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Well I've been meaning to put this up here, and have been hashing out how I would like this to work. But I think it is a great idea to have a Beta reader, a reader who will read, correct, and critique a piece of work.

That being said I would like to open a forum for people both willing to be Beta Readers and those who would desire to get their stories beta'd.

The groundrules:

1) If you are interested in getting your work Beta'd please post your desire here, which story you're looking to get a critique for, what genre it is, and what you are looking for for the polishing.

2) If you are interested in betaing a listed story, contact that writer directly informing him or her of your desire to help.

3) All Beta work should be between the writer and the beta directly. Do not post your critiques here, do not post your chapters here. This is a private function between you and your beta.

4) Beta's volunteering for this are agreeing to keep their writer's work private, and are not authorized to share it on other forums, with other beta's or any other public place. Copyright laws apply. Any reproduction or posting must be done with the permission of the original writer.

5) Writer's agree that they are willing to recieve an HONEST critque of their work, and will take the comments and corrections given as they are intended, one person's opinion, and an effort to help improve the work.

6) exchanges of stories will involve being willing to send your story/chapter/poem via email or other electronic means.

That being said, I know there are a lot of good authors out there who are willing to pass on their knowledge, and I know there are a lot of writers out there who are looking for ways to improve their writing!

Enjoy the service!

12/1/2008 #1
Typing Typhoon

Hello, my name is Typing Typhoon. I would like to become a regular here. I enjoy reading the many fics here on site, I also enjoy BETAing. I concentrate mainly on plot and scene description, the two biggest factors in the success of a story (of course, grammar is important too). I have no problem editing for grammar though as I have experienced some trial and error with grammar in my own fics and have no problem shedding some light there as well.

Here's my Beta Reader profile:

6/10/2010 . Edited 6/11/2010 #2
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