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Chasing Skylines

The beast launched from its muscled haunches, aiming for her throat, or because of its size, her entire self.

Its brutal course refracted, an invisible force sending it spiraling to a bush which soon splintered. Pearle stared in horror. It did work. They were right. She negated intense fields of magic; which could be the only thing that had supplemented this creature so.

The weather returned back to normal, leaving a brown bear poking its head up and sniffing. It gave a feeble roar and slumped, sleeping.

3/10/2009 #391

"Wow....that was CRAZY!" Mystic flew infront of Pearle's face "I thought you were toast for sure! that was AWESOME!" She was wailing her arms up and down in astonishment.

3/10/2009 . Edited 3/10/2009 #392
Chasing Skylines

As she neared it, she saw the bear lift an eyelid. Amused, she watched the bear observe her. She halted a few paces away from it. The bear nuzzled the ground with its head and squirmed closer to her. She hopped back. It crawled forward. It nosed the ground once more and waved its paw across the dirt. It seemed to point at her.

While making to kneel down beside it, her foot skidded along a damp spot of rubble and mud, causing her to slip. Her face met the coarse ground, cutting her skin. The sheathed dagger in her hair slid and dropped on the bear. Sparks ignited along the sheath's edge.

The thunder rolled, yet the clouds had not even congregated. The bear's arms exploded into structured mass, veins popping out through the fur. Pearle scrambled back from it, but the bear roared, the same earth-rendering war cries from before. A tree collapsed and demolished her leg. The pain blossomed and erupted. She couldn't feel the lower portion of her body.

In a pain hazy movement, she lifted her head up. The bones, or what was left of them, in the rest of her body felt like to have shattered. The damp ground - was it her blood? Almost an afterthought, she noticed the beast had the same warm eyes the bear had had before. Crawled forward. Hop back. Her mind giggled at the recent memory. The hop hop of her heart seemed to leap and rupture.

It hammered down with its monstrous paws and bashed her skull in, splintering bones and shredding skin.

She almost thought it looked sorry before the darkness engulfed her and the pain ended.

3/10/2009 . Edited 3/10/2009 #393

Mystic stared blankly. Then she glared. she had just witnessed a person's murder. Two things were in her mind. The first was to grab thaat bauble and high-tail it but the second part of her thought she should try to calm the beat.

She went with the first option and flew silently towards Pearle's body and just in case. Picked up Pearle's sheathed dagger and put it under her arm as she landed softly next to Pearle.

She quickly reached intio the pocket that held the bauble and grabbed the necklace and quickly flapped her wings and started flying off. Putting the sheathed dagger on her back [using a string she ripped from her own pant legs from her kimono so the pant legs were just below her knees] and put her necklace back on. She was thankfully she was a few inches taller then the dagger so it didnt make her seem shorter theen she was.

She wasnt paying attention to the bear as she was flying away as quick as she could. She was focusing on surviving now.

3/10/2009 . Edited 3/10/2009 #394

Maluras emerged blinking into the sunlight. The opressive heat at once made him regret the fact that his uniform's tunic was black. Silently, a hand resting on the sheathed saber at his waist, Maluras took stock of the situation.

The last thing he remembered before waking up in that dark, dank undergroung tunnel was finishing off a beast which had slipped past Rayal's magical barrier. He then found himself in darkness, oddly clean of the creature's blood. As his eyes adjusted to the brightness, Maluras surveyed the parched cliffs. He noticed a boulder, a peculiar smoothness starkly contrasting the harsh edges of the cliffs. Seeing a path leading to the round stone as well as one connecting it to the top of the cliff, Maluras decided to investigate. Perhaps there were people there or on top of the cliff or some path he could follow to a nearby city, where he could find out where exactly he was and how he could return to Rayal.

Trudging up the narrow path, soon Maluras caught the scent of the cave. Death. Maluras new that unmistakable putrescence. He had found beast-nests before, beds of rotting and consumed humans. He picked up his step; perhaps there was someone still alive, someone who could still be saved. Voices drifted down from the cave and Maluras broke into a run. In a few seconds, he reached the cave and rushed in. The horrible scene made his gorge rise, but at least there were people.

"Greetings," Maluras breathed, "Are you two all right?"

3/10/2009 . Edited 3/10/2009 #395

Lilikal was startled as someone else appeared from the cave. Someone else was alive!

"I'm all right, but Thirilight isn't. I was going to take him to the town not too far off. Hey, wait a minute! You were in the cave! Did you see--?"

Lilikal stopped short at the sudden shift in the air. Looking up over an area not too terribly far off, storm clouds appeared out of nowhere. They felt sort of ominous, but she couldn't imagine why. They didn't last long, but it seemed that as soon as they were gone, they came back. What strange weather this place had, but the promise of rain was uplifting.

"What's going on over there?" She was sorely tempted to check out the area where the clouds had accumulated.

3/10/2009 #396
Chasing Skylines

The heat and stark landscape of the plains had been nothing compared to this searing aridity. Kael shrugged another pelt off, numbering down to his lighter furs. He refused to strip bare of the cloaks. Demons from the netherworlds must inhabit this torrid place; the sole opposite of the night lands where the bleak chills of the night froze the tormented, wandering souls condemned there. He scrambled through the wolf's tail lining his throat and sought the smooth texture of the wolf fang around his neck. A soothing feeling enveloped him, a wave of pleasant warmth; not the sweltering blisters of the air here, but the mellow feeling of stacked furs to ward off winter cold.

As he walked, he concluded not to stop until he was confident he would pass by different scenery the next day. Lyar would, had, blessed him to take this journey, and he would. He touched his brow with his forefinger, dashed it across his face to his parched lips, then a jerky movement to the right, as if he was flicking off a stray morsel of meat, in a sign to ward of evil.

The sight that met him was anything but good. A corpse, stuck under a large tree with leaves unfamiliar to his eyes, lay mangled. It resembled the aftermath of a hunter embroiled in the warfare of the beasts of twilight, wolves and bears and even larger savage predators. Half the face looked to have been struck off with a sledgehammer. There was a glint of yellow in the mud surrounding her. Making the gesture of warding once more, he grasped the narrow ornament. It was a fine stick crafted from a durable material. There were scores marked along the surface. He couldn't read the figures, but pocketed the item.

Kael hoped for rain to cleanse the poor soul and wash away the corpse. May the person find the ice-crystal lighted halls of Lyar the Hunter.

3/10/2009 . Edited 3/10/2009 #397

Mystic who had hid in near by buses saw Kael and watched him silently. Afraid of him rashing out like Pearle had done. Mystic was glad she had her bauble back but was afraid of what fate could bestow for her if that is what happened to Pearle.

3/10/2009 #398

"I would rather not try. Broken ribs and all; I do not want to risk puncturing any organs," Thirry said. He added as an after thought, "Especially since I would not be able to feel it if a rib were to slide the wrong way."

A man rushed over, and Thirry answered his question with a flat, "No."

"What, and over where?" he asked Lilikal. Being face down on the ground was not conducive to seeing things.

3/11/2009 #399

Lilikal crouched again and lightly turned Thirilight's head in the direction of the ominous storm clouds. "That, and over there. I want to see what's happening."

Sure, it was more than likely none of her business since she didn't have any business apart from snatching up a bit more money and continuing on her way, but her curiosity was piqued. Maybe it was the source of a new spell she could learn. That couldn't hurt...unless she ended up like Thirilight. If he couldn't move on his own, he would have to find a different way to a healer. Lilikal sure couldn't carry him and now her attention was focused elsewhere. He'll be fine, she reassured herself with ease The new guy could watch him.

Lilikal hopped up onto her hovering staff. "I'm gonna check it out. Could be that it's someone who can help you if you wanna stay put in the mean time." With a wave, she rose a little higher in the air and sped towards the clouds that were starting to move away and disperse.

3/11/2009 . Edited 3/11/2009 #400

Mystic saw something in the corner of her eye moving towards the area she was in. She saw something in the distancq with a figure on it. Petrified she curled up in the bushes on the ground. Hands covering her head. Pearle's experience had left it's mark so she was afraid of being attacked once again. The bush around mystic shook as the fox anthro shook as well. The fox also let out soft whimpers of fright.

3/11/2009 #401

Lilikal ended up in a woodland area, but soon her short venture would be useless because the clouds were long gone. She frowned and slowed her staff so she could hop off and walk. No need to waste the gods' gift.

She squinted ahead and saw a small dot amidst the trees that could have been anything. She just hoped it was the helpful sort of anything. Maybe a house that happened to be in the middle of nowhere. She shrugged and started towards it when she heard a noise nearby and looked around. She couldn't deny the grip on her staff tightened. But she wasn't afraid. Just cautious.

A quivering bush caught her attention. Was someone else hurt? At least if that dot were a house, this person would be safer. Lilikal didn't like the idea of so many injured people around here. The whole place reeked of bad things and she'd be happy to put it behind her, forget the stupid treasure...maybe.

Lilikal poked her staff into the bush to part some of the tangled branches and saw a small, terrified looking fox. "Aw," she said as if it were a pet. "Poor lil' guy. What's got you spooked, huh?"

3/11/2009 #402

"A...are you going to hurt me?" Mystic asked, hearing a voice but not looking. afraid of what she might see if she removed her arms as she sat up, facing Lilikal but not looking at her.

3/11/2009 #403

"Hurt you? Why in the gods' graces would I--did you just talk?!"

Lilikal was pretty sure animals weren't meant to talk. However, she shook her head figuring she had seen weirder things on her travels. Well, maybe not, but there were more important things to deal with than a strange little beastling that was more afraid of her than she of it. She only just got a glance of the forest in another direction and not too far off. The trees were dashed about as if something really big had gotten really mad there. Lilikal was thankful to have missed it.

"Never mind that, why would I hurt you? Did something else try to hurt you?"

It would be an odd stroke of luck if this little thing had seen the same monster that attacked Thirilight and his men. Bad luck probably.

3/11/2009 . Edited 3/11/2009 #404

Mystic nodded vigorously "Y...yeah! A GIANT monster attacked me and a thief that took my necklace and it killed her!" Mystic said, shuddering "It was horrible. Her head was smashed in like a pancake!" she flapped her wings and floated up in front of Lilkal, curiosity in her eyes "Who are you?"

3/11/2009 #405

A giant monster? A beast out of nowhere? People ending up dead? Lilikal didn't like this one bit and made sure to keep her eyes averted from the torn up part of the forest. She wasn't interested in looking at anymore dead things. She held her staff up to keep a barrier between her and the beastling that was giving graphic details of the latest victims death.

"I'm Lilikal. I'm looking for some help for someone else who was attacked by something big. I was following the clouds that were headed this way, but they're gone now. If you're so scared, you can come with me. I'm gonna check whatever that is down there. Do you have a name?" she asked as she started walking towards the dot in the distance.

3/11/2009 #406

Mystic flew beside Lilkal. Glad that this new person had not assaulted her "Yes! My name is Mystic!" she grinned widely "Pleasure to meet you Lilkal!" She saw where they were heading and shuddered "The monster was big and scary! Though after it finished attacking. It turned into some sort of woodland creature with brown fur."

3/11/2009 #407

"Nice meetin' you too," she said, not entirely sure if it really was. Mystic went on about the monster and Lilikal thought she was just going to rant and rave about how big and scary it was, something she was sure she understood by now. She frowned, but didn't pause in her step when the fox described how the creature changed.

"So it's not a monster anymore? What made it change?"

The dot was clearer now and Lilikal could see the outline of a cottage. She beamed with relief and ran for the little house, praying to the god of good fortune that someone was home and could help.

3/11/2009 #408

Mystic kept up with Lilkal as she explained, looking at the approaching cottage. 'I don't know how it changed! All I know is that it changed after it killed the thief!"

3/11/2009 #409

"All right. All right. Don't gotta yell," Lilikal said as she reached the front door. "Did the thief try to steal something from the furry thing and made it mad so that it turned into the monster?" That'd be her own dumb fault for getting caught.

Lilikal knocked on the door and was about to shout for someone, but the door swung open on its own. She started, but calmed and peeked inside. It looked empty, but just in case, she pushed the door open farther and went inside to look around. It looked like whoever lived there had left in a hurry. There was tea and dishes. Some food was left out as well.

And then Lilikal caught sight of a small, upturned book beneath a pulled out chair by the tea. She picked it up and saw a dated entry to a journal. It was dated that day.

3/11/2009 #410

"No. It was after she stole my neck-hey what's that?" Mystic sttopped her explaination and flew on to Lilkal's shoulder. Looking at the entry "Hey. it's dated today!"

3/11/2009 #411

Lilikal raised an eyebrow at the floating beastling on her shoulder.

"Well, aren't you the fuzzy little genius." She patted Mystic's head and then read the entry.

I've done it at last. No longer will these filthy, greedy people steal from me and my family. My bear will be rid of the thieves and then be rid of everyone. He was let loose this morning and killed the last batch of thieves. The magic of the breeze spell would be certain to make him become the wonderful beast he truly is. No one can stop him. I only wish I could live to see him do his duty, but there isn't time for me. The tea's effects are quick, but painless. I need no more pain. This tarnished world will be the one to suffer now. Let the past and future robbers die all at once and maybe one day the world can be remade the beautiful way it once was in Ancient days. I pray my bear never sees that cave again until everyone is annihilated and only then should the ancient magics attached to the artifact he swallowed in the golden days call him back and seal him away. Let me be reborn into a world without the likes I've seen. For now though I re

That was it. Whoever wrote it must have died before finishing, but where was the body? And was this the same bear Mystic saw? And where was the bear? Wreaking more havoc somewhere? Many questions were flying through Lilikal's head, but one thing was certain: This mess was her business now. Someone had to stop that bear...

3/11/2009 #412

"We need to stop it! The bear could cause MAJOR issues!" Mystic waved her hands as she hovered to the ground and ran in circles around Lilikal's feet in panic.

3/11/2009 #413

Maluras watched as the young girl bounded from the wretched cave. His eyes wandered to the phenomonal clouds for a second before turning to the wounded man.

"Be that as it may, I do not wish to be here when whatever beast that killed these people returns. If we do not leave soon, you will be no better than a cold meal." Maluras knelt over the man, inspecting his wounds, grimacing when he noticed his leg. "If I were to make a splint, do you suppose you could walk if I aided you?" Then, remembering to introduce himself, said, "My name is Maluras Cinnis."

Maluras had seen men worse off survive, but had also seen better die. If the man were to live, he must be brought to a safer place, one not filled with death. Death begets death, which did not mix well with the wounded.

3/11/2009 #414
Chasing Skylines

The stench and ruin, of both the environment and the girl's face, was seared into his mind. He found himself pondering over the cause. The area was dry; perhaps a blizzard without snow? A storm of sand that ravaged the area and fell the tree on the young girl - or boy?

He thought of his homeland, but those thoughts weren't welcoming, even as distracting tangents. He pleaded for the stars to return and guide him on his lofty quest. There was no map superior to a God's directions; then again, there was no map. Deep in his musings, he didn't notice when he chanced upon a cottage. It was built from stacked logs with a thatched roof, but seemed cozy and sturdy.

The door was ajar. Kael strode in.

3/11/2009 #415

"Could cause issues?" Lilikal scoffed, sticking her boot out to stop the fox's circling as she pocketed the diary. "It already has. It killed this thief and all of Thirilight's men. I'm not too thrilled to go after it. We've at least got to warn people, but something tells me they won't believe a kid and her talking fox." She sighed. "I guess we've got to find it and get it back in the cave. Wait! Thirilight is still at the cave and he's hurt! The bear will eat him if we get him there now!"

Lilikal thought fast, a rarity for her that probably wouldn't go as well as for someone who was used to thinking things through. First she raided the dead person's house for any and all healing supplies and food that wouldn't perish. Then she raced out the door ("Come on, Mystic! Hurry!") and straight into another person. She fell onto her back with a hard THUD.

3/11/2009 #416

"Thirilight," Thirry replied before he sighed. "If I must move, then I must. There should be a spear somewhere over there," he said while gesturing in the appropriate direction within the cave, "and I have bandages in my right pocket."

As Thirry retrieved the cloth wrappings, he took the opportunity to feel the back of his head. Ever since Lilikal had cast the numbing spell on him, all his aches and pains had vanished, including his headache. Thirry could feel a good-sized lump at the base of his skull, and he winced as his fingers encountered copious amounts of blood matting his hair. Hopefully not all of the blood was his; otherwise, he was in worse shape than he had thought.

As he cautiously levered himself up with his arms, the bandages clutched in one hand, Thirry told Maluras, "We had best go slow. I can no longer feel any pain, so I will be unable to tell if something, namely a rib, were to shift wrong and cause me greater injury."

3/11/2009 #417
Chasing Skylines

A force rammed into him. He staggered but remained standing.

A young girl was lying flat on her back. Startled by the sight of a human after a long lapse, he backed off; he was still recovering from the last meeting in the plains with the slavers.

He regained his senses and lent a hand to the girl. As if his senses weren't whirring enough, there was a squealing little fox wearing human - if it was, the colors were the dark indigo of a dark winter's sky - garb. He retracted his hand and slammed the door.

3/11/2009 #418

Mystic. who had tripped saw Lilkal run into Kael. Chuckled at the inciddent as she flew over to Lilikal "Have a nice fall?"

3/11/2009 #419

Lilikal rubbed her forehead and looked up at the boy she crashed into. He looked a few years older than her and certainly was bigger than her petite self. She was distracted momentarily by the chatty fox. She feigned a small laugh before flicking Mystic in the nose with a glare. Before she could take the boy's hand he drew it back and then slammed the door shut, holding them all in.

"Uh," she began feeling rather uncomfortable at the sudden change of events, "is this your house?" She prayed it wasn't. First men were being mutilated by unseen creatures. Then annoying foxes were talking. Now the dead walked the land? She could really only deal with so much at one time. Her fingers twitched a bit, prepared to reach for her staff or cards if need be.

3/11/2009 . Edited 3/11/2009 #420
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