Scramble for Africa RP
It is the 1898, and the Westernized powers have conquered much of Africa. As a result, only four African nations are left. Can they halt the Westernized invasion? Or will they too fall?
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S.Silver 360

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Name: Conrad Diederich

Age: 35

Allegiance: Holy Roman Empire

Appearance: Golden curly hair which reaches his neck. His blue eyes look intimidating to those who stare into them. He wears Golden imperial garbs with the twin headed eagle on the back of a long red cape.

Personality: Cunning and cold, believes that the German R*** should rule the world. A strong believer in absolute monarchy.

History: Once Arch duke of east Prussia, Conrad clawed his way to the top after being elected Holy Roman Emperor upon the previous emperors death. He rules more dictatorially than any emperor before him by seizing every throne in the empire making him the king of every province in addition to his title as emperor.

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S.Silver 360

Name: Tupac kaCetshwayo

Age: 16

Allegiance: Zulu Empire

Appearance: Tupac is bald. He has a necklance made out of lion's teeth and wear a toga made out of a lion's skin. Much of his body is painted with yellow and red lines.

Personality: Tupac is the King of the Zulu Empire. He believes that power should be exercised through the military. He also believes that in order for the Zulu Empire to compete in the world, they must modernize.

History: Born in 1883, Tupac is the youngest son of Cetshwayo kaMpande. Having been raised by his brother Dinuzulu, he saw the horrible consequences of his brother's rule, mainly losing a large amount of land to Boer mercenaries for fought for Dinuzulu. Then, in 1896, Tupac deposed Dinuzulu and regained the land and created a new empire for the Zulu.

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S.Silver 360

Name: Tokugawa Himawari (in English, she would be addressed as "Himawari Tokugawa")

Age: 17

Allegiance: Japanese Empire?

Appearance: Long black hair down to the shoulders. She wear a red kimono with a pale yellow obi(sash) tied at the back.

Personality: Himawari is a kind sweet girl, who seems frail. She is a princess of the Japanese Empire.

History: Born in 1881, Himawari is the Eighth Princess of the Japanese Empire. After Madagascar was conquered in 1893, she was placed as its first viceroy. During a recent battle with the Zulu Empire, Himawari was captured and is staying with Tupac at the capital.

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Name: Robert Wells-Diederich

Age: 15

Allegiance: English Empire

Appearance: Short and messy blondie hair , his eyes are brown and welcoming and friendly. He wears a bright red coat and black knee high boots.

Personality: Intellegent but warm, he believes that the ruler of a kingdom should be fair to all people.

History: He is the 3rd cousin of Conrad and King of the English empire. After the previous monarch in England fell their was a brief civil war to see who would take power. Robert Wells-Diederich was a duke in the empire at the time and had a right to the throne. Conrad jumped at the chance of seeing German power expand and supplied Robert with troops and resources which eventually allowed him to take London and claim the throne. Following Conrad's advice he dissolved the Parliament and reestablished control under the crown.

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S.Silver 360

Name: Tokugawa Hirohito

Age: 50

Allegiance: Japanese Empire

Appearance: Short black hair. Black kimono with a gray, black, and white striped hakama skirt and a black haori with the Tokugawa family crest on the left chest.

Personality: Uncaring, cruel, not afraid to use his closest friends and family as tools. Hirohito is the 122nd Emperor of Japan.

History: Born in 1848, Hirohito gained his control of the Tokugawa shogunate in a family power struggle. He then established the Japanese Empire with himself as the Emperor as his family as the dynasty rulers.

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S.Silver 360

Name: Thomas Britannia

Age: 36

Allegiance: Britannian Empire

Appearance: Thomas has blonde hair and purple eyes. He wear purple regal clothing and a purple crown.

Personality: Thomas is an Imperialist. He believes that Africa, Asia, and to a lesser extent South America are ripe for conquest by Britannia. He also believes in mercantilism, using it to make Britannia the wealthiest nation in the Americas.

History: Born in 1862, Thomas is the 95th Emperor of Britannia. He rose to power killing off all family members except for the family he started.

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Name: Melvin Quirinus

Age: 22

Allegiance: Britannian Empire

Appearance: Melvin has short green hair, pale grey eyes and an elegant build. He wears the usual outfit for a Knight of Rounds

Personality: Believes in the Britannian policy of expansion and is loyal like a dog to Britannia. He is usually a caring person who isn't sensitive when people criticize him. However he takes criticism against Britannia and it's emperor very offensively.

History: Melvin was a commander in Thomas' rise to power. For his loyalty and service he was appointed to the position of Knight of Three. His life long goal is to become the Knight of One, a position which he thinks he could use to best serve the empire.

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Irish toaster

Name: Richard Farley

Age: 24

Allegiance: British Empire

Appearance: Short black hair with a thin fashionable mustache.

Personality: Richard fights for his Empire to further the quality of life for his majestys subjects and make the world british in britains image. He is a kind man to both friend and foe. He is sharp, cheeky at times and has immpresive intellect for an army seargeant.

History: Richard was born in Devon to moderately wealty parents. He joined the army for his country.

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