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You must post your characters' "rap sheets" before you may begin role-playing with them.

Name (Family):



Rank/Occupation (Civilian, Boss, Under Boss, Consigliere, Caporegime, Soldier, Associate):

Physical description:

Personality & Background:


12/29/2008 #1

Name (Family): Don Giovanni Castellano

Age: 64

Sex: male

Rank/Occupation (Civilian, Boss, Under Boss, Consigliere, Caporegime, Soldier, Associate): Boss

Physical description: Stands just under 6’0” but with a broad build that makes him appear much larger. He has the look of a warrior slightly gone to seed with leathery skin and thick but graying hair. His dark almost colorless brown eyes are still as fierce as ever though, and when he speaks, no matter how quietly, every man listens.

Personality & Background: Giovanni Castellano was born in the small town of Corleone, Palermo on the island of Sicily. His parents sent he and his two brothers to the U.S. when he was nine to find work. It would be several months before they received any word from home, only to discover that their father had been killed by the local mob boss when he refused to pay the Don back for their passage. While his two brothers quickly got involved in the Five Points Gang, they attempted to keep their younger brother out of it but Giovanni, quicker and more clever than both of them combined, learned enough of the trade just by watching. When he was fifteen his eldest brother was killed and Giovanni swore his revenge, not by the shedding of blood, but a slow sweet revenge--success. He joined the Gang and rose quickly through the ranks, becoming an especial favorite of John Torrio. It was this same Torrio who later sent for both he and Capone to assist him in Chicago. From that Giovanni built his empire, putting a finger in every pie from gambling to prostitution to politics. Now in his later years he’s struggling to keep this empire intact while at the same time preparing his sons to take over the “Family Business”. Giovanni is a brilliant and brutal businessman, though he puts a little too much trust in the loyalty of “old friends”

Notes: FYI 'Don' is a title, not a name.

12/29/2008 . Edited 12/29/2008 #2

Name (Family): Don Giuseppi Russo

Age: 59

Sex: Male

Rank/Occupation: Boss

Physical description: Seppi (as he's called by the rest of the family) is a stout old man with a full head of pepper-gray hair, heavy black eyebrows, and olive skin that seems to get darker with every passing year. His bottom lip is twice the size of its upper counterpart, and the only trace of skin on the lower half of his face that doesn't have the consistant five-o'clock shaddow. He isn't tall, but very thick with large hands and broad shoulders. His suits are always a little wrinkled, and slightly loose on him.

Personality & Background: Giuseppi was born in Sicily, the second of five kids. His father was active in a Cosa Nostra there, and his older brother was killed 'in the service'- a proud point for the Russo family. Seppi worked with his father in 'the family business' up until he was nineteen years old, when he boarded a ship that took him to the United States. Here, he stayed on with an Italian-American family who gave him room and board in for his help in their restaurant. This family- the Casati family- happened to have a pretty, brown-eyed daughter named Dolores, who was sixteen when Seppi first arrived. As often happens in such situations, the two of them fell in love and Mr. Casati promised that if Seppi proved that he could support a wife and family, he could marry Dolores. Seppi used his hard-learned skills in returning to 'the family business' in New York City and two years later, he and Dolores were married. They moved to Chicago several years later when an "accident" occured, killing three of Dolores's adult cousins, who'd been helping out in Seppi's 'family business'. When two of Giuseppi's younger brothers moved to America, they also brought their families t Chicago where the family business continues to grow....

Notes: He thoroughly enjoys being the Grandpa to all of his little grandchildren and grand nieces and nephews, and often slips in some helpful teaching moments in his play with the children. He taught his oldest son the best way to hide a gun when the child was three years old, using his toy soldier as a prop.

12/29/2008 . Edited 12/29/2008 #3

Name (Family): Stella Capone

Age: 20

Sex: Female

Rank/Occupation: Honorary Caporegime/Associate

Physical description: She uses her youth and beauty to her advantage. Conforms as much as she can to the style of beauty set for her sex, but takes liberties on occasions. Proud of her curves and long, rich mahogany curls, Stella accentuates her bust with square necklines and the lightest of binding whilemaking tight chignions behind her head with a sheer ribbon to hold them back most of the time. Her lips are thickened by deep red lipstick, but not as much as to appear as a femme de nuit. She is rather a simplistic beauty, but a bombshell nonetheless, an asset in the Don's society when wanting information from another clan. She has that million-dollar smile and coquettish grin that greatly delights him. Although not tall, only about 5'4, her legs are long and slender and an inch is added to her meagre height by nice shoes.

Personality & Background: The eldest grandniece of Don Castellano, she was the only daughter of his niece Alessa & her husband, Luciano Capone. Unlike most of their sons, Stella took pride in the family business and her Nonno put her cunning with and deceptive nature to good use as a young child. Her grandfather, immediately proud of his blue-eyed piccola, gave her a place among his associates and, as she approached adulthood, became an invaluable asset. She's very smart and knows how to play people like they were flutes - an instrument she mastered at three and a half. Her sense of humor is sharp and she loves to laugh, wether it be at the misfortune of another person, or at a joke from her grandfather.

Notes: Had a childhood crush on her "uncle" Luca.

12/29/2008 . Edited 12/30/2008 #4

Name (Family): Luca Giovanni Castellano

Age: 25

Sex: male

Rank/Occupation (Civilian, Boss, Under Boss, Consigliere, Caporegime, Soldier, Associate): Civilian, Lawyer.

Physical description: Luca stands about 5’9 with a lean athletic frame, He’s undeniably handsome with fine olive skin and keen, lively brown eyes, even in spite of his “roman” nose. He wears his dark brown hair short on the sides, just a bit longer on top and slicked back.

Personality & Background: As the youngest, Luca was the baby of the family and the apple of his father’s eye. Knowing he needed in the family business and recognizing at once his potential for greatness his father groomed him for better things, sending him to the finest schools, getting him into all the right clubs, nothing was too good or too expensive for his boy. Luca, for his part, excelled at everything he did, graduating top of his class and going on to Harvard Law. In his final year at school he was elected student body president and made Captain of the rowing team, and graduated with honors as class valedictorian. He’s since returned to Chicago and taken a job at a prodigious firm, he aspires to become Consigliere of the Family, though his father is against it. Despite his charmed life, Luca is not naïve about his Father’s business, and only just a bit spoiled. He’s reserved and quiet until you get to know him, much like his father, and down-to-earth, if you meant him on the street you wouldn’t know he was anyone of consequence.

Notes: When he was young he wanted more than anything to be a Mafioso like his Papa, he was disenchanted when he was nine and accidentally witnessed his father shoot a man he’d been raised to call “Uncle”. He still respects and adores his father, but he’s never quite gotten over it.

12/29/2008 #5

Name (Family): Anthony Russo

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Rank/Occupation: Associate- almost a soldier!

Physical description: Standing at barely 5'8" with a stocky, athletic build, Anthony blames his father for cursing him with the "short gene"... he has his brothers to thank for the much-loathed nickname "Little Ant'ny". To make up for his lack in height, Anthony learned to hold himself up, shoulders back, head high, with a confident walk that dared anyone to think they were bigger than him. The women of the family, however, often praise him for his good looks and charming smile. His skin has a beautiful, even olive tone that compliments his loosely curly dark hair- so Aunt Grace says. Little cousin Pearl loves his 'pretty hazel eyes' and Maman often gushes reminiscently that his strong jaw is very much like his father's. Flirtatious cousin Maria claims that he looks like a Roman god... when she wants to embarrass him.

Personality & Background: Being the youngest for four brothers, Anthony had to learn at a very young age to fight for his dignity- something his mother mourns dayly because he was always "such a sweet, peaceful child." His tallent on the piano, his peaceful nature, and his pretty face all gave his older brothers cause to mock him and, even in adulthood, Anthony is called a "mama's boy." His life is a constant struggle to break out of such a mold and please his father, but for some reason Giuseppi has always been hesitant about letting Anthony advance in the family business- he suspects his mother has something to do with that.

Notes: During the day he's put to work in the family restaurant as a server- a job he might enjoy if it weren't so degrading, especially with his brothers stopping by every now and then to poke fun at him.

12/29/2008 . Edited 12/29/2008 #6

Name (Family): Rosalia Belisario (Don Castellano’s niece)

Age: 21

Sex: female

Rank/Occupation (Civilian, Boss, Under Boss, Consigliere, Caporegime, Soldier, Associate): Civilian

Physical description: Tall, around 5’7 and graceful with a dancer’s build (Don Castellano paid for lessons). Rosalia has smooth light olive-toned skin, a generous rose-colored mouth and laughing nut brown eyes. She wears her dark silky hair long, though it isn’t fashionable, because Giovanni prefers it that way. There is something elegant and timeless about her, like that of a queen, but she is completely unaware of her beauty and often wonders why men are always staring at her.

Personality & Background: Giovanni said that Rosalia was born under his lucky star for she has been a comfort and a joy to him ever since. When she was three her mother was caught in the crossfire in a murder attempt on Giovanni’s life. Giovanni loved his sister dearly and mourned deeply for her, he took the child in, his wife raising her as their own. Rosalia grew up delicate and lovely, somehow sheltered from the harsh realities of her world.

Notes: ---

12/30/2008 #7
disused account

Name (Family): Alesio Ferrari (Castellano Family soldier


Sex: Male

Rank/Occupation (, Soldier

Physical description: Tall, slim man with black hair and double-chin. Has been told he cleans up well.

Personality & Background: Was born in New York, the son of a restaurant owner but deicded with probation the money lay in bootlegging..

Notes: Caries a .45 at all times.

(Have a grained your aproval Godmother? *kisses ring and bows :D)

12/30/2008 #8

Name (Family): Niccolò Santori (Castellano)

Age: 39

Sex: male

Rank/Occupation: Capo but very powerful, nearly an Under Boss.

Physical description: Stands 5’9, with a large build that suggests strength, and love-handles that suggest his wife feeds him well. Is sometimes, much to his annoyance, referred to as “Milky” because of his pallor despite his thick dark hair, slightly bushy eyebrows and warm brown eyes. He has a strong chin with a persistent five-o’clock shadow. He’d be good-looking if it wasn’t for his crooked nose, the long scar stretching from his hairline down to his left cheek, and the scar on his upper lip. (He’s a scrappy sort of guy eh?)

Personality & Background: Nic was born in New York to a brick-layer and his Irish-born wife. His childhood was pretty rough, never sure where he fit in because of his mixed background. Claudio Castellano, the owner of the Grocer’s where Nic found work when he was eight, also the son/nephew of the infamous Castellano brothers didn’t care if Nic was part dog, he knew the boy had potential. He became like a second father to the boy, teaching him everything he knew. Nic became a Caporegime when he was just nineteen, one of the best and toughest in the entire city. Then, disaster, when he was 24 he met Margret Hamill and fell instantly in love (blame it on his Irish blood, Cladio did…) Maggie refused to marry him though if he stayed with the mafia. Nic tried to get out but he was in too deep (there may or may not have been threats on Maggie’s life involved) so he broke off their relationship and convinced Cladio to send him away to Chicago. That same year he married a nice Sicilian girl Don Castellano picked out for him, himself, they have five children. Niccolo is a hard, shrewd business man and though he's loyal to the Castellano's as blood, he has his own agenda.

Notes: Can be found, of a friday night, down at the Speak Easy with a dame or two...the rascal.

12/30/2008 . Edited 12/30/2008 #9
disused account

Name (Family): Jonathon Whelan

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Rank/Occupation Don (but does some of his own hits)

Physical description: A short man with green hair and fiery green eyes and red hair.

Personality & Background: Is kind to those who treat him well. Served in one of the IRA’s Death Squads. After the Civil War he remarked, “I shall not stay in a place where a so-called free Ireland holds England’s hand. He landed in New York and rounded up many out of work Irish and Germans and began to build a crime empire. Or, “The American Nightmare.”

Notes: N/A

12/30/2008 #10

Name (Family): Catalina [unknown last name, works with Capone]

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Rank/Occupation Don: Solider

Physical description: Curly red hair, green eyes, pale, long legs, smooth, sharp and articulate movements, gymnastic build

Personality & Background: She was only 14 when she was kicked out of her home by an abusive father. She learned slef defence and quickly became a girl that you don't reckon with. She sleeps in the back room of a diner, that's seal off. No one knows about it except her. She preforms hits for the Capone family.

Notes: Anyone calls her Catalina, she bites their head off. She goes by Cat, end of story.

6/28/2009 #11

(Just in case this ever comes back to life. :D)

Name: Judy Ginger

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Rank/Occupation: Civilian, Middle school teacher

Physical description: Judy is a short, curvy, and slightly chubby woman with full lips and dark eyes. She has very fair skin due to an Irish heritage, and short, period-trending dark hair. While not too aesthetically attractive, she has a homely, harmless air to her, and a very charming smile. She has a very generous bust and hips, but has been told by her aunts that her height (or lack thereof) ruined the otherwise beautiful effect.

Personality & Background: Judy is the first woman in her family line who has not married into another household immediately after turning fifteen. Because of this, she's very self-conscious about "her worth as a woman", and is very (proudly so) dedicated to her career as a teacher. She refuses to accept help from her parents, and has, at one point, taken up other jobs to make ends meet. In this manner, she can be very stingy. She has already cycled through three other schools, and has stayed with the current one due to its greater tolerance for female teachers. Besides her pride (which is her ultimate weakness), Judy can be described as effeminate.

Notes: Judy took on illegal jobs previously. Listened in on this conversation, took this parcel to that person, passed along a word or two for several people who would pay in cash. She wanted to stop immediately after witnessing a rather scarring murder, but money was scarce, and temptation wasn't very easy to resist. She only ever does it when money is desperately needed, which is, much to her frustration, more often than not.

2/9/2016 #12
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