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Have a story that stretches the boundaries of current Science Fiction? Is it unpredictable and fresh? Do you shy from the neat happy endings that are commonplace in today's fiction? C'mon in, lets share some links and compare notes!
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I would love this to be an open forum...I love to share ideas, Beta stories, and get feedback on stuff I am working on and also for others. I currently collaborate on two stories here on Fictionpress, one with Baditter Bunny Queen a supernatural/horror story called "Common Ground" and another with The Baava Project (formerly Lady of Knight); which is another kinda futuristic/sci-fi/supernatural story, called After the Rain. if you have something you need opinions on, would like to bounce ideas or anything like that post up or PM me and I will be more than happy to help out! Good luck and post lots! Darwin
11/1/2006 #1
Sure I always like collaborating on a potential good story.
11/3/2006 #2
What kind of science fiction do you write?
11/3/2006 #3
Well my current project is a story dealing with time travel. It action/adventure oriented story with plenty of both. Come to think of it thats mostly the kind of sci-fi I do like to write about with plenty of action. Take a look at some of my work an you'll probably see what I'm talking about.
11/4/2006 #4
Mind if I jump in to the fray? Well, Darwin, I know this is has already been touched on at "New Horizons", but since you want this to be a free forum, maybe we could try and throw our ideas into the metaphorical hat. You know, anyone who has some kind of sci-fi-related concept they'd love to see as a story, but maybe don't necessarily have the time to write it themselves or something, they could bring it up here and then maybe someone else will pick it up. Just an idea. ;) As of now, I've only got the one idea I mentioned at NH, so someone else will have to light the torch. --dreamshell--
11/4/2006 #5
Of course you can jump in Dreamshell...I wouldn't ask for an open forum and keep it exclusive! LOL! I'm particular to things such as more down to earth matters in Science fiction. Like I said before I like the idea of having a technology, say Cybernetics, in its infancy...they're viable replacements but things such as transitions from the real to the replacement is VERY obvious. In Forgotten Ties (a story I am currently rewriting in an effort to bring it up to my current writing standards - the thing was begun in wouldn't believe how bad I was at writing back then!) one character has been hiding his own cybernetics from everyone around him for five years. It is blocky, sends feedback through his system, is a constant threat of poisoning his organics, and the only way he can hide it is by carefully chosing what he wears. The twist...he's a cybernetecist as well as a Surgeon for a local hospital. His purpose is to make the technology more human friendly. That is just one idea I had, and it allowed me to put together and extrapolate things we are already seeing in science and technology today. I used things like the research done to splice damaged nerves into a microchip in order to get them to function again. There is a deal in there where someone tries to reprogram the human brain... et cetera. I had a lot of fun with the I am just trying to get it to the point where I can publish it and not have it sound like sclock! LOL! Yes it is that old! That is something I would like to see in other that doesn't always live up to the hype! DArwin
11/4/2006 #6
I had an idea not to long ago that would combine really high tech sci-fi and medieval superstition. A world where robots, nanotechnology and even interstellar travel that has to contend with something like an epedemic of demonic possession. Where you would have excosist preists who were actually androids, high tech screenings were you actuaually see the demon or evil spirit inside the afflicted person etc.. Just an idea, see what you think.
11/4/2006 #7
That's an interesting idea, Apollyion. The question someone writing this kind of thing would have to ask themselves, though, is how to balance the scientific with the superstitious? Assuming the story would be centered in a exclusively human universe, we could rule out the problem of human supernatural beliefs, such as demons, having to co-mingle with alien beliefs as well. So, that would be taken care of. Next, one would have to try to find a way to leave the supernatural forces in a middle plane of the two extremes; give some kind of scientific hypothesis of whatever these forces are, but also show that their abilities and the means of such are clearly beyond human comprehension. Yes, this really sounds like a neat idea. Maybe you should try it out. I mean, the idea of an android exorcist *does* sound pretty great. I mean, the blatant absurdity of it, a machine expelling "spirits" (or some higher being outside of human understanding) really just plays games with your head. Seriously, keep this thing tucked away somewhere for later use. :) Another thing that would be interesting would be to see whether or not there'd be a lot of butting heads between Science and Religion, or (and I think I like this idea better) whether they've meshed into some kind of bizarre hierarchy whose logic-faith duality is evident in the culture of the people. Being that logic and faith are pretty much at opposite ends of the spectrum, it'd be fun to see what oddities a coupling of them creates. --dreamshell--
11/4/2006 #8
Wow, those are both really good ideas! Just so we don't have issues later...and I know this kinda goes without saying: ***All ideas and stories are the property of the poster unless permission is directly given to use them all or in part!!*** Okay legalese over with! Back to our discussion....
11/4/2006 #9
Thanks for your responses and the well recieving of my idea. I've actually been thinking about it further and proposed to create a setting where science and the supernatural have almost completly merged, just as you said. In this world science now completly accepts the existance of the supernatural and have even boiled it down to a sort of science itself. The complete catalog of the different types of demons and their power scope. Going so far as to develop sophsticated computer matrices and programs of how to exactly handle these demonic forces, downloaded into the android excorcists. Of course I also plan to explain why this merging of science and religion happened in the first place. Maybe an extraordinary breal through in technology was a catalyst of some kind of demonic invasion which forced a highly advanced technological world to take extreme notice. I have yet to come up with the event, so ideas concerning this would be greatly recieved.
11/5/2006 #10
That's what I'm talking is amazing what synergy, or just getting the idea out there for hash can do for creativity! That is an amazing idea...kinda Doom'ish...but it sounds like you have a whole lot better framework for your idea! Cataclysmic event huh? HMMM how about the development of a new kind of energy? On the day of making the tech public (or even the run up of the prototype) it has the uncalculated side effect of allowing Demons onto our plane? Just a thought!
11/5/2006 #11
Another idea is maybe since you want this to involve space travel: perhaps the creation of some kind of tech that allows ships to get from one point to another with very little time involved for the journey tore open the fabric of a section of space and allowed a previous barrier between Us and Them to be breached? --dreamshell--
11/5/2006 #12
Hey now liken that idea, sort of like Event Horizon. Have a new kind of quantum space travel tech actually rip open a barrier to hell. After the experience is recorded on the ships logs as difintive proof of the hell's existance, the world at large would have to accept the supernatural's existance. Now that the human race has found a way to journey into hell without actually dying, demon possesion is on the rise.
11/5/2006 #13
...Definitive proof of Hell's existence...? o_O Well...that's not the way *I* would go, but to each his own, I guess. Can't say it's all that speculative, though. If that's what you were going for. Sounds more like..."Chri-Sci-Fi"...
11/5/2006 #14
Ok so what way would "you" go?
11/5/2006 #15
This is just me, mind you, but yeah, like I said, I'd go with a more speculative approach. Having the rip or tear or whatever "definitively" be proven as Hell is a little...well, you lose some of your potential audience, let's say. But if you remain ambiguous, you not only have more of a reader range, you also keep the story more diverse. Think about it, what's more interesting; people unanimously agreeing this portal or whatever *is* Hell (which is frankly unrealistic, all the different belief systems would clash like crazy) or having all these different possibilities of what it could be? Besides, having it just be Hell limits it too much. What's gonna come outta that? Demons, devils, and dead a***. *But*, if you just say it's some strange phenomena, like maybe another dimension, who knows?, you leave things open a lot wider. Now not only can you have demon-LIKE (I stress the 'like' part, at least as far as I would do it) creatures, you can also have all other sorts of paranormal goodness that can happen because of it. Maybe, say, the thing effects people, makes 'em mutate or acquire strange superhuman powers, or both. Maybe it effects each person that comes in contact with it differently, so no one has *any* clue what to expect. Now THAT sounds cool. The focus, I think, would be best pointed at how Science and Religion have to unify to try and understand this thing. So, let's use your android exorcist as an example; there's some sort of supernatural deviant, the religious folk label it a "demon"/"devil" due to its abilities and similar appearance (who knows, maybe this other dimension is somehow created based on people's superstitious beliefs). So, some techno-friendly diocese sends out one of their "exorcists", an android, since it's no biggie if things go awry. The android is sent off to expell the supernatural force from whoever and, by use of technology, is able to channel the thing out of the person. Maybe after that the thing dies or maybe the android can take it back for study. Whatever. My overall point is it's better NOT to be sure what this rip-tear-portal-thing is. Could it be Hell? Sure. But should everyone (and more importantly, WOULD everyone) think it is? No way, Jose. There, that's my two cents. ;) --dreamshell--
11/5/2006 #16
I understand your point and it's valid. However the very positioning of science and religion merging as one would need more to take place than just speculative conjecture. We've theories, hypothesis and the like running rampant today, but you don't see the merging of science and the supernatural. My point is the merging would not have taken place if it was not absolutely sure of the thing they were merging against. Why would science bother to create an android excorcist if it weren't absoluetly sure that it was a demonic presence it was combating.
11/5/2006 #17
Well, because ultimately the "exorcist" thing would really be a religious "theme" of a scientific way of expelling the entity.
11/5/2006 #18
Isaac Lewis
The trouble with the 'scientific supernatural' is it takes away the sense of the numinous from the concept. A fully catalogued, studied, well-known phenomen just doesn't make one shiver, its too real. Think of the difference between being told a violent burglar is in the next room, and a ghost. They're both scary, but the ghost has something more. I'd have computers / robots being gradually dominated by demons, but it takes the protagonists some time to realise exactly what they're dealing with. My idea is of a future world where none of the normally foretold disasters has happened. The human race, (and consumerist civilisation) has survived, has solved all the problems of war, poverty, and disease, and now must cope with the boredom of a postmodern, post-scarcity world. Search for 'Sinset'!
11/6/2006 #19
That is a point there, but remember this is his/her work...if that is the way they want to go, then we should not be knocking it, or even deriding it before seeing how well it might be pulled off. I think it would be an amazing attempt...even catalogued, because setting those groundrules does not tie the creativity down...there could still be quite a bit to play with around the edges. Twists can be found in even the most hackneyed and overused plot device out there...I know I've done it. Don't knock it until you try it. Appolion, I would love to see what you come up with. Darwin
11/8/2006 #20
I'll tuck it away on my list od several stories I want to write. Right now I'm really involved on my current project "The Slip Stream". I had been pouring over this ideanfor months before I actually started writing it. I'm a little over half done and it's coming along very nicely.
11/8/2006 #21
Well, like I said, I was just throwing in my two cents. That's kind of the point, right? We put up ideas for discussion, then we discuss. Anyway, yeah, someone should tinker around with it. ;P Anybody got anything else? Ideas they don't really feel up to doing, but would love to see get written? --dreamshell--
11/9/2006 #22
Got plenty of those.
11/9/2006 #23
Well, then share 'em, if that's your incentive. --dreamshell--
11/9/2006 #24
Well ok heres one. I have been thinking about it for awhile but doubt I will ever get the chance to write it. It's a variation and kind of melding between William Shatner's "Tek War" and the classic "Soylent Green". Heres the basic premise: The year is 2046 A.D. and narcotics of any form shape or quantity are a fading memory.Some years before a group of radical extremists effectively eradictated the world's drugs. They did this by bilogically trageting the plants in which they were derived.Releasing a virulent toxin, harmless to humans and animals, but deadly to specifc types of plantlife such as the Cocoa leaf, m*** and others like them. Within a few months these types of plant life were rendered extinct, and so was the drug trade. In the following years many drug related problems were no longer and an issue, and many saw the extremists as heros. Nowadays many do not even know what the word "narcotic" means let alone ever use one. Miami, Florida...the United States is facing serious economical backlash and possible collapse. A series of seemingly unrelated murders has been sweeping across the nation and a shocking paralell is soon realized, they all seemed to be connected by a strange similiraity reminiscent of past "Drug Hits". A homoicide detective gets embroiled in the events and soon discovers a sinister conspiracy directly connected to the government and the rise of new type of drug. Involving sysntheic glands injected into people that emits highly addictive chemicals. But their is a catch, the gland will not function without the introduction of a special "Catalyst" to jumpstart it. The government has hidden this catalyst in common consumer products and the money their getting from the booming sale of the new drug wil boost the nation's ecomnomical crisis. The detective must find out what the "Catalyst" is and find some way to expose the growing conspiracy before it's to late.
11/10/2006 #25
My current story, Distant Horizons, is a mix of action, drama, mystery, and political intrigue. It's gotta have something you'll like so check it out and let me know what you think. All reviews and criticims welcomed and greatly appreciated. Many thanks C.D. Blades Distant Horizons: Revenge
11/13/2006 #26
Oh yeah dreamshell, no problem with expression of opinions regarding someone's idea. The resonses were getting rather heated and I wanted to be sure that this stayed amiable rather than mudslinging one or both ways. We need to be sure we are respecting each others ideas and be constructive about our replies was all I was trying to get at. Thanks for keeping the thread on the move...its nice to see the numbers on this side!
11/21/2006 #27
My bad if anything seemed to get heated. I was just trying to have some back-and-forth. It is fun to discuss ideas, keep them changing, improving, but, yeah certain civilities should be maintained. But, for the sake of arguement, I think it's only fair that if a person is going to share an idea that they aren't actually interested in writing, they should acknowledge that other people are going to throw in their own interpretations. Just sayin'. :) --dreamshell--
11/22/2006 #28
Elizabeth Stanton
My current project is called the Thirteenth Skull, it is very much a work in progress. It is also my first major literary undertaking. But I've had another idea for a story that I'd like to bounce around. The basic premise would be something like this: It picks up around the year 2060. The major political organizations haven't done enough to save the Earth, and now it is starting to bite back. The polar ice caps have melted and the oceans have taken over lower lying lands, weather is causing massive floods and droughs causing massive famines and spreading disease. A glimmer of hope has arrived via an alien race whom offers aid in the form of technology. They can't fix the planet but they can help us off of it. Humans start leaving Earth in waves and enter Space like they never thought they would. They are soon swept into alien societies and environments were they have to find a ways to adapt. The entire process of leaving Earth takes years. Some of the people on the first wave become scam artists, selling off other humans into slave trades. Another issue would be the overwhelming sense of equality. No human would be superior over anther because nothing from Earth is considered valueable. It is a bit of a rough concept. But let me know what you think. ~ES
11/30/2006 #29
I've been writing "Translation's Legion" stories since last summer. I've completed a prologue which stands on its own as a work. It's something I'm proud of. It's more or less a superhero story. Book 1 is progressing a little slowly. It's more superhero-esque with something like a villain-of-the-week format, and it's based off stories I've been writing since 8th grade. I hope to eventually get to writing a space opera. Haven't thought of a good title yet, but the basic premise is that humans are now scattered across several planets, all of which had to be terraformed to suit human life. The question many humans at this time face is: if all known planets were at one point terraformed, then where the heck did humans originally come from, and why did we leave? When a girl finds a strange, powerful bracelet that suppositely can lead her to the answer, she finds a group to take her across the stars to find the mythical planet known as "Earth." But they are constantly hindered by tyrannic societies, interstellar wars, and strange "sun-beings" who seem attracted the to bracelet and want to destroy the group whenever they can.
12/2/2006 #30
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