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Act Manager: karma-dollie

Current Act: Anything Goes


1. Under no circumstances are characters able to utilize magic systems outside their native ones. This means that Character A (from World Una) cannot learn Character B's (from Multiverse X) epic fireball spell. It doesn't matter how smart they are; this rule is in place to prevent all-powerful characters from coming into being.

2. You must have a fairly clear idea of all your character's powers and abilities. While you need not detail the magic system of your world and/or your character's abilities in a monster post, other Players should be able to deduce some of how your system works and/or what the character's strengths and weaknesses are after playing with your character for a while.

3. While the use of technology is permitted, the focus of the Fantasy DP is more on original, created universes where magic is present. If you really can't be parted from your gizmos and the laws of physics, the Sci-Fi DP is more for you.

4. Each Act may have its own additional rules. These will be located in the first post of that Act. Follow them.

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Anything Goes


The first person to post will get to determine the setting. The plot will develop based on Player's actions.

Additional Rules

None. Just come on in and play.

Act-Specific Characters

Runida - Assassin; possessed of an enchanting voice and the gift of tongues

Lynn - Healer, albeit a terrible one

Tobias - Inkeeper (Cyriel)/Assassin; associate of Runida's

Ed - Inhabitant of Cyriel

Hester - Head Healer of Cyriel

Leo - Innkeeper (Calista)/Assassin; another associate of Runida's

1/31/2009 . Edited 2/20/2009 #2
Chasing Skylines

Thin weeds clung to the cliffside, their narrow shadows adding to the rough ridges. She slumped against the cliffside and sighed. A breeze whipped past.

It was then that it all changed.

2/12/2009 . Edited 2/13/2009 #3

Out of the blue, or, if you must be technical about it, shoved from atop the cliff, a brown-haired man came plunging down. Rather than plummet to a messy demise as per his pusher's intentions, the man, whose name was Thirilight, withdrew a silk feather from one of his many pockets and activated the talisman, floating to a neat landing at the base of the cliff.

Pausing only to thumb his nose at his would-be murderer, Thirilight scanned the area at the base of the cliff and spied the girl. Concluding that she was (probably) not a threat, he cleared his throat and said, "Pardon me, but do you know the way to the nearest town?"

2/13/2009 . Edited 2/13/2009 #4
Chasing Skylines

She blinked at the towering brown-haired man and shifted. She attempted at communication, hoping the new slave (if that was what he was) would understand her native tongue, as August had.

"Who're you?"

2/13/2009 . Edited 2/13/2009 #5

Thrilight stared at her blankly for a moment, uncomprehending, before rifling through his pockets. It was several moments before he found what he was looking for: a piece of metal, vaguely S-shaped and engraved with arcane symbols. Placing one looped end around his left ear and positioning it so that the other end rested against corner of his mouth, Thirilight asked in the girl's tongue, "Would you please repeat that?"

2/13/2009 #6
Chasing Skylines

She watched as the man circled an odd piece of crafted ore around his ear, with non-descript symbols sketched on the object, to the corner of his mouth. Was he connecting his ear to his mouth?

Then the voice came: "Would you please repeat that?"

He was like August, one of her own. A rush of glee erupted.

"Who're you?!"

2/13/2009 #7

"My name," he said with a flourishing bow, "is Thirilight." He neglected to give his full titles - one attempt on his life per day was more than enough, in his opinion.

Rising from his elaborate bow, Thirilight inquired, "What is yours fair maid?" A little flattery never hurt.

2/13/2009 #8
Chasing Skylines

Fair maid? She supposed the mine fumes must've had a positive effect on her skin.

"I... don't have one. August promises to give me one, though." She paused. Thirilight's clothes were far from the raggedy assortment the miners donned.

"Where do you come from? Why are you here? Are you the Him August mentioned?

2/13/2009 #9

So many questions! Of all the people he could have asked for directions, he had to get a ragmuffin of a chatterbox. Oh well; at least she wasn't trying to kill him. That was always a plus.

"No name?" Thirilight raised an eyebrow in disbelief. "In that case, I shall call you Muffy. As for your questions, answer me this, first: who is August, and who is Him?"

2/13/2009 #10
Chasing Skylines

Muffy? It was better than 'girl.'

"I'm not sure who He is. But if August says He'll come, He'll come." She clenched her fists and gave a firm stare. "August is... what do you call someone who's close to you and can trust?"

2/13/2009 . Edited 2/13/2009 #11

"A friend." An unusual question, and Thirilight wondered if perhaps he should find someone else to ask directions of... It seemed like not everybody was home up top in Muffy's head, and he didn't want to deal with some crazy chick. If only Wordy were here...

2/13/2009 . Edited 2/13/2009 #12
Chasing Skylines

"A friend." She mulled it over, deciding it was nice. August was a friend.

The man named 'Thirilight' was straying his gaze and surveying the area, concentrated away from her. When he did glance at her, it was a doubty expression. Oh, he had asked a question?

"The nearest town... I --"

2/13/2009 #13

"Nearest town, you ask?" interjected a woman heavily draped in scarves and a cloak. Her voice had an entrancing quality to it that she used to her advantage to lull her prey into false security. "I know where you need to go. It's just past this field. There's a lovely inn for you to stay at and it's relatively cheap."

The woman smiled beneath her scarves and pointed in the proper direction, but deep down she boiled with anger and annoyance. The man named Thirilight was still alive and not even with a scratch. Curse him! But at least his sword was hidden with her and soon he would be gone when he met her "friend" at the next town. She had many of such "friends" and once he and his new companion were out of the way, her master would be pleased.

2/13/2009 #14

Thirilight visibly jumped, every muscle in his body tensing in preparation of fight or flight as he whirled around to face the new arrival. He had not seen the woman's approach, and it took him a moment to register what the woman had said. Willing his wildly beating heart to still and his stance to relax, he took a deep calming breath before addressing the woman.

"An inn, you say? Of what quality?" he asked, skeptical of the woman's glowing review, Muffy pushed back to a small corner of his mind.

2/13/2009 #15
Chasing Skylines

The arrival of the shrouded woman and the brown-haired man Thirilight was upsetting; she felt the balance tip over. The woman was peering down at her, only her eyes showing. Her eyes lulled and tugged at 'Muffy.'

A twig snapped under "Muffy's' foot. A presence washed over her.

"There are no inns here. The closest city is Valmon by the sea."

2/13/2009 #16

The woman covered her mouth politely as she giggled at Thirilight's tense manner. She made sure to keep her eyes on both people both to seem more welcoming to them and to watch for any hidden tricks. Looks could be deceiving, but she doubted they were any real harm to her.

"The inn isn't of, say, royal standing good sir, but it is far from inhospitable. The owner is a dear friend of mine and a good man." A snapping sound drew her focus back to the girl in an instant. She spoke in an odd tongue that the woman was able to just comprehend with thanks to her magic of tongues. The woman's smile was kind to her, but she looked back to Thirilight and said, "Good sir, I know these parts well. Valmon is much farther than Cyriel is. A fair few leagues farther off. I would highly recommend you make your way across the field if you wish to have food and shelter before the next fortnight."

2/13/2009 #17
Chasing Skylines

"Cyriel?" She rubbed the sides of her nose, wiping the black smudges from her nose. The black seeped back through her finger's calluses. She made sure the action was hidden. "'Course. I... I have stayed in these mines for too long. You -" "Muffy" coughed. "Thirilight, I'll go with you if you want." If the overseers had yet to discover this uncanny meeting, she doubted they would now, and her confidence seemed supported.

2/13/2009 . Edited 2/13/2009 #18

Thirilight glanced between the woman and Muffy, his eyes narrowed in calculation.

On the one hand, Muffy wasn't fully there, it seemed. On the other hand, the woman had snuck up on him - who knew what else she was capable of? But on the other hand, he was getting a bit hungry, and the ground didn't look particularly comfortable, not to mention that he was lacking a bedroll and flint and a means of catching game... But that woman... Something felt off about her, though Thirilight couldn't put a finger on what. As he calmed down, however, he felt more inclined to trust her. Her voice was so lovely... But Muffy didn't seem like the type to lie...

He really wished Wordy were here. Curse that assassin!

At Muffy's confession, Thirilight made up his mind: the prospect of a nice bed, a hot meal, and a warm bath was too much to turn down.

"Lead the way, fair lady."

2/13/2009 . Edited 2/13/2009 #19

She was drawing suspicion. She must have been rusty in the game, but it mattered not. The girl's confidence in her answer vanished as she hoped and thankfully so because she was right in her claim, but Thirilight didn't know that. He folded to the woman and she curtseyed low in respect.

"If it pleases you, good sir. I shall certainly stray from my original path to guide you. I would hate for either of you to remain lost out here. It's just an hour or two to cross." Sympathy effect couldn't hurt. She began to walk across the field that seemed flawless from her orginal spot atop the mountain, but nearby it was pocked with holes of burrowing animals.

"Might I be so bold as to inquire what brings you both to these beautiful parts?"

2/13/2009 #20
Chasing Skylines

"Beautiful? Yes, the sheer cliffs and dangerous treading are famed across the lands." She smiled, head tilted as she inspected the woman. Her insides reeled. There was something otherworldy about her. Two kinds of magic there were, and hers didn't fit... The equation was unbalanced. "What brings me to these parts...? Slavery. May I ask as to how you found your way to the mines? The overseers said nothing?"

2/13/2009 . Edited 2/13/2009 #21

Thirilight followed a distance behind, close enough to speak to the woman without difficulty, but far enough as to be out of striking range (hopefully... who knows what was concealed beneath the woman's robes).

"Beautiful? I suppo--" Distracted with his survey of the field, Thirilight failed to notice the animal burrow in his path and stepped straight into it, falling flat on his face as a result. The wind was knocked out of him, and he gasped for breath in a most undignified manner.

A pox upon unfamiliar terrain!

2/13/2009 . Edited 2/13/2009 #22

The woman was growing more aggravated by the girl who followed along. She didn't like her tone whatsoever and felt that much happier to know what fate awaited her. "Perhaps not a typical beauty as one might expect, but even dangerous things have their own special beauty," she said. "And besides, we're not on the dangerous cliffs." She smiled though it didn't matter since she didn't turn back to the girl. She liked her second set of words even less. They were ruining her cover.

Luckily Thirilight was as clumsy on the lower ground as he was up above and she didn't have to respond. She heard his cut off words and turned to see what stopped him. He was face down on the ground, foot half caught in a burrow.

"Oh dear!" She hurried closer. "Are you all right, good sir? These animal holes can be most bothersome. I should have warned you. I'm very sorry."

2/13/2009 #23
Chasing Skylines

The woman was keeping her back to Muffy. Muffy sped her pace. "Are you this special beauty? Who knows what's beneath your robes. And I'm not talking about those cliffs up there. I'm talking about the dangerous cliffs being wa --"

Thirilight had tripped and landed in one of the burrow holes. The woman rushed faster than natural to check on him.

Muffy ignored the man and instead pondered why the woman had not answered her question. She would find out.

"I think we should find a nice place for Thirilight to rest his broken knee; or any other pains. Rest would be good, and it's getting dark."

2/13/2009 #24

The girl was certainly persistant. If she wasn't careful it would be the death of her.

Too late.

"Rest is a wise idea," the woman agreed. "I dare not move the good sir too far. We can rest where we are so we don't strain him or his injuries." She helped Thirilight from the hole, wary of his leg, and made sure he was laid comfortably on a soft patch of ground. As she tended to Thirilight and then sought out a comfortable place to rest herself (though there would be little sleeping involved) she couldn't help but feel the younger girls eyes on her. She could tell that nothing but trouble would come from her and cursed the foolish man again for delaying their murders.

((Thanks, Kylie.))

2/13/2009 . Edited 2/14/2009 #25

Thirilight, still dazed from his fall, offered no resistance. When he finally regained his bearings, he was lying flat on a patch of ground, something wrapped around his leg. Though his ankle throbbed, it was only twisted, as far as he could tell, and he was grateful that the burrow had been shallow. Glancing around, Thirilight spied the woman and Muffy bedding down, so he made himself more comfortable before waiting out the night, alternating between a light doze and stargazing.

The stars were unfamiliar to him.

((Wary, not weary, Radio. :P))

2/14/2009 . Edited 2/14/2009 #26
Chasing Skylines

The stars offered light, and light was not what she needed. She needed a well, or perhaps a pool of water. Muffy rolled onto her side, back now facing the boulder which she had chosen to sleep by, if only for the cover of its shadow. There was a slight sloping with lankier, swaying reeds in the wide expanse otherwise filled with burrow holes. Could she risk it?

"Muffy" crept past a tree and headed for the pond.

2/14/2009 . Edited 2/14/2009 #27

The woman only had the smallest bouts of sleep. Part of her trade meant to be watchful at all times, but no one could truly go without sleep forever. She did question whether her master could. He always seemed vigilant. So when her eyes opened again after minutes of resting, the child had risen and was making her way from the simple camp. It was all too easy. She could be rid of the both of them in mere moments...and yet she had to wonder what tricks they could be hiding. Thirilight and his little magic toys. The girl and her sudden knowledge of Valmon. It made her curious.

So with her skills at stealth, she rose and followed the girl to a pond. Perhaps there was a way to gain her trust. Before making herself known, she covered her face with her hands for a quick spell to alter a few key features of her hidden face. The girl wouldn't recognize her the way Thirilight might have from the cliff so it didn't matter now, but once she revealed a face, she would have to stick with it. She chose one of her fairer choices, but kept her eyes the same since they had been seen.

"Restless, are we?" her silky voice asked. "Or perhaps you prefer to sleep by water. I enjoy the water's reflection on beautiful nights." She finally removed the scarf and hood from her face and peered into the water with a cordial smile.

2/14/2009 #28
Chasing Skylines

She was startled as the woman settled on the ground a little aways from her. To her shock, the woman began removing her scarves and hood. After removing the cloths, she turned politely and gave the pond a serene smile.

Muffy couldn't tell why the woman was emphasizing her unknown power into her voice. "Yes, I like sleeping near water. It's... nice. The water's reflection is beautiful tonight; but tell me, are the stars different from where you come from? You never answered my questions." Muffy hinted at a smile. "You have a friend at Cyriel? I haven't heard of this place, but the slaves are separated by the tongue they speak."

2/14/2009 . Edited 2/14/2009 #29

Thirilight heard Muffy rise and move away from the camp. Shortly after, he heard the woman rise, and he tensed, but when she followed the girl, he relaxed and resumed his stargazing.

He didn't know what the woman wanted with Muffy, and he didn't particularly care; he was more preoccupied with thoughts of finding a way back up the cliff, tracking down the assassin, and retrieving Wordy.

2/14/2009 #30
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