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Graveside Rose

The previous person gives a word or an idea and then you will write a story based on it. Word count can be unlimited but be creative. Once you have finished your story, you give the next person a word or idea and the cycle continues.

10/6/2010 #1
Graveside Rose

First idea is:

Child of the future.

10/6/2010 #2
Graveside Rose

(This is Ellie... or Bob...whatevs)

Walking through the isles, clipboard in hand, the aging man slowly peered into each cell, leaving a small mark of affirmation after each pause.

Following on his heels a young man, barely out of his years of puppy fat and endless questions, took careful notes on each subject. Sometimes he would merely grunt and scribble a few lines, but others he would linger for a few moments more, carefully cataloging every detail.

The subjects themselves were varied in the widest possible array, ranging from rabid and mindless, to fearfully quivering in a corner, some were even staring apathetically into space with their minds completely lost to the senses. Some were young, the only thing they have ever known the cells they were born into, others old and world wary, seeing too injustices in their lifetime.

All were important, the failures all that more critical to the final product, the final chain of evolution for the human race. The 'Child of the Future', the final experiment. The final cell.

(Bah that's terrible.... -.- )

10/6/2010 . Edited 10/6/2010 #3
Graveside Rose


New Idea, 'The final straw'

10/6/2010 #4
Graveside Rose

Calab stood in line at McDonald's. If it wasn't for his extreme thirst he wouldn't have even bothered. It was far too busy today, too many people around to steal his air. He really hated being in line ups. Something about the way everyone shuffled and stood far too close. But what he really hated was when people didn't understand the line rules. With fast food restaurants there was an unspoken rule and that as, one giant line and you move off when 'next' as called for. But apparently some people didn't know this rule.

Now, he refused to admit that his twenty minute wait in line was getting to him. No, it wasn't the wait that was getting to him, but the over weight man in front of him who seemed to take 'silent but deadly' to a hole knew level. It was because of this man that Calab was now more thirsty then a tree in a dry summer. This man seemed to change his mind on his order every ten seconds. Now if others in this store understood the line rules then Calab would have been out of here already!

Finally, it was his turn. After a thirty minute wait, Calab stepped up to the counter and made his order of a large coke. He couldn't wait for that cold liquid to move down his throat and clench that thirst in him. "Thank you." He breathed when he finally got his drink. He went over to the straw dispenser, only to find himself behind that over weight man once again. He groaned inwardly and waited. At least the man only took a short time getting his napkins and straws.

Calab walked up and put his hand out for the straw. He found non. He frowned and pressed down on the dispenser and still nothing came out. He growled in his throat and looked around to find anymore of these straw givers. There was none. That fat man who had made him give up a good half hour of his life had taken the final straw in the dispenser.

Calab frowned at him as he left the store.


New: Pink Jelly Beans.

10/7/2010 #5
Bob Da Peach

"You put them all together and what have you got~!?"

"Seriously Noah, you need to sit down for a minute, You've been going non-stop since we got here" Alex chuckled as she walked down the dusty road, listening to her cousin sing.

"What are you even on anyway?" She asked slightly bemused as the other decided to do a piruette mid stride.

Stopping to shove a large paint tin in her face, Noah gave a huge grin before twirling away once again.

"It's the pink ones!" He cried, before leaning in to whisper into her ear, "They make you go buzzzzzz!"

"Is that the jelly beans they gave us when we bought that paint last week?" Alex asked with a raised eyebrow.

"The one and only!" Noah cried, before prancing down the street once again.

8/6/2011 #6
Bob Da Peach

Prompt: This one time in Disney Land

11/5/2011 #7
Graveside Rose

"You are no longer my hero." A small boy of eight spoke. He looked down at his fallen ice-cream, then back up at the over sized mouse. "You ruined my dreams."

And that was how a single falled Ice-cream, a young boy and a man in a Mickey Mouse costume created a broken dream. Only in Disney Land.

Prompt: Corn

11/5/2011 #8
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