a windbag, but I hope you'll give the story a chance.

Caanti Numera: Wow, thanks! I'm very flattered. Based on the traffic info I'm getting, it seems like the few folks who are checking out the story aren't making it past the first chapter, which has me worried, but perhaps I just need to be more patient and give them a chance to come back to it later.

5/18/2010 #83

I certainly would have issues with a monopoly on something like that too (iPerson, anyone?), but I definitely lean more towards the "best thing since sliced bread" side. So considering the well-roundedness you purport the story has, I'll endeavor to read it.

5/18/2010 #84

(iPerson, anyone?)


Well, I hope you'll let me know how close to the well-rounded mark you think I've come.

5/18/2010 #85
pen over sword

Hey! We're too sisters. We'll say our names before the description. Our names are Christina and Jennifer

(Christina) I'm the youngest of the two and probably the youngest here. I'm 11. Going to sixth grade in August. I'm the writer. Not many people take me seriously (because I'm so young) so I love anyone who does. I do a lot of my writing now because when I'm older I'm working for the CIA or FBI then hopefully get recruited for the NSA. Or enlist in the armed forces so I might not have much time to write later in life. The one story we have up is written by me and I hope to publish it once it is finished. It is called Guardians and I would love it if you read it and left mesome constructive critisism. Thanks!

P.S.- You're welcome to send me a message and be my friend. Just call me Chris not Christina.

(Jennifer) Same as she said except I'm 15 and I'm the trainee writer. I know it's weird but she's teaching me how to improve my writing. I don't want to work in the same field either. I want to be a director or actor. I'm hoping on being able to publish some story here soon, but if you saw my writing right nowyou would love me for not posting it. You can also message me and be my buddy. But call me Jen not Jennifer.

5/31/2010 #86
Zeal of 1200BC

Welcome to both you! I'll be sure to read Guardians when I get the time. Hopefully we'll be able to swap ideas.

5/31/2010 #87

Welcome, welcome...I'm Darwin, your friendly neighborhood mod and the "owner" of this particular thread.

It's very nice to see the influx of new visitors and writers here!

Don't forget to post your link up in Shameless Plugs, we'll be more than happy to see what it's all about!

5/31/2010 #88

Forsooth, welcome indeed. I have been reminded that this thread even existed.

5/31/2010 #89
pen over sword

Thanks to all of you! And I did put it in shameless plugs.

5/31/2010 #90
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