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D.G. Weber

"There is no one else? Shouldn't we remedy that before we drop? I'm sorry, I just don't have a great feeling about this..." Candace rubbed her head harder and gave up, drinking the rest of the third bottle. "I think I have a problem," she muttered. "Just can't leave well enough alone."

12/30/2011 #1,381
Nik nodded. "There are a few people I may be able to contact. Not many, but there are some." He smirked slightly at her last comment. "Yeah, there's that. And you're an alcoholic."
12/30/2011 #1,382
D.G. Weber

"Mn not'n Alcoholic," she muttered under her breath. "I'm fine." She sighed as she rubbed her head, resisting the urge to go get another beer, if only to prove Nik wrong. "You can wait t'contact them, if you'd like, but a'least we have them if... if somethin' happens."

12/30/2011 #1,383

Nik nodded in agreement. "Just in case."

Jeff snorted and raised his eyebrows at Nik in disbelief. "You're calling someone an alcoholic?"

"I'm not an alcoholic. I'm a social drinker, and I just happen to be very social."

12/30/2011 #1,384
D.G. Weber

Candace was annoyed. "I'm gettin' another one. I can still think clearly, so I'mfine." She stood up and walked to the fridge again, stumbling slightly as she reached for the handle.

((I think Candace really is an Alcoholic, just isn't usually in situations where she can drink a lot (Or at all) and get away with it, in case you are wondering.))

12/30/2011 #1,385
Rainy Day Dreamer

"Okay," Male Cop said. Conversational things. "So... how old are you, Emily?"

"Fifteen or sixteen," she said, after some thought. "I'm not sure."

Male Cop looked up at the head doctor for guidance. Do we check for brain damage now?

"Can I leave now?" Emily asked, politely.

12/30/2011 . Edited 12/30/2011 #1,386
D.G. Weber

"Do you know when you were born, Emily?" The head doctor asked.

12/30/2011 #1,387

Nik nodded with a slight roll of his eyes. "Sure, love. Whatever you say. Now get me one too."

12/30/2011 #1,388
Rainy Day Dreamer

"In winter."

12/30/2011 #1,389
D.G. Weber

Candace got two more out of the fridge and tossed Nik one, then climbed up onto the bed, lounging next to him. "I'm still a couple up on you. you've got a long way's to go to catch up." She looked over at the other two. "Sure you guys don't want any?" She opened the bottle without waiting for a response.

12/30/2011 #1,390

"I'm pretty sure I'll catch up with you eventually," he replied, smirking as he opened the bottle and took a long swallow.

Jeff shook his head. "I'm good."

Dimitri shook his head. "I don't drink," he mouthed.

12/30/2011 #1,391
D.G. Weber
"Suit yourselves." Candace knocked back another long swallow. "Well, should we talk about Orlando again?"
12/30/2011 #1,392

Nik nodded. "Well, that proves it. No more beer for you."

12/30/2011 #1,393
D.G. Weber
"Awww! That's not fair! I was just saying we can talk about him now, and how good he looks blonde and shirtless." She laughed as she took another long drink. " I bet you would too..." she slurred lightly.
12/30/2011 #1,394

Jeff laughed. "Yep, definitely too much to drink."

Nik was grinning. "No, she's starting to make sense now."

Dimitri's eloquent response to the madness around him was to facepalm.

12/30/2011 #1,395
D.G. Weber

"Did not haf too much to drink," she said as she nearly finished the fourth bottle. "You two are the onesss who wanted to bring up Orrllando Bloom all the time. Don't know whatchuretalkin about. I'm merely stating facts." Candace gave Jeff a half glare as a challenge. Then she smiled. "You prolly wouldn't look too bad shirtless either, but youdon't look like Orrllando. Dimitri has all of the Italian charm working ffor him, so..." she hicoughed and laughed a little. "I' doesn't matter if he'sshirtless or no'. He'd stilll be gorgeous."

12/30/2011 . Edited 12/30/2011 #1,396
D.G. Weber

"Have you ever known your birth date?" the doctor asked. He turned to the cop. "She didn't hit her head between the time she saw me and the time she ended up here. It would be highly unlikely that she has brain damage that she didn't have before, and the concussion she came in with was minor. Nothing was damaged."

He turned back to Emily. "Do you have siblings? Parents we can contact? Close family?"

12/30/2011 #1,397

Nik looked rather smug up until the comment about Dimitri, which made him scowl. "I need another drink."

Jeff grinned and shot the other blonde a smirk. "Coming right up, Niklaus."

Dimitri was doing a very poor job of hiding his laughter.

12/30/2011 #1,398
D.G. Weber

"Me too, please, sSir Lanc'lot!" Candace said, raising her hand. Then she moved closer to Nik and made a cute pouty face. "Awww... are you jealous? It's okay, at least you haff a foreign accent. That's a plus." She put her hand teasingly on his knee, drawing circles with her fingers.

12/30/2011 #1,399

Jeff tossed them each a beer.

Nik caught them both, handing Candace hers. He rolled his eyes. "Jealous? I don't think so."

12/30/2011 #1,400
D.G. Weber

Candace took it with a smug grin. "You sure? I can ffix that if you'd like." She stood up, teetered over to the couch and sat down by Dimitri. She patted the couch next to her. "There's room for one more," she said teasingly as she opened yet another beer and started to drink it down as well.

12/30/2011 #1,401

Nik sighed and took a long drink before walking over and sitting down beside her. "Brat."

12/30/2011 #1,402
D.G. Weber

"You alllove me, and you know i'." She looked over at Jeff. "Sorry, you were too slow. Niky took your seat." She finished the bottle and placed it on the coffee table, then threw her arms over both mans' shoulders. "But while you're standin', can you get me another? Illike to haff an even number, and I think tha' was three." She removed her arm from Nik to snuggle in close with Dimitri. "You have such pretty skin, 'Mitri..." she said slowly, dragging her fingers along his arm lazily. "Such a pretty color too..."

12/30/2011 #1,403

Jeff nodded, barely fighting off laughter. "Yes ma'am." He began rummaging through the fridge for another beer.

Nik was glowering at Dimitri over the top of Candace's head. "Bro Code," he mouthed silently.

Mitri was debating whether to make a response or die of embarrassment before he saw Nik and nodded slightly. You didn't break the Bro Code.

12/30/2011 #1,404
D.G. Weber

((She's the bad influence? :D They're not going to cut her off until they are out, are they? Honestly I can't remember if that's her 4th or 6th.))

"Awww... Mitri? You're not gonna give a good re-act-shun?" She looked over to catch Nik's glare. "Yay! You do get jealous. I was afraid there for a moment." She gave Dimitri an apologetic pat. "I'm sorry... but Niky doesn't like to share..." She moved closer to Nik and threw her long legs over his lap, wrapping one arm around behind his neck. "I didn't mean to make you cwoss," she said with over exaggerated puppy eyes.

12/30/2011 #1,405
((I think it's her...4th, maybe. Yeah, Jeff likes to cause trouble and probably won't cut her off until the other two make him.)) Nik rolled his eyes. "What do you mean? I'm not jealous."
12/30/2011 #1,406
D.G. Weber

((I just counted, I had to know... it's her sixth if you count the first one...))

Candace pouted. "You mean that glare wasn't because I was cuddling with one of your best friends? Do you have a heart of stone?" She held onto him tighter and pressed her forehead against his. "Am I going to have to try harder?" she murmured softly.

12/30/2011 #1,407
"And there goes my personal space," he said dryly, although his face had reddened slightly. He took Candace's beer from Jeff. "No more for you. I'm confiscating this."
12/30/2011 #1,408
D.G. Weber

"Awww... bu' why? Whu'abou' my even number?" She took her free hand and traced it down his neck to his collar bone, smiling coyly.

12/30/2011 #1,409
"You'll be alright," Nik said with a roll of his eyes, opening the beer and taking a sip.
12/30/2011 #1,410
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