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Noah, getting red in the face, caught up to Kris and stuck his foot out to trip her.

7/29/2012 #61

Fi and James ran right behind them. "What do you think they want?" Fi wondered. "Who cares?!" "Allan would." "Just drop the Allan subject already!"

7/29/2012 #62

"They want-NOAH!" Alex yelled, angry that his twin was trying to trip Kris.

"Keep running, they've got to be influenced!" Teddy said, trying hard to keep up.

7/29/2012 #63

When he tripped her he tripped her she fell on her face. Spitting dirt out, she tried to get up but she fell over. She really wasn't expecting him to do it. She couldn't get up. The crows were catching up.


7/29/2012 #64

James skidded to a halt, looking behind him. He ran towards Kris. "Come on, get up!"

7/29/2012 #65

Teddy stopped and began to run over to Kris.

"Stop!" He said extending his arms out when he reached Kris, palms out, as the shield in the shape of the star appeared over him and Kris. "Come on!" He said, extending his arm out.

7/29/2012 #66

"Thanks," she said and he pulled her up.

7/29/2012 #67

"The shield won't last forever, let's go!" Teddy yelled, running to catch up to the others.

7/29/2012 #68

She half ran, half limped back. But she managed fine, "Thanks again dude." she told teddy and then she turned to Noah, "And you? You can't take a simple joke? Why are you so uptight? You really need to get out more," she said and punched him in the stomach

7/29/2012 #69

The crows didn't seem to be chasing them anymore.

Noah just flinched a bit from the punch and glared before moving on. "Come on, we've still go to keep going."

7/29/2012 #70

"Waitwaitwait. Tell me again who named you leader?"

7/29/2012 #71

"Are there any objections?" Noah answered with another question, not even turning to face Kris.

Alex said nothing.

Teddy shook his head.

7/29/2012 #72

James coughed. "They're the only ones here who really...know what we're dealing with."

7/29/2012 #73

"Exactly," Noah said, continuing to walk along.

Alex and Teddy followed, though there were looks of concern in both of their faces.

7/29/2012 #74

[Good morning...Hah I'm just kidding.]

7/30/2012 #75

((Good afternoon!))

7/30/2012 #76


Fi unconsciously clung to James' arm. The woods didn't exactly look inviting.

"Fi, if you hold on any tighter I swear my blood flow will stop," James said irritably.

"...Sorry." Fi loosened her grip.

7/30/2012 #77

Noah stopped, and looked around. They had reached a plain.

"...Get ready for a fight," he commanded, getting his ax out.

7/30/2012 #78

Teddy backed a step and cupped his hands, yellow energy in the form of a star appeared in his hands.

Alex put his fists up, with his mettalic gloves on, as dark aura surrounded them.

The earth then began to shake.

7/31/2012 #79

Fi let go of James' arm. She floated a few inches off the ground, looking at the sky.

James' hands sparked with electricity.

8/1/2012 #80

Suddenly, the earth began to open as a large fissure appeared.

Where the team was standing, they would be swallowed up.

"EVERYONE, OUT OF THE WAY!" Noah yelled, jumping out of the way.

Alex grabbed Teddy and got both of them out of the way as well.

8/1/2012 #81

Fi grabbed James' hand quickly, so he wouldn't fall. She dragged him out of the way.

"Jamie, why...why didn't you fly?"


8/1/2012 #82

Something started rising out of the earth.

It was...a cave; leading underground.

"...Well, I guess now we know where we're going," said Noah.

"It could be a trap," warned Alex.

"I know, but we've got no other way to go."

8/1/2012 #83

Fi let go of James. "Then let's go!" She started to walk towards the cave.

[Wonder where Gum is.]

8/3/2012 . Edited 8/3/2012 #84

The trio followed.

"Wait for us!" Noah yelled.

8/3/2012 #85

Fi slowed her pace half a second, waiting. She glanced over her shoulder.

James rolled his eyes. Fi, that's not slow.

"No, it's just you guys aren't fast."

"..." James flew voer to Fi's side, matching her pace.

[I figured out today that James' choice of shirt is called a polo. //failure]

8/3/2012 #86

Noah ran up to Fi. "We don't know what's in there, we should stick to a group."

8/3/2012 #87

"I'm with Noah on that," James agreed.

Fi crossed her arms. "You guys are no fun."

"No, we just have sense."

"I have sense too!" Fi insisted.

James shook his head. "Not really."

8/3/2012 #88

(( Hey guys! Sorry I couldn't be here, I went somewhere for vacation ))

8/4/2012 #89

[Ah. I was wondering where you went.]

8/4/2012 #90
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