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Having trouble writing a character? Can't quite pin down their personality? Then this is the place for you! Come here and play your character as we put them through their paces. We'll help you find what makes them tick - and have fun while we're at it.
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Welcome to Dialogue Play!


Dialogue Play (DP) is a place where you can, as your character, experience unexpected situations of all sorts (if you so choose). The aim of DP is to help you get a better grip on your character - find out what makes them tick, so to speak, in addition to discovering those little quirks that make that character not just any other character, but a memorable individual - while having fun at the same time.

In addition, DP will also work to help you break the dread Writer's Block should this plague ever befall you.


In the upper right corner of the main forums page, there should be a drop down menu. The categories are pretty self-explanatory and should help make finding a particular thread much easier.

The Rules

All sections of the FP Terms of Service apply to this forum. In addition, there are General Rules which all the Plays follow.

The Plays

The Plays are divided into categories based on genre. At the moment, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, and Supernatural are the only Plays available, but more will be added as needed. Each Play will have its own rules as to what is and is not acceptable in that Play in addition to the General Rules. These will be located in the first post of each Play - please be sure to read it.

Each play will have Acts. These are scenarios that everyone may participate in. Acts are managed either by one of the Mods or a volunteer. More information about Acts can be found in Act Management.

If you have any questions about the the Plays or DP in general, feel free to ask in Interviews.

Intro Topics

Introduce your character in this topic. Just give a general overview of their personality, strengths and weaknesses, and physical appearance. No need to go in-depth - that's what the Dialogue Plays are for. ;D Backstory is optional, but if you include one, please keep it to the bare necessities.

Each Play will have its own Intro topic, so be sure to post in the right one. In addition, if you have multiple characters belonging to one Play, please edit them into your initial Intro post rather than make a new post for them.

Got Problems?

Is a Player annoying you? Is a Mod abusing their power? Did something break in one of the Plays? Got something DP-related that you want to complain about? Head to the Chill Pill.

*Please do not PM me or any of the mods with your issues unless a) no one responds within 3 days or b) the issue requires immediate attention. If you PM without good reason, be aware that you risk a temporary banning.

Got Suggestions/Feedback?

Want a Play for a genre we don't have? Have an idea for an Act? Any suggestions/feedback on the DP forum as a whole? Make them here in Director's License.

Other Places of Note

Extra! Extra! - The news topic. All updates to this forum will be listed here, including changes to the rules.

Crew List - Introduce yourself here.

The Break Room - Want to chat? Here's the place! Anything is fair game as far as conversation topics go. Hop right on in to the latest inception.

The Library - Links to our affiliates, writing resources, and various places on the internet that you might find interesting.

Editor's Hall - Having troubles with your story? Post your problem here, and we'll see if we can help.

The Great List of Lingo - Did someone use a term/abbreviation you're unfamiliar with? Here's a handy reference list.

The Hall of Records - Memorable Acts, conversations, and whatnot will be linked to in this post.

The Blacklist - A list of all who have been banned and the reason(s) why.

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A Fire Rose

For the record, I am still a bit confused, so I'm sorry if I blunder this.

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A Fire Rose

Also, there is no more break room, or anywhere to chat. May we have another?

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