Not So Run of the Mill Science Fiction
Have a story that stretches the boundaries of current Science Fiction? Is it unpredictable and fresh? Do you shy from the neat happy endings that are commonplace in today's fiction? C'mon in, lets share some links and compare notes!
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This thread is for you to recommend stories you've read you feel are worth somone elses attention! This can be stories you've read or authors you think need exposure.

I'll start!

The baava project specializes in Young Adult Stories and you'll really love her style. Her stories often combine real social stresses with fantasy settings and sometimes a hint of tech. So swing by and give Kindred Spirits, In Your Honor, or The Seven Gods a Read. You will NOT be disappointed!

10/26/2008 #1

I, Veiser by Weise17;

"Earth is long forgotten. Seven planets rule a technocratic empire on the galaxy's rim. Kerin Veiser, a young Gensman goes on a deadly rite of passage to rule a strange world. Far future epic of interstellar war, sex, politcs, class struggle and adventure!"

A good read with some elements of classic sci-fi lit, most notably influences of Frank Herbert's Dune. Even with its assortment of "seen-'em-befores", the story avoids coming off stale and easily pulls you in. Particularly if you're a fan of vulgar, amoral characters, political scheming, and Roman-esque debauchery, of which I most definitely am. ;)

10/26/2008 #2

...If no-one's forgotten this thread?

I spotted a really good one a while back. Unfortunately it's not finished, as the author is more of a fanfiction author that sci/fi, but the amount that is there is amazing. It's called Ghost, by the.israel.project107

I was also wondering, was it possible for someone on this forum to take a peek at my stories? I find it so hard to get proper feedback on these sites...


2/3/2010 #3

Nope we've not forgotten just not gotten a lot of action lately!! HEE!

Thanks for the advice...why don't you go ahead and post up the link to your story(ies) in the "Shameless Plug" thread...

2/3/2010 #4

Hey, I just read this really good fic and remebered this forum so here's the link

It has only gotten two reviews but I think it should get more =)

1/14/2011 #5
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