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As Muffy began jumping around like a flea on crack, Thirry let go of her collar, slightly miffed at how she didn't even say "Thank you." Wanda, through some miracle of tenacity, had managed to keep her grip on the rope and continue climbing, and by the time Thirry was three-quarters of the way up the stairs, the woman had reached the top.

Thirry reached the top, out of breath and with aching legs, just in time to witness the woman leap out of the window, saving him the effort of pushing her. As he looked down from his newly attained vantage point, he was disappointed to find that Wanda had not landed with a splat and soon alarmed to see Muffy dangling her knife-pin over the princess's (well, he assumed it was the princess) face.

As soldiers entered the clearing, Thirry was rooting for Wanda to prevail, but it seemed he'd supported the woman too much in spirit as, when the princess awoke, the celebrating soldiers took the girl and Wanda away with the latter as the guest of honor! That bumbling buffoon was getting away with his reward!

This line of thought was quickly interrupted as the tower began to shake and heave, twisting away into dissolving shadows. His feather still out, Thirry cast the enchantment upon himself before leaping out of the mangled window, only just clearing the structure before it collapsed in on itself in a morass of black magic. As he leisurely floated down, he watched as Muffy glanced around the clearing, presumably for him, before scrabbling figures in the dirt and scampering off to parts unknown.

After landing, Thirry deactivated his charm and walked over to the message, smiling as he read it and shaking his head at the end. Personally, he hoped they would never meet again. Muffy seemed to be a magnet for near-death experiences, and he'd already died one time too many.

With a sigh, Thirry surveyed the clearing, seating himself on a hunk of rock. He was tired, and here seemed as good a place as any to rest a while. And so he drifted off into a light slumber, still perched upon the stone.

It was dark when he awoke, drawn back to consciousness by a hesitant voice, the sun not quite yet above the horizon. Turning around to face the source, he smiled - it was the princess. "I was," he said, rising and towering over the girl. His voice was still hoarse from his earlier screaming, and he winced slightly at its rawness.

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Goodness he was tall. And his smile was lovely. Ava had no doubt he played a great role in her rescue. Someone so gallant in appearance was born to be a hero. She was thankful the evening darkness, much kinder than the darkness in the tower, hid her warm cheeks that had a relieved smile.

"I'm glad you're still here. I was hoping to find the others I saw who helped Lady Wanda save me. There was a third, yes?" She couldn't help but feel like this man wasn't the source of the warm thing either, but she was happy to be in his company as well. "Oh, I'm sorry. Pardon my manners, if you please. I'm Ava. Thank you for helping to rescue me. Please, could I have your name, kind sir? I'll be sure you have proper honors in Diamond City."

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"There was a third, yes. She has already left, however." At the mention of honors, Thirry's smile grew broader. "My name is Thirilight Ardyer," he said, kneeling down to Ava's level and taking her hand, "though you may call me Thirry."

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First she was disappointed. Then when he bowed like such a perfect knight, her heart melted.

"Good evening, Sir Thirry. Please come back to the castle with me. I simply must let my father know you helped as well. And if you'll describe the third, I'd like to have her found and returned so she can be properly honored as well." Strange how many women were out on such ventures like a knight or a soldier would. "But before we go, I, um--" No! No stumbling! She was a noble lady and should act as much.

"I have a small token of appreciation. Lady Wanda already received hers. This is for you." With shaking hands that she mentally swore over, she handed Thirry the pouch with the small amulet within. "I found it here one day and it has always brought me good fortune. One of my most prized possessions, but I feel you deserve it as thanks."

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Well, Sir was a bit of a demotion, but, all in all, it seemed that all his earlier efforts were not entirely without merit. Now Thirry had the gratitude of the princess, her proferred hospitality, and a trinket to show for it. With a thank you, he opened the pouch to reveal a minature sword, the hilt engraved with gold and a blood red stone set inside pommel - his Wordy locating talisman.

Inhaling sharply, Thirry told Ava, "I thought I had lost this for good. Thank you for returning it to me." Rising, he said, "I would love to return with you to your castle, but I must be off. Perhaps, in the future?"

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Ava's smile grew impossibly wider. It was like fate for her to meet him since the amulet she found was his. That must have been what drew him to her. Destiny...and magic! So when Thirry said he had to leave, her smile instantly diminished, but didn't disappear. The future could bring many wonderful things, including the return of Thirilight and her other heroine.

"Yes. Please do come back one day." She reached up to his shoulders on her tip-toes and kissed his cheek. "Until then, Good Sir Thirilight. I'll be sure all of Diamond City knows of your heroism. May you have all the luck in the world."

She curtseyed low and graceful before returning to the castle, afraid she would cry if she dared turn back. Her dreams would forever be filled with magic and adventure and heroes. Her heroes. The next day had never dawned so bright.

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Well, what do you know. The princess was infatuated with him. Wonderful.

While on the inside, he cackled with glee, on the outside, Thirry gave a solemn nod before walking away, his green cloak swiftly concealing him among the foilage. If ever he returned to Diamond City, he would be certain to have Ava hold to her generous promise.

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And scene! ((for reals ;p ))

*curtain falls*


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Treasure Hunt


A bitter old woman let loose a creature from a cave that, when in close proximity to magic, grows from friendly and cute to raging and monstrous because of a rare artifact it swallowed in Ancient days. This act will allow your characters to figure a way to return the creature to the cave and maybe even snag a treasure as reward. But only one gets the treasure.

Additional Rules

As stated, if you come up with a clever way to retrieve the treasure, it cannot be split.

Act-Specific Characters

Filla – The bitter old woman who owns the creature.


*curtain rises*

3/10/2009 #369

Wrinkled hands smoothed over each other in thought. Filla was constantly thinking. There wasn’t much else for an old woman to do and she had plenty to think about. She sat outside the door of her small cottage in the woods, not far from the cliffs. All of it was her land, passed down through her family for generations. No one in her family had ever been given peace though because of what the land contained.

It was a fantasy land for the greedy and cruel. People fought for claim of the land to find the treasures that lay within the ground and the caves. She was constantly using spells and traps to keep people out, but a few still found ways to steal from her. Filla was tired of it and tired of the greedy people of this land.

So she plotted to be rid of everyone. Why not? The younger generation would breed more greedy trash and the older generation was tainted. She couldn’t have the satisfaction of being rid of the people herself for she was much too old and was dying, but her little pet could. A creature was trapped in a far stone chamber within the cliffs. The boulder in front of it was usually sealed tight, but now it was left slightly ajar for the greedy ones to find. All other magic was lifted except for at the entrance to the cave where a simple breeze spell was in place because it was summer and very hot in that region. A natural barrier for the unenthusiastic hunters.

Filla listened closely as she knit a cozy for her tea kettle and she wasn’t disappointed. The screams of the next batch of greedy filth echoed up the cliffs and played like sweet music in her ears. Anyone to enter the cave would find beautifully mutilated bodies. Now her little indestructible ancient friend was loose on the world and would set it straight. Too many places were teeming with magic. Sooner or later, everyone would be gone.

The thought brought a crinkled smile to Filla’s thin lips.

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Chasing Skylines

If she traversed this tract of land, it would be easier, Pearle told herself. The land had many outcrops of rock and sheer cliffs, like some god had dashed his palm and ruffled the landscape. The cliffs seemed to keep the heat insulated within its reaches, causing the weather to be sweltering and the air thick. Pearle surveyed the rock faces as she went, eager in seeking a cool shade of respite from the dry spell over the land.

She came across an area with a boulder positioned slightly open, letting the air from the cooler inside stream out, accompanied by a breeze. A repugnant breeze.

Pearle advanced closer to the source of the wind that was riddled with the smell of rotten carion. She flinched at the sight of a mutilated arm sticking out from the opening. She peeked in, then ran. Bad luck traveled on the wind cooling her back until it steadily died away to be replaced by dry silence.

Later in the day, Pearle, still cautious of the beast or thing that had ravaged the men in the cave, chanced upon a cabin in the woods infringing upon the cliffs' borders. Still wary of the last encounter behind closed structures, Pearle drew her dagger. She turned the knob.

An old lady had her head slumped over the table, a cozy placed beneath a tea kettle beside her head. Their was a look on content rest on her face. Pearle stuck a finger above her crinkly smile. She wasn't breathing.

Pearle decided to make haste to leave this graveyard behind. She stocked up and ended up with new materials for her travelling from the items in the house. She made sure to bury the woman before leaving the following day.

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Thirilight awoke with a groan. His head throbbed, his ribs felt like they were on fire, and his right leg lanced pain with every breath. On the upside, he was still alive. On the downside, he stank like carrion, his ribs were broken, his leg was shattered, and he probably had a concussion. Worst of all was that he never even saw what had hit him and slaughtered the rest of his party.

Thirry laboriously dragged himself to the cave entrance, gritting his teeth as the pain drew forth muffled screams. Once his head and shoulders rested outside the entrance, Thirry stopped and gratefully faded back into unconsciousness, his last thought being "I hope someone benvolent finds me."

3/10/2009 #372

Whiteness. That's all that she could remember. Then she felt herself falling towards the earth weightlessly. Then she felt a hoarse pain as the fox anthro smashed into Pearle head on, knocking herself and the 'crashee' to the ground.

The fox anthro sat up. 'Ow...." She looked at Pearle. "I'm so sorry! Did I hit you? I don't know what happened!" That was complete truth too. She couldn't remember what had happened.

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Chasing Skylines

Pearle staggered and fell from the unknown weight that felt like a bundle of waste. It didn't take much effort to fling the projectile off.

It lay splayed over the ground a little aways from her. Pearle glared at the short, auburn haired animal wearing a dress with two humps. It seemed one didn't get a break from the oddities of the world.

Pearle drew her dagger and flung it at the creature before it could gather itself and possibly pounce.

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Mystic gasped and covered her face with her arms when her bauble started glowing and a light purple shield was created. The dagger clang against the shield harmlessly and fell to the side. The shield stayed put as Mystic kept her arms in front of her face in fright "I...I apologize!"

She must've guessed that this person did NOT appreciate getting smacked on the head with a creature of her size "D..did I hurt you?" She asked, her arms still infront of her. Afraid of getting attacked. it was only when she didnt feel pain and hear the dagger thud did she remove her arms. Blinking in confusion.

3/10/2009 #375
Chasing Skylines

It seemed the animal - fox? - was capable of speech, or at least apologizing and asking needless questions. At the very least, it wasn't a feral beast.

"No." Pearle stood and retrieved her dagger from its deflected position, ignoring the cowering animal. She shrugged on the pack she'd borrowed from the old woman's cottage and proceeded on her way. Or at least pretended to; when she heard the fox give a sigh of relief, she swerved back and tackled it, clutching her dagger to its throat. She eyed the necklace about its neck and tore it off, sending it drifting across the sand into a bush. "What are you?"

Maybe it was an exotic animal she could sell to fuel her search.

3/10/2009 . Edited 3/10/2009 #376

"I..I'm a anthro...m...m...my name is...is...." Mystic had been struggling, though after she finished her statement seemed deep in thought for a moment before she answered "M...my name is Mystic!" she then asked "P..please let me go so I can get my bauble?"

3/10/2009 #377

"O' course the weather would be like this when I get here..." Lilikal muttered to herself as she passed along the cliff side. It was such a disgusting place to be in the summer, but word of treasure had perked her ears and she happened to be in the neighborhood. It could never hurt to have a little more money in her pockets.

The sweltering heat made her want to rip her clothes off there and then. She had more than half a mind to considering no one else was around. And with no one else around, she could also nab quite a few trinkets all by herself. Always a plus. Maybe this day wasn't so bad after all.

As she tugged at the top of her traveling dress, a smell hit her that made her gag, but she didn't stop walking. There was treasure here and she aimed to find it. She heard about protection spells over the area, but she had spells of her own to use. As she kept going, she noticed the smell was worse by a large boulder along the cliff side. Covering her mouth and nose, Lilikal peeked around it and unwillingly gasped, taking in more of the disgusting air and choking on it.

In a swift instant her hand was on the tip of the staff strapped to her back. Everyone was dead. Did she really want to go in there?

"What? Now you're scared?" she scolded herself, but she jumped as her foot hit one of the previously thought to be dead bodies and it grunted. He looked really hurt, but if he was still alive he could tell her what was in there before she went in herself although in all honesty...no. She was the best magicar alive. They weren't. "Hey, mister." She crouched near him as she spoke, withdrawing her staff and nudging the man a little. "You still breathing?"

When she didn't get a proper response, Lilikal went to her belt, different loops holding small stacks of organized cards. She took a stack out, sifted through it, mumbled the short praise to the god of that particular form of magic and then spoke. "Spout." A jet of water splashed from the card she chose and onto the man's face. A little more than she intended though.

3/10/2009 #378

Thirry came painfully to as someone stepped on him. A grunt of pain was all he could coherently manage; his mind felt like molasses, his thoughts moving so slowly, and he was exhausted, so he began drifting off again. The face full of water brought him fully around, and Thirry shook his head weakly, sneezing out the water that had invaded his nose.

As his ribs protested loudly against the sneeze, Thirry groaned before mumbling, "Who are you, and what do you want?"

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Chasing Skylines

Deciding she didn't care about the thing's name, Pearle let go of the fox but claimed its 'bauble' first. She had half-listened to the first part but heard the last question; and deigned not to hear it.

Pearle brushed the dirt off the amulet and walked away, leaving the fox to its purposes. She made sure to sheath the dagger in its fine case and tucked it back into her hair, the pin sliding into the groove along the side of the sheath.

She wondered how much the fox thing would've sold. The bonus, the necklace, had unfortunately become the main attraction. Money was money.

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Mystic frowned and flapped her tiny wings and flew after Pearle "Hey! Give me that back! it's mine!"

3/10/2009 #381
Chasing Skylines

Pearle turned at the squeaky irritating voice. The two humps were wings.

She shook her hair and drew the sheath. Gripping the dagger's sheath, she clubbed the creature's wings. As it fell for a moment, she kicked it. Somethings aren't worth the money with the nuisance they brought along.

3/10/2009 . Edited 3/10/2009 #382

Mystic rolled on the ground and landed a few feet away "Just give me my bauble back and I'll leave you alone! I promise!"

3/10/2009 #383
Chasing Skylines

The flying fox wasn't going to give her a break. She pocketed the 'bauble.'


There was a distant bloodcurdling roar.

3/10/2009 #384

Mystic gasped and out of instinct flapped her wings which hadn't retained serious damage and flew up and sat on Pearle's shoulder "W...what's that?"

3/10/2009 . Edited 3/10/2009 #385

Lilikal erected herself and flapped the card dry before replacing it into her deck. She didn't much care for his tone. He ought to be thankful. She used her own energy to cool him off and wake him up. Some people...

"I'm Lilikal and I'd like to get into that cave, but a bunch of dead guys and their stink are stopping me," she explained to the really pathetic looking man. She would need him awake and not grouchy if he was going to answer her so she didn't end up like him. "Hang on," she said and wondered if she might regret this later on.

Lilikal reached for another card deck. She didn't know many spells in the way of healing and didn't like to use them, but she could certainly numb pain. She held the card over his chest and repeated her actions from before. "Numb." She eyed him to see if it worked. "It won't heal broken bones and stuff, but it ought to stop the pain. Now maybe you could tell me who you are and what in the gods graces happened in there."

3/10/2009 #386

Thirry sighed in relief as the pain faded away to a more bearable level. Looking at Lilikal's expression, he figured that he had better start talking.

"My name is Thirilight. I was leading a party in search of a powerful magical artifact but, as you can see and smell, things did not end well. Shortly after we entered the cave, we were attacked. Our weapons seemed to have no lasting effect, and using magic only enraged it further. Within moments, the entire party was wiped out and I did not even get a glimpse of the creature that did it."

3/10/2009 . Edited 3/10/2009 #387
Chasing Skylines

The trees shook... then collapsed. Petrified wood indeed.

Clouds darkened and the ground itself seemed to fracture at random intervals.

A creature double her size emerged from fallen trees just as it began raining. Thunder flashed to reveal gleaming yellow eyes, but a malevolent color, unlike the fox's eyes. Its arms were corded and the solid boulders that must've made up its arms looked ready to rupture its fur-covered skin. The rain separated to both sides, leaving the beast untouched. It roared, a war cry, fiery eyes literally burning her... at the seam of the pocket she'd stuck the amulet into. Pearle felt she was hallucinating as the beast swerved its head sideways, letting out a stream of anarchy-inducing sounds, and its heads seemed to flash and look double, then threes and fours, the illusion all merging into the picture of rage personified.

It charged.

3/10/2009 #388

Mystic seemed to smile as she flapped her wings and flew out of the way as quickly as she could. Pearle had taken something that wasn't hers and from the way the monster looked at the pocket Pearle had put the bauble in. it was coming back to bite her in the butt. Which was why the fox was smiling.

3/10/2009 #389

Lilikal frowned at Thirilight's story and watched the cave. How could something kill all those people and the only survivor didn't see what it was? It could still be in there and she had no intention of ending up like Thirilight and his friends. If magic didn't work and their weapons - which would be more effective at killing than her staff despite its size - didn't work either, what was she supposed to do? She could just go in and hope the monster was gone...or not.

She looked back at Thirilight and bit her lip. If she left the bodies alone, maybe no one would show up while she was away. She held the long staff forward and took out one more card. Soon the staff hovered before her at chest level. She never tried flying with two people. She wouldn't be able to get as far as usual and she would certainly feel it later, but she couldn't let him walk in his condition.

"Can you sit up?" she asked. "I'll take you somewhere so's you can get help. I sure ain't a healer, but we're not too far from a town."

3/10/2009 #390
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