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what is your fave. horror movie?
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what's your favorite horror movie? what's the scariest movie you have ever seen?
11/1/2006 #1
The original Halloween. It still scares me...
11/3/2006 #2
BabyPop Massacre
The Birds,the original one,actually was the first movie to really scare me. And I love birds!
11/7/2006 #3
Genesis Rose
I have to agree that The Birds was pretty scary, even though we watched it in school and everyone was laughing at the different style of acting and stuff like that... If I had watched it alone, I would have had some pretty serious issues with falling asleep. Somebody get the sleeping pills!
11/11/2006 #4
The Ghost Drowned
Hmm... personally, I thought Silent Hill was a really good movie, right there alongside of Gothika and Amityville Horror. Though I'm not sure if Gothika was classified horror. Excellent suspense and pretty well-built characters, all three.
11/12/2006 #5
Mine, will be "IT" from Stephen King's IT, I can watch any scary movie except for that one without being scare like six months...
11/14/2006 #6
Nothing beats the original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD!!!!
11/21/2006 #7
The Birds was okay...to old for me though. Silent Hill Was pretty awesome, even though it did leave out Samiel (SP?). Gothika was a psychological thriller. Ammityville was s***, both the new and old one. I fail to see though how Hostel was called a horror, nothing supernatural or anything going down, just some random p*** scenes and sadistic torture. No zombie movie has had me scared, except for maybe a couple of scenes in Land of the Dead. The most scariest movie for me though has to be 'The Craft'. That movie realy creeped me out, mademe scared of goth chicks...
11/22/2006 #8
Elvis Presley Lives
Psycho. I don't care what anyone says, that movie was freaky. GREAT, but freaky. Danny Elfman (corpse bide) and Rob Zombie (do I really have to tell you) both worked on the soundtrack. You can't compete with it.
12/7/2006 #9
I don't really have a favorite,but,you HAVE to admit,the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies are good,if not great,especially considering the fact that the character Leatherface is inspired by the killer Ed Gein,which gives it more creepiness, in fact, that whole series could be said to have been based on him,especially what with the whole,chop your face off and wear it thing,yes,somehow,someone got the idea to kill people and do that.Anyway,no horror movie is really scarey when you think about it,but,I have to say that now a days,they're all absolute s***.The remake of TTCM in '03 is good,but really,none of the new s*** is even close to scarey.Saw? PLEASE,of course if someone was put into that position they'd do anythin' to get out of it.Hostel,s***,and Reaper,while true,nothin' supernatural or anything goin' on,but that doesn't make horror,I mean, I could pull supernatural ideas out of my a**,that don't make it scarey,so yeah,no new horror movie now days can even make me flinch,most of the time I find myself laughing,the genre is too watered down.We need some real horror movies to come out soon,all this new stuff is crap,me N' anyone who watches them just laugh our a*** off at it,it's that s***.Anyway,this is gettin' long,N' kinda' off topic,so,I'll end it here.
12/8/2006 #10
Love Kills Slowly
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is really the only horror movie the actually scares me..the orginial, anyway. I love it.
12/19/2006 #11
The original is f*** awesome...........
12/20/2006 #12
no cussing
12/22/2006 #13
I liked the texas chainsaw massacre too, but kill me if I say I like the newer one; kill me if I say I like alot of the newer movies seeing as how I am going to be working on a script for a scary movie called Daemon's House. There are alot of movies that are bad though.
12/31/2006 #14
The Haunting scared me bad when I was first saw it. of course, i was kinda little. now when i watchi i get the chills.lol. i had trouble sleeping for months after i watched that movie. Ah, the Birds. i watched that last year in english. wut happens in the end? i forget. ah well. ooh, texas chainsaw massacre? never seen it and don't want to. i can't bear to watch any torture flics. they just make me go crazy. i've seen Rest Stop. very scary movie, i think. heh.
1/13/2007 #15
I guess what I liked the most about Texas Chainsaw Massacre is that it happened for real. That really grabs my attention because it's hard to believe stuff like that can happen.
1/14/2007 #16
Elohel Jaykay
I prefer ghost stories...when you're up against something that you can't physically 'kill', it just makes the movie absolutely chilling. ...to me, anyway... I like 'The Ring'. =) **it scared the beejesus out of me. ._.** Blood'n'Gore movies usually aren't my thing...but Saw was a good Thriller... Oh, and I must say: 'The Decent' was the scariest effin' movie I've ever seen. O_O I screamed. Twice.
1/15/2007 #17
I've never seen "The Decent" before but I'll look into it. Movies with demons usually do it for me. Gore scares me too, but it's not all I want.
1/15/2007 #18
The Descent is really good. Great gore, good atmosphere, and a lot of jump scares. The ending SUCKS though! For recent horror movies, I loved "Feast". Feast was really good. it was completely cheesy and over-the-top, but great. I also love newer Japanese horror movies. Battle Royale and Suicide Club are my favorites.
1/16/2007 #19
Japenese movies are good. The first one I've ever seen was "Missed Call" It was good.
1/16/2007 #20
Elohel Jaykay
Missed Call!!! XD I know that one. Red Shoes (or something or other) was pretty intense...haha, their legs just like, snapped off! *cough* Yeah. :)
1/16/2007 #21
Their legs just snapped off? Weird....
1/16/2007 #22
Elohel Jaykay
Korean horror- it's always pretty weird. =P
1/16/2007 #23
Korean horror? Now that's something I have never heard of.
1/16/2007 #24
Elohel Jaykay
It's intense. XD I'm preeetty sure "Missed Call" was Korean...maybe Japanese, but I think Korean. I recomend seeing one- they're quite interesting. =P
1/16/2007 #25
I'd probably never be able to get a hold of movies not in America, nonetheless understand if it's not in english.
1/17/2007 #26
Elohel Jaykay
You can pick them up at the nearest Blockbuster. =P (just gotta look for the other foreign horror). ...the subtitles part IS a little annoying, though.
1/17/2007 #27
You won't find them at Blockbuster. You may be able to get them at Blockbuster Online, they have a much better selection than the standard stores. Korean horror...another good one of those is "A Tale of Two Sisters". I think it was Korean.
1/21/2007 #28
as beauty dies
"A Tale of Two Sisters" is a Korean horror movie, it is based on a folk-talk relatively similar to "Cinderella"; "One Missed Call" is Japanese, I believe. XD;; I haven't seen the latter in AGES. "A Tale..." I consider more tragedy than anything, but that is just me. :/ "Ringu" and the TV!movie of "Ju-On" get me better than any movies I have really seen; any good Asian Extreme Horror movie gets me, to be honest. I also tentatively say that "Halloween" is one of the few movies that scare me still; "Hostel" creeps me because of certain scenes, too. I love Romero, and "Shaun of the Dead" had its moments. EDIT- How can I can I not mention "The Descent"? :P Silly me; THAT, out of most of the recent horror movies that come to mind, had me completely numb by the time it ended--I loved it and I still do. - Noelle
2/25/2007 . Edited 2/27/2007 #29
Dexter Strange
Dawn of the dead that movie freeks me out!
4/10/2007 #30
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