Scramble for Africa RP
It is the 1898, and the Westernized powers have conquered much of Africa. As a result, only four African nations are left. Can they halt the Westernized invasion? Or will they too fall?
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"Japan has a strong will you compete with that" Robert challanged

12/9/2008 #61
S.Silver 360

"That is hopefully where you come in." said Tupac.

12/9/2008 #62

"So you wish to use the Royal Navy, the most powerful Navy in Europe" Robert laughed "I would hate to see the J*** expand any further on the globe so I may help you there."

12/9/2008 #63
S.Silver 360

"Good." said Tupac. "If I'm not wrong, you can try your luck and gain some land in Indochina."

12/9/2008 #64

"That is what I intend to do..." Robert said "Strike from Burma and Malaysia while they are distracted."

"Conrad could probably gain some land from them in eastern Europe." Robert pondered

12/9/2008 . Edited 12/9/2008 #65
S.Silver 360

"And I can get Madagascar." said Tupac.

12/9/2008 #66

"Of course" Robert nodded "It is a matter of mutual gain, my empire may be able to have as much land as it did before we lost our American Colonies."

12/9/2008 #67
S.Silver 360

"I believe Britannia has a protectorate in the west coast of Africa, I am right?" asked Tupac.

12/9/2008 #68

"Yes but I would go so far as to call them Britannia" Robert said "For years our own Empire has held that title and these fools don't deserve it they are simply Americans in the eyes of us Englishmen."

12/9/2008 #69
S.Silver 360

"There must be an interesting history between the two empires." said Tupac.

12/9/2008 #70

"It's too bitter to get into right now" Robert said as his face took on a look of distaste

12/9/2008 #71
S.Silver 360

"Shouldn't you be going back to England?" asked Tupac.

12/9/2008 #72

"I delegated my authority to the Arch Duke of England until I return" Robert said "I will be heading back soon."

12/9/2008 #73
S.Silver 360

"Okay." said Tupac. "Would you like to meet the Japanese Princess?"

12/9/2008 #74

"I would love to.." Robert said

12/9/2008 #75
S.Silver 360

Tupac then raised his hands and clapped them twice. "Bring the Princess." he commanded. The small group of guards brought Himawari who was cuffed at the hands and ankles. She was then brought next to Robert. "Like what you see?" asked Tupac.

12/9/2008 #76

"I honestly do" Robert smirked "Someone from the j*** royal family, all helpless and what not."

12/9/2008 #77
S.Silver 360

"You people are all barbarians." said Himawari.

"Really now Himawari?" Tupac smirked.

12/9/2008 #78

"I am English" Robert said "So I take such a term very offensively. You J*** are honestly too prideful for your own good."

12/9/2008 #79
S.Silver 360

Himawari lunged to attack Robert, but Tupac pulled on her hair.

"You really need to learn to behave in a situation like this." said Tupac

"Do not touch my hair!!!!" Himawari turned to attack Tupac, but Tupac pinned her head to the table with one hand.

12/9/2008 #80

"You really are soft in the head, now aren't you" Robert said "The smartest option would be to quit your pointless posturing and simply comply so my previous statement is correct."

12/9/2008 #81
S.Silver 360

"My father will know about this." she yelled as tears streamed down her face. "And he will kill you all!!!"

"Damn it, shut up." said Tupac as he slapped her. He then raised his hand to do it again. "You know what? I can't mess up that face. We might have some fun tonight." Tupac then laughed, then stopped before it sounded maniacal or diabolical

"YOU WOULDN'T DARE!" she yelled.

"I would." said Tupac. "And if you keep this up, this gentleman might join." Tupac said referring to Robert.

12/9/2008 #82

"I just might if you don't stop acting like your brain fell out" Robert said

"Like your father scares me" Robert laughed "An Englishmen never backs down from a fight and the better man always wins."

12/9/2008 #83
S.Silver 360

"That better man is my father." said Himawari. "You two are just vile, disgusting, r***."

"You're begging for it." said Tupac as tied a piece of cloth to her mouth.

12/9/2008 #84

"A J** who would put his own family on the cutting board for his own sake, the better man?" Robert laughed "You do have a good sense of humor"

12/9/2008 #85
S.Silver 360

"My father would not do such a thing." said Himawari now sobbing.

"But, you're crying." Tupac smirked. "I'm guessing Robert here is right, Hima."

"SHUT UP!!!!" said Himawari. "I will be addressed as Himawari-hime."

"Well, Hima. I am the ruler here, and I will addressed you as I please." Tupac then brought Himawari's face to his and kissed her. Himawari sobbed even more.

12/9/2008 #86

"My Lord" An English Soldier said as he came into the room

"What is it?" Robert asked

"The Holy Roman Emperor has sent us a telegram" The Soldier said as he handed Robert a peice of paper

"Oh, So he has taken the inititive" Robert smirked "Already he moves his army to the borders to advance upon Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic states."

"Inform Conrad that he has my blessing and Order the French 1st, French 5th, British 8th and Spanish 3rd armies to aid his offensive." Robert said "Also Inform the African Royal Navy I will need them nearby and tell the Duke of England I will be staying here longer than anticipated."

"Yes My Lord" The Soldier ran from the room after he wrote down the message

"So it appears that we have started already." Robert said

(Here is the world map....I had to look for it so I took longer to post:

12/9/2008 . Edited 12/9/2008 #87
S.Silver 360

"Look at that Hima, your father's demise has begun." Tupac smirked as Hima screamed.

12/9/2008 #88
S.Silver 360

-Helsinki, Finland, Japanese Empire-

"So the Holy Roman Empire wants a fight?" said Governor of Finland Akita Nishiki. "Well, let's see then witness the power of the Japanese Empire." Then a swarm of samurai and mounted bowmen. made their way southward.

12/9/2008 #89

"After this..Finland will be the next to fall" Robert said "Then we will push Japanese forces behind the Ural Mountains thus securing European Russia. The J*** can have Siberia, it is little more than a Ice desert anyway. After Europe has been secured the Turks will fall to a Coalition of Holy Roman Soldiers from the North and English troops from the South through the Commonwealths of Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Jordon. After the fall of Istanbul in turkey, claiming Arabia and Persia from what is left of the Ottoman army will be child's play. After the conquest of Persia the English Empire will be able to link up with Afghanistan and the Raj allowing the English army to harass the Japanese for control of Central, eastern Asia and what we do not possess in Indo-China."

"While we are fighting in Asia, Tupac will be allowed to conquer most of Central Africa." Robert said "While Conrad Secures their homelands in Europe the Colonists will have to divide their army which would allow for an easy conquest."

"Do you want to know what comes next?" Robert said "In my tail of your demise"

12/9/2008 . Edited 12/9/2008 #90
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