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This is a place for listing quests and information on them including a short synopsis, whether the DM is accepting new characters, what kind of characters are needed/able to be accepted, and how easy it is to get in. Please use this format:

[Quest name]

DM: [The person running the quest]

Current PCs: [The main characters being played by the players]

Synopsis: [What the quest is basically about]

Tone: [Is it light-hearted, serious, dark, silly...? What the basic tone of the story.]

Current location: [Where the action (the PCs) is at the current moment.]

Accepting new characters?: [Whether or not new characters can join in.]

Acceptable Characters: [The type of characters that would be accepted, and any types of characters that the DM is looking for specifically.]

Difficulty to join: [How hard will you be on people wanting to join the quest?]

I'll start:

Quest #4: The Search for the Perfect Pearl

DM: Girlbrainiac

Current PCs: Princess Alexandra, Metheron, Luckus, Charly, Hale

Synopsis: When King Edward sent out letters to various lords, asking for his daughter to be rescued, the call went unanswered... That was, until Knighted Lady Alexandra, Princess of Padros, came to the call. With the help of her trusty companions, she rescued the bratty princess.

Tone: Serious but lighthearted. There's a sort of dry wit about it.

Current location: Trapped in King Edward's court, and, many miles away, the court of King Alexander.

Accepting new characters?: On a case by case basis.

Acceptable characters: Ones with a reason to be there. They're in a fairytale type kingdom, so the list of acceptable characters is pretty much unlimited. However, it is still a serious RP, if a bit more of a lighthearted one. Any characters that are too off-the-wall will not be accepted.

Difficulty to join: Moderately simple.

7/9/2008 . Edited 7/9/2008 #1
Sarah Crowning

Quest #11: Queen of the Dead

DM: Mindwarp

Current PCs: Kate, The Darinsells, Lord Syme, The Lindys, Arylan, Hugo, Satan

Synopsis: Kate is a spoiled brat of a teenage girl with a brutal streak and a thirst for power; she's also a very powerful necromancer. Now she's on a campaign of death and destruction to turn the realm into her own undead kingdom. The fight will be bitter, and there are factions within the kingdom who won't pass up the opportunity to seize power.

Tone: Dark and violent. This quest has a high level of death and tragedy, and doesn't have a guaranteed happy ending.

Current location: Unnamed kingdom, mostly in the area around the capital.

Accepting new characters?: Yes, but only with approval.

Acceptable Characters: Ones that fit into the world context, can contribute something to the overall plot, and are deep enough to be realistic. This is a very dark, serious quest; not one for lighthearted or funny characters of any time. Expect murder, war, political unrest and betrayal. If your character can't handle it, they don't belong here.

Difficulty to join: Hard, Expect to have to justify your character under scrutiny.

7/9/2008 . Edited 7/9/2008 #2

Quest #30: Death's Rescue

DM: Bibliomancer

Current PCs: Grim, Nick, Mizuki, Saori, Maxine, Boomer, Tank, Terrence, Sani

Synopsis: Grim, the Son of Death, is on a quest to save his father who has been kidnapped by Antiorr, the Anti-Creator. With him are his best friend, Nick Wood, and new friends he's made at the Tavern.

Tone: The story is mainly normal. It's light-hearted and silly at times, but most of the time, it's dark and morbid (What do you expect?)

Current location: Jukraen VI, a lifeless evil cult world.

Accepting new characters?: Right now, yes.

Acceptable Characters: Any really, but characters should have a reason for being there.

Difficulty to join: Right now, extremely difficult, since they are on a lifeless world thousands of light-years away from civilization.

7/9/2008 . Edited 7/22/2008 #3

Quest 6: The Hunters and the Hunted

DM: Girlbrainiac

Current PCs: Robyn, Yammling, Artis, Saria, Josarya, Gabrielle, Natalie, Janlarek, Jarlen, Harun, Dunazade, Graham, William

Synopsis: The King of Elasune has been murdered by some unknown assassin, and the throne usurped. Robyn, the heir to the throne, has been accused of treason for the murder of her father. She has managed to escape the country, but must face bounty hunters and countless perils as she and her companions seek allies to help her regain her throne.

Tone: Generally serious.

Current location: At an oasis in the Western Desert of the Empire, and at Valasis, home of the Desert Elves.

Accepting new characters?: Yes... But only a few and only with approval.

Acceptable Characters: Ones that 1) fit into the setting, 2) have a reason to be there, 3) are not over-powered, and 4) have substance to them. This is not a combat-oriented quest, so character is much more important than fighting ability. If you want a combat-oriented quest, move along elsewhere. I'll only take characters that have something interesting to contribute. Also, I expect everyone to be on on a fairly regular basis. Stopping the whole thing because one player disappears off the face of the earth for a while ruins it for everyone.

Difficulty to join: Fairly difficult. Expect to have your character deeply scrutinized, even if you ARE accepted.

Sidebar to Quest #6: The King, the Traitors, and the Fight for the Crown

DM: Girlbrainiac

Current PCs: Raynor De'Karor and sons, Katlin, Fargnul, others...

Synopsis: While Robyn tries not to get dragged off by bounty hunters, spies are being sent out, backroom dealings are going on, and alliances are being formed.

Tone: Serious.

Current location: Elasune and many other locations in the world.

Accepting new characters?: Yes, but only when approved.

Acceptable Characters: Generally noblemen and the politically powerful will work here best. The henchmen of these powerful people will also likely make a showing, but usually, you have to have a noble before he can have henchmen. All characters must pass the basic standards for the main quest, and, as all of the dealings are important to the main plot, must have their political actions approved by me as well.

Difficulty to join: Very difficult. This is the background plot, but VERY important, so any characters/actions that might screw up the balance of power and the plot I've been running will not be accepted.

7/9/2008 . Edited 7/12/2008 #4

Heists and High Stakes on the High Seas: Quest 7

DM: Girlbrainiac

Current PCs: Varan, Wesly, Jean, Oddfellow, Benjie, Daniel, Maia, Admiral Tolroy, Nima, Jenevra...

Synopsis: Bloody Jean Pinofet, the infamous pirate queen has gathered a new crew after miraculously escaping death when a Navy Admiral and his crew killed all the men of her crew and left her for dead. Now she's back, ready to get back to her career and take her revenge...

Tone: Serious, with the occasional light-hearted bits. The characters are all pretty colorful.

Current location: Trapped in the port town of Challum Bay after the ship was burned.

Accepting new characters?: Quest now closed to free up some characters.

Acceptable Characters: We could use a few crewmen, not overly powerful. They will have been in the background NPC crew up to now, so it is best to familiarize yourself with the quest before applying. Any other characters that would fit into a port town (while quite acceptable) must have a reason to get involved with the quest.

Difficulty to join: Moderate difficulty. It allows for more flexibility than some quests, but is still carefully plotted out to a point.

7/10/2008 . Edited 11/3/2010 #5
Sand Josieph

Quest 325: the Road to Galaday

DM: Sand Josieph and Bibliomancer (when we jump to a slice of one of his dimensions)

Current PCs: SJ and Trinity, Captain Tiller and his ghost crew, Vivian and his crew (At the moment, there are too many characters for my liking and I am trying to see if it is possible to narrow down the number)

Synopsis: The characters are trying to find the wandering portal to the dimension in which Galaday is located.

Tone: This is a tricky one to pinpoint...even though the locations and the characters themselves are rather whimsical by nature, there is a kind of darkness that shadows everything. This can best be described as a Drama masquerading as a Dark Comedy. Especially when factoring in princesses who have their hands cut off, religious zealots, questionable situations, people sacrificing themselves to living land mines to save others, characters being eaten by carnivorous apples, fatalistic toys, and quite a bit of gore.

Current location: Professor Zincle's Castle, DeadLund. It's a slice of Galaday that has been torn away from its home dimension and left stranded in The Realm of Bad Ideas.

Accepting new characters?: Yes.

Acceptable Characters: Every kind of character is acceptable, but they must be dynamic by nature. Meaning, they are capable of change.

Difficulty to join: Hard, which is somewhat ironic but necessary. All characters must be approved by me and they must fit in with the location the gang is currently in.

7/11/2008 #6
Sand Josieph

DM: Sand Josieph

Current PCs: Joshua, the Phantom Demon of Despair, and Riza

Synopsis: Joshua and Riza are on journey to spread Despair and Anguish across the universe in order to allow Joshua the power of feeling.

Tone: This is a dark and serious story. But it isn't what people would normally associate as dark, though.

Current location: Taritha-Lang, an ancient Chinese-esque world but slightly more mechanized.

Accepting new characters?: Yes, but only with approval.

Acceptable Characters: The characters must have a reason for being where they are and a reason for joining the quest.

Difficulty to join: Easy, for the time being...

7/18/2008 #7
Evil Minion Number 2

Quest 31: The Prostitute and the Potion-Maker

DM: Evil Minion Number 2 and Girlbrainiac

Current PCs: Natanya, Anya and Lekan

Synopsis: Life for the prostitute Natanya took a sudden turn for the better when she gained an offer to learn the craft of a fire elf alchemist. This quest follows her as she learns the tricks of the trade, and tries to survive living in a fire elf’s home land.

Tone: While fairly serious, there will probably will be a few quirky moments thrown in here and there knowing the setting. It’s going to be a lot more passive "get along with other characters" than action/travel based.

Current location: Unnamed Fire Elf Village (in a few posts at the moment)

Accepting new characters?: Yes

Acceptable Characters: Pretty much any character that can fit in the setting can join, which is pretty open considering how open minded fire elves are. Ideas include, but are hardly limited to: travelers passing through the village, runaway convicts seeking refuge, lost travelers, other fire elves...

Difficulty to join: Easy, though not entirely sure why someone would have interest in joining.

9/19/2008 #8
JG The King of Kings

Quest #32: Dethroning a god

DM: J.G. The Gamer

Current PCs: Elly, Lisa, Leslie, Jason, Arthur, Heidi

Synopsis: Elly is a world traveler as a part of her training, and is a mercenary on the side. And she is having trouble finding work. When a friend from her home village finds her with startling news to deliver, Elly finds herself at work (UNPAID). Apparently some young boys and girls from her village were kidnapped by a strange group of people. There may be more to this group than meets the eye though.

Tone: It's likely to be dark, but have humourous moments (because the DM is a bit of a joker)

Current location: Within a village 3 days from the mountains.

Accepting new characters?: Yes. Otherwise it's 4 characters against tens of thousands.

Acceptable Characters: Preferably someone that knows how to fight. It would be great if the character has some sort of history in any way of dealing with this mysterious organization, be it a former member or a victim, etc. Definitely a male character would be great. Nothing that's completely off the wall though.

Difficulty to join: Depends on the character you want to use. If you meet the criteria, then it's really easy. Otherwise, really hard.

9/23/2008 . Edited 12/21/2009 #9
Sand Josieph

Quest #33: Saving the Slums

DM: Sand Josieph

Current PCs: Maggie, Katrusha, Valara, Thanos, John, Joseph, Faliin, Nightkeeper, Rais ((I think that's all of them...))

Synopsis: Little Maggie is trying to save her homes, known locally as the Slums, but something threatens to shut the entire area down and it seems more than just rich developers are at work.

Tone: This is a surprisingly serious story and with many twists and turns that even surprise me (mostly because I allow other players add in their own little plot twists and other fun stuff).

Current location: The setting is actually quite close to the tavern itself. At the moment, the characters are in an old theater, battling it out with a maniacal creep and his zombified tiger.

Accepting new characters?: Yes.

Acceptable Characters: Any character is welcome. They don't even have to be allies of the characters, they could be enemies in disguise. Whatever suits your fancy.

Difficulty to join: Incredibly easy, since the Slums are a short walk away from the tavern itself. Just make sure to introduce your characters in a logical manner. Don't just have them suddenly appear out of nowhere.

10/9/2008 #10

Hehehe this ought to be good :D

Quest #320: Bounty of the Father!?

DM: avatarmaniac

Current PCs: Salenia & Saira (me) Chris & whoever he brings to life with his powers(me) anyone who fits the details

Synopsis: Salenia is a bounty hunter tracking down some absolute *** evil characters who are wandering the area. (Check the 'postings by the door' thread for info on the baddies) At the end, an evil from Salenia's past awaits, but who is it?? Whatever it is, it's evil, and it's terrifying roars have been heard throughout the past few weeks.

Tone: Moderately serious, think the 'protecting the bridge builder' mission from naruto. a little comic relief is welcome though :D

Current location: Undecided until more characters join. (that and it's like 10:30 pm here lol)

Accepting new characters?: New characters are welcome

Acceptable Characters: Warriors/ sages/ magitions etc, particularly those who can kick some *** Tales of Symphonia/ FFX style

Difficulty to join: slightly difficult, expect judgement based on 'godmode' characteristics. Salenia is powerful, but not invincible, same with chris. your allies will cover your weaknesses :D

12/9/2009 . Edited 12/9/2009 #11

Quest #134: With A Needle And Thread

DM: Rogue-writer-16

Current PCs: Pop- Prince of the Fair will lead this quest with the grumpy brownie-creature Valiant chewing on his ear.

Synopsis: Basically, there is a tear in the Astral Sheets seperating this world from Pop's original world and all sorts of nasties are creeping through. Pop has been assiged the job of mending the tear and saving this world.

Tone: Although Pop is light-hearted, he takes his quests very seriously, particularly when he is specifically chosen for something- therefore this quest is a mixture of light-hearted and serious, leanign towards the more serious angle most times.

Current location: Meeting at the Docks at 'midnight'- as in now.

Accepting new characters?: On a case by case basis.

Acceptable Characters: Characters who can bring things to the quest, prove useful and not just comical and who will actually play as part of the storyline without making the quest all about their character/s. This quest is about Pop's adventures and the groups quest to save the world... not individual characters and their problems/issues/quirks/relationships/moods etc. Of course, these things will come into account but should not be the focus of your posting if the quest is not in-mind.

Difficulty to join: Quite hard, I expect people to stay in-character and react realistically to situations. I don't want god-moding or super-powerful heroes who win/fight/beat/kill everything without giving others a chance to have a go.

12/20/2009 . Edited 12/20/2009 #12
Serom Kim

I haven't actually started my quest yet, but I am going to start one. Might as well put up a post here so I don't forget the minor details before I actually get to posting the quest.

Quest #42: Journey to Seluria

DM: Serom Kim

Current PCs: Allen, Jason, Konsta, Shugrol, Gear, Shahzad, Parth, Trate

Synopsis: The country of Seluria is at war with its neighbor, Lauta. Seluria is in the right, the people of that land were taken by surprise from an unexpected Lautan attack. Jason and the group of Earthlings he had been traveling with are not from Seluria, but if Seluria falls to Lauta, then they can't return home. With the help of people from the tavern, Seluria just may stand a chance in the battle.

Tone: There really is no definite tone. It can be serious, it can be lighthearted, it can be weird ... whatever seems to fit the mood of the story best. It does take place during a war, so I expect there to be some seriousness.

Current location: The quest thread. Outside the tavern, about to leave.

Accepting new characters?: Yes.

Acceptable characters: Anyone's acceptable. Just as long as your characters don't obliterate Lauta's entire army with a snap of his/her fingers. I can't stand characters like that.

Difficulty to join: It depends. Once the quest begins, you need to give me a plausible reason for your character joining up in the middle of the journey. You can't just appear in a flash of light. How did your character know we were on a quest? Does he/she have difficulty controlling his/her powers and accidentally teleported him/herself to Seluria? That's acceptable. Did your character just decide that he/she was bored and randomly start blowing up enemies in Seluria? That's not okay. As long as you have a believable reason as to why your character is in Seluria, fighting with the questers, when he/she wasn't in the tavern to hear about it, that's fine. Also, MW, if you decide to join this quest, I gave your character a way to get to Seluria, no problem.

2/16/2010 . Edited 2/20/2010 #13

lol I tried to keep it short, but I habitorially seem to type 5,000 pluss words per chapter(Thankfully I'm hoping to end it in 12 chapters if not ten), I guess I'm just long winded. either that or I just love to write xD for the review I guess both. Like personal feelings about the actual story for review and the actual betaing as the docX ^_^ That way it'd break up the work a bit :D

2/16/2010 #14
Serom Kim

That sounds good to me. You have the original document on your computer, right? I'll type out anything in the document that you sent me that could be edited, and I'll send it to you via DocX. And I'll send an actual review on the overall mood and plot on your story.

We should probably continue talking on the off-topic thread before someone yells at us though. ^_^;

2/16/2010 #15

Quest #916: Blood of the Clans

DM: Bleeding Mask

Current PCs: Din, Zepyron

Synopsis: Three kingdoms are at war and Din is trying to find a way to have some fun between them.

Tone: Serious intention mixed with the want for fun.

Current Locations: Tavern

Accepting new characters: Yes.

Acceptable characters: Guys like Xin will be hard to accept but if the power level is about Din, it will be acceptable. Spirits, humans, immortals, anything except someone that is bigger than a elephant.

Difficulty to join:If we leave the tavern and they are on the road, Din left a rune next to the quest directory board so touching it will cause the PC to "jump" to Din's location.

Extra: It's gonna be very .....random and there will be a lot of ambushes.

5/14/2010 . Edited 6/5/2010 #16

Quest #917 Scattered pages & Scatter Minds

DM: AllieKat1996

Current PCs: Kristofer, Aricia, Nemn, Jamie, Geraldo, Regenol, April, Limer, Joseph, Navi, Nathanial, Greyson, and Mahana

Synopsis: In order to return Kit to his body, the current location of his body must be found. Except that it is multiple locations- scattered pages from within a book. Kit needs his body to regain the spellbooks stolen from his 'organization', to which he was apprenticed. Aricia is looking for Kit, and eventually finds him. She will become vital to the quest.

Tone: Can go from serious to humorous- depends on the moment being played. Humour is encouraged, though.

Current location: Plains near the sea

Accepting new characters?: Accepting new characters through Aricia the half dragon (ari) after that, there will be no more entry unless characters are lost. I''m not planning anything after that, anyway. It's possible though. There will be another point when the quest will go into another quest. Kit's body will be returned, but then it will be time for the war. That is when all of the characters in this quest will go back to the tavern, either to go elsewhere, or stay with my characters for the second part. We will be accepting people then under 'hiring mercenaries' and 'looking for soldiers'.

Acceptable Characters: Not completely human, or if so, someone with important skills that would be needed. Or maybe just a VERY interesting personality.

Difficulty to join: There will be no way to join until the war begins.

Additional: There isn't much of a plot. It will be a case of traveling far and wide, probably running into a lot of problems, and meeting people. Later it will be decided when it's finally time for the finale. This quest has been going for a while now.

6/1/2010 . Edited 9/19/2010 #17
Paradox Complex

Quest #919: Through a Broken Window

DM: Jayfeather

Current PCs: Erinna, Aeria (maybe other characters of the current players)

Synopsis: In order to find Aeria's sister, Hysteria, they need to go back to where the story has started, eventually going through a portal that was broken ages ago.

Tone: Usually sorrowful, but there will be a usual burst of joy. It depends though, on where the story will begin and end.

Current location: At Aeria's parents' house and soon will move to somewhere deep in the forest or in the swamps.

Accepting new characters?: Yes, but with approval.

Acceptable Characters: Nobody too normal. Someone who can adapt easily to the harsh forest and swamp environments.

Difficulty to join: Not that hard, people might be a little uncooperative, but everyone's in it together.

11/2/2010 . Edited 11/2/2010 #18
Serom Kim

Quest #49: Invasion Earth (is this quest number 49? I kind of lost count ...)

DM: Serom Kim

Current PCs: Xin, Rachel, Levi, Sirius, Mora (group soon to expand); Valara and Arch if K.J. wants them to

Synopsis: Aliens have invaded Earth ... but with none of the dramatics that humans would expect from an alien invasion. They've been on the planet for three years ... and the only people who know are a select few Earthlings with superpowers. Xin, Rachel, and Levi are three of these superpowered Earthlings. The king of the aliens has made his base in the area closest to them and their division, and they're about to kick him out of Earth. A little help from some friends would speed up the process ...

Tone: Imagine hanging out with your closest friends, while you're all on a journey to save the Earth. It can be funny, it can have characters doing ridiculous things and whatnot, but it's going to be serious because everyone's nervous about facing the alien king.

Current location: Earth

Acceptable characters: Anyone, as long as you can get to Earth. Also, make sure your character won't defeat the alien army singlehandedly. Plus, if your character has superpowers that are not inherent to his/her people, take note that one of my characters, Xin, has the ability to block other people's powers, mostly by accident, and that your character's powers may fall under the "can be blocked" category. If it does, don't make a stink about it, please.

Difficulty to join: Not really. This quest is supposed to be a "sequel" to quest 135, which has just finished. The characters are in D.C. right now. If you can come up with a reason as to why your character is on Earth, then I don't care.

2/3/2011 #19

((Quest ended.))

6/23/2011 . Edited 11/14/2012 #20

Quest #56: Hunt

Authors: TheCatOwl, Tazz4life, WinterIsComing

Current PCs: Windy, Lily, Daniel, Chike, and Sabre

Synopsis: Windy, Lily, and Daniel are Fel, a catlike race, whose species is in the middle of a civil war. They seek a deserter, Mink, to discover the reason for his leaving. But they aren't the only ones-an enemy Fel, Rampage also seeks Mink. Along with newfound allies Chike and Sabre, they must hurry to track down the deserter before it is too late.

Tone: Somewhat serious, but with light-hearted moments.

Current location: Leaving the tavern

9/25/2011 #21
Serom Kim

Quest #920: Eudoxir's Journal

Authors: XLightfoot, Tangled Mind, WinterIsComing, Rainy Day Dreamer, Serom Kim

Cururent PCs: Ennius, Kiara, Marina, Lucia, Lien, Hyun, and Shen

Synopsis: The Quenrus Church is a mighty force, one that has held control over its own world for many years. Preaching against magic and those who use it, believing them to be unholy, the Church desires to spread its influence to other worlds and claim them for their own. But fate would have it that there is a shred of evidence of the Church's lies: the journal of Eudoxir, who is said to be the son of their deity, Deus. But the journal has been stolen by the Church's Inquisitors. Ennius, a member of the resistance, is determined to retrieve the journal at all costs; with the help of his allies, of course.

Tone: I don't know. I really don't.

Current location: Leaving Tavern

10/16/2011 #22
Quest #111: Search for a Sorcerer

DM: TheCatOwl

Characters: Irina, Draco, Errick, Peck (TheCatOwl), Sereyna, Xanadu (Tazz4life), Kianna (D. G. Weber)

Synopsis: Irina, a young sorceress, and her familiar, Draco, are hot on the trail of the sorcerer who is behind the disappearance of her mother. But it's not as easy; in fact, they have no idea where he is. With the help of old friends and new, she hopes to find him and her mother before time runs out.

Tone: Umm...I guess moderately serious, but there's plenty of room for lighthearted-ness.

Current Location: New York

12/5/2011 . Edited 2/3/2012 #23

Quest #867-5309: A Dragon's Revenge

DM: Melf

Current PCs: Orochi, Razeera, Burya, Jace

Synopsis: An evil dragon, Malek, injured a girl in Orochi's clan, the Drakes. Orochi has since been on Malek's tail, trying to get revenge.

Tone: Serious, but a bit silly as well (if that makes sense)

Current location: The Tavern

Accepting new characters?: With my permission

Difficulty to join: Not really that difficult...

11/14/2012 . Edited 11/14/2012 #24

Quest #48: Cold Cut

DM: Emberlywoods12

Current PCs: Jadis, Pan and Mara, Zoae, Sophia and Wyatt, Mystigen and Kurogan, Finn and Merida, Alex, Lupin, Jake, Natascha and Leana, Keiran and Eli (As you can see, there are many characters.)

Synopsis: Jadis, the Jotun, has been injured in battle and now Zoae, a Camalian-Gypsy half-breed, will accompany her, along with her commanding officer, Captain Pan'nuck Peterson, his wife, Mara Rumpelstiltskin, to the frigid ice kingdom of Arctica to find a healer whom Pan became friends with during an inter-dimensional nearly half a decade ago.

Tone: Very silly but we are not incapable of becoming morbid and frightening if we want to.

Current location: The adults are all in Arctica while the teens get to party at Pan and Mara's place.

Accepting new characters?: It really, truly depends on what kind of character you want to bring in.

Acceptable Characters: Any type of character would be allowed since the Dimension of Immortals covers mostly everything like magical beings, demons, dragon slayers and mortals and the like. You get the gist. If you're magical, welcome. If you're not, welcome.

Difficulty to join: Not all that hard really, just PM me or DJShanaynay and tell us who your character and why you would like to join.

8/29/2013 #25

Quest 7373

DM: Jesusfreak.follower

Current PCs: Sepharim, Angharad, and Kailen (sort of)

Synopsis: Sepharim and Angharad are going to a forest to find ingredients to a potion that will save Kailen's life. They must first cross a desert.

Tone: More of a serious tone, but lightheartedness is accepted.

Current location: They are by a tree in the desert

Accepting new characters?: yes

Acceptable Characters: Anyone who thinks they can be of help in a desert or forest.

Difficulty to join: Easy

10/30/2013 #26
Jaded Aegis

#427 Justice reaps what corruption sows

DM: Kexy Knave

Current PCs: Araten, Macha.

Synopsis: Overthrowing a corrupt gov attempting to break many traditions, the continent is essentially a super large forest, The 8 villages are in the trees.

Tone: It's not really dark, but the current characters aren't the funniest.

Current location: Araten's hideout.

Accepting new characters?: Definitely!

Acceptable Characters: Anyone who's okay gettin' in a scrap, healing, socializing, really anyone's welcome.

Difficulty to join: Easy.

If you wish for further information on setting feel free to read the following doc. I'll try to keep it updated with relevant information.

11/30/2013 . Edited 11/30/2013 #27
Mayor Adam West
Quest: 813# Search for Doroboro --------------DM: WallofCardboard-------------------Current PCs: Eryll, Rachel, Thomas, Rackham and Graul.-----------Synopsis: The crew of the Witch King is on the search for the mythical city of Dorobor, the home of the masters of time!-----------Tone: Light-hearted with some intense moments and some silly! ------------Current Location: The Archeron Ocean--------Accepting New Characters?: Yes!------------Acceptable characters: Just about everything is acceptable except characters too powerful, using futuristic weapons, or who will trivialize the quest.--------Difficulty to join: easy
1/18/2014 #28

Quest #999: The rarest DNA strand.

DM: Luckycool9

Current PC's: Chase Hunter

Synopsis: Chase Hunter is searching for the rarest hybrid in the world, the one that has the DNA of all of them.

Tone: Light-hearted and sometimes very dark.

Current Location: Tavern

Accepting new characters: Yeah, duh.

Acceptable characters: Any and all can go.

Diffculty to join: Easy.

9/28/2014 . Edited 9/28/2014 #29
Black Trinity

Quest: Hell's Bells

DM: Black Trinity

Current PC: Traecon, Alianor

Sypnosis: A simple hit and run assault on a demon fortress turns into a complete disaster as they face forces ancient, evil, and as cold as the Abyss itself. Even from it as well.

Tone: Mostly Dark, but filled with some slight humor (Dry, sarcastic, and cruel) and bloody curses flying all about.

Current Location: Hell's Bells, a demon realm.

Accepting new characters: Duh. It's boring with just two.

Acceptable characters: Erm... no holy types. Ones that have knowledge of light and read from bibles for incantations.

Difficulty: Medium (For now *Evil troll XD*)

9/29/2014 #30
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