Scramble for Africa RP
It is the 1898, and the Westernized powers have conquered much of Africa. As a result, only four African nations are left. Can they halt the Westernized invasion? Or will they too fall?
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S.Silver 360
It is the year 1898 AD, and the Westernized powers have conquered much of Africa. As a result, only four African nations are left. Can they halt the Westernized invasion? Or will they too fall?
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-Königsberg, Germany, Capital of the Holy Roman Empire-

"Now announcing his highness" A German soldier said as he entered a room full of nobles

"Arch Duke of East Prussia, King of Prussia, King of Germany, King of Italy, King of Poland, King of Austria, King of the Czechs, King of the Slovaks, King of Bosnia, King of Croatia, King of the Slovenis, King of Switzerland and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire" The Soldier said his voice showing fatigue from saying all of these titles. "His Highness Diederich"

Conrad walked down the path way while all of the nobles gave semi angry glances when he was not looking. He simply reached his Golden throne and sat upon it with a smile on his face.

"He is a dictator.." A Noble whispered in the crowd "Taking all of those damn titles..."

"Hold your tounge or you may be killed" Another noble whispered back

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"Nobility of the Holy Roman Empire" Conrad said "As your Emperor I am proud to congratulate our partner Robert Well-Diederich. For years we have been in conflict with the English Empire but now that is brought to the end as a man with blood of the fatherland ascends to the throne."

"Our empires shall be two hands of the same body and that body will be the German R***" Conrad said "If you strike the English Empire, the Holy Roman Empire will strike back, if you strike Holy Roman Empire, The English will strike back and if you strike the both of them they will attack at the same time. The time is at hand, with the English now on our side we have eliminated almost all opposition to German rule in Europe."

"We must look to Africa, Asia and South America for new land, it is the right of a stronger nation to take more space as it's population requires it." Conrad said

"We don't own Europe just yet!" A Noble said

"You raise a good point" Conrad answered "But Rome was not built overnight. It takes time, due process and a strong will, our people lack none of the three."

"All Hail the Holy Roman Empire" Conrad threw his fist in the air "All Hail the English Empire, All Hail the German R***."

The Nobles echoed his cheer, some out of pride and some out of fear.

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S.Silver 360


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(Did you read Conrads speech..LOL

Anyway where is your captial?)

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S.Silver 360

-Harare, Zulu Empire-

"What are you going to do to me?" asked Himawari as Tupac entered her room.

"Nothing you'd think I'd do." said Tupac.

"But, you're of a savage race." said Himawari.

"The same could be said of your people." said Tupac.

"My people are civilized." said Hima.

"And mine aren't?" asked Tupac. "You need to have a better understanding of my people. Hopefully when you're no longer a hostage you'll have a better understanding."

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S.Silver 360

(FM, it's 1898, no royal jet here lol)

12/8/2008 #9

(Then how is he supposed to get there....walk?)

12/8/2008 #10
S.Silver 360

(By ship.....)

12/8/2008 #11

(Very well but then I have to check if there are any water ways and that will take.....a while)

12/8/2008 #12
S.Silver 360

(We could always warp reality and throw in knightmares but we should stick to the seventh generation, meaning no float system, they can can carried in airships)

12/8/2008 #13

(Got it, no need to bend time and space :) )

A steam train from South Africa arrived in Harare, the Union Jack waved in full glory above it. Signaling the presence of the emperor. Robert stepped off the train. He then went into one of the jeeps that was awaiting him, stepping inside he gave the signal to go. A brigade of jeeps containing armed soldiers followed in his wake. He needed to meet the king, but he wouldn't go without guards.

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S.Silver 360

-Harare Palace-

"My father will find out about this and conquer your land." said Himawari. Tupac was debating whether to slap Himawari when a servant entered the room.

"Sir, we have report of Emperor Diedrich of England is coming here....with soldiers." said the servant.

"Assemble the Royal Guard." said Tupac before turning to Himawari. "I'll deal with you later, Himawari-hime."

12/8/2008 #15

The English soldiers stopped about 576 feet from the Palace and raised there Springfield Rifle's and set up some Cannon's. Robert raised his right hand and an elite group of soldiers surrounded him completely. He started to walk towards the palace with his elite guards completely encircling him. His basic grunts held their positions and weapons but gave no indication they would fire.

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S.Silver 360

"State your presence." demanded Tupac unfazed by Robert's forces as some of his Royal Guards arrived behind him armed with rifles and pistols.

12/8/2008 #17

"I wish to talk" Robert said as he moved his left arm indicating for his elite soldiers to move to either side of him

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S.Silver 360

"More like threaten." said Tupac. "But go ahead."

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"Threats....don't be so brash" Robert said "I only bring a show of force so I can make it clear if you were to kill me, that you would be ruined as well."

"My agreement is quite simple" Robert continued "I am here to sign a nonagression pact with you."

"The terms are that none of us will attack the others in a war" Robert said "Until the date expires, in this land we do not wish to pick fights with everyone at once. The Holy Roman Emperor Conrad Diederich has already signed on."

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S.Silver 360

"What is the date?" asked Tupac.

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"The date it expires is about a year or so from now" Robert said "Unless we can agree on an extension of it later on."

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S.Silver 360

"I'd prefer an extension before joining." said Tupac.

12/9/2008 #24

"How long and for what reason?" Robert asked

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S.Silver 360

"I'd say to about three years." said Tupac. "To further the alliance."

12/9/2008 #26

"Ah, so you want a full alliance do you?" Robert said "A nonaggression pact is far from that, it is simply an agreement we won't tear each others heads off for a certain amount of time."

"In that case I would need the assistance of the Holy Roman Emperor" Robert said "It would take a while to convince him to agree to an alliance with you....I am all for it by the way. So I suggest we stick to the original pact and develop it later."

"Normally I would need all parties including him to be here for an extension" Robert said "But seeing as the defender of the western world. Gave me express power and said to do whatever it takes. I can O.K. it without him."

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S.Silver 360

"I see." said Tupac.

12/9/2008 #28

"Now are you ready to sign on to the pact?" Robert said

"Afterwards I would prefer to move into your palace so we can discuss...things" Robert said

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S.Silver 360

Tupac then signed the pact in his name.

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