Brain Dead
I seem to have trouble finishing stories... I get brain dead or hooked on another plot or idea. I'm sure I can't be the only to whom this happens to. Post your problems here and maybe we can help motivate each other.
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My Brighter Darkness
I don't do it on purpose, but reading back on my stuff I notice that I tend to give certian characters some of my many quirks. Such as OCD what kind of food they like, how they talk, what they wear. Is this bad?
4/11/2007 #1
I also have a habit of giving my character some quirks of mine and my family/friends. I think it's natural to give characters traits you're use to. Just don't let the character become you.
5/2/2007 #2
I agree. I dont exactly write myself into my storiez but I have a tendancy 2 give a couple characterz similar characteristicz sometimez... I don't think it'z bad... yet again, I don't really think about anything. I also have a story I type up whenever I'm bored. It'z kinda liek a journal 4 mee only mixes real life with my favorite TV showz and video gamez.
5/29/2007 #3
Kaida Shade
It's not an uncommon habit. My personality is spread over 4 or 5 characters in my story, little quirks or traits that I have that they exibit. It can make things more realistic, because you know those characteristics exist in real people. oh, and BeastBoyRox, your grammar makes Kaida angry.
3/21/2008 #4
Underground Insanity

The grammar not only frustrates Kaida, but it frustrates Underground also. Underground can practically feel her mind shrinking just looking at the Zs where the Ss should be.

6/17/2009 #5

I once heard that each and every character you make shares something in common with you. It may not seem true, but see if you can find what it is. For example, a writter's desire to have a carefree life can result in many interesting characters, like say, a rebel who doesn't care about anything, or an idiot who doesn't care about the consiquences. I think at least one trait in a character can be traced (however long and streinous that path may be) back to it's author. So, I'm not saying every character is exactly like you, or that you have some multiple personality disorder, but they characters you make are just that: your characters.

11/5/2010 #6
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