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Lilikal raised an eyebrow at Thirilight and hopped off her staff. This man was just a bundle of sunshine.

"Look, there's a monster in disguise running around killing anyone and everyone and we've gotta get it back in the cave elsewise more people are gonna end up like your friends down there. You gonna help or no? 'Cause I think we're gonna need all the hands we can get. By the way, this is Mystic and Aylin."

She indicated to each respectively, the beastling still in her arms, but free to go if she felt like it.

3/14/2009 #451
Chasing Skylines

Kael nodded at the injured man and kept his eyes on the book. It glimmered in the light.

It began beaming, softly at the center then spreading, painting the pages in a glossy warm glow. Then it frosted, the once white pages now a smooth parchment yellow.

Words etched themselves as a tree ruptured into pieces, a long roar accompanying the tremble of the fallen tree.

3/14/2009 #452

"Help? Me? Oh, yes, someone barely able to move on his own would be so effacious against something that slaughtered the rest of his group." Thirry rolled his eyes and quickly regretted it. The world started swaying back and forth, up and down, upsidedown and inside out. Even with the settling effects of the leaf, the vertigo was making him queasy.

As his stomach churned like a choppy sea, Thirry mused that he was probably turning a pasty green. It didn't help that he kept alternating between freezing cold to burning hot, violent chills and profuse sweat, and it was at the point where Thirry wished his body would pick one of the extremes and just stick with it!

But then a tree started shooting splinters all over the place, and the roar sent waves of sound rippling through his vision (woah... crazy colors), and Thirry had a terrible headache, only he didn't because he couldn't feel pain, but that didn't make any sense because he knew he had a headache and he felt it, but you can't really feel a headache without feeling pain...

In any case, Thirry didn't like this ride anymore, no no, and he wanted off.

3/15/2009 #453

Lilikal was about to say a word or two -- her staff might have had a few emotions to vent on his face -- over Thirilight's attitude and big words she didn't care for, but they were interrupted by a tree bursting and the whole world seeming to quake at the sounds of a monstrous rumbling. Lilikal ducked, still being scratched and pierced by a number of splinters. There was a heavy footfall and she was rather reluctant to look up, but look she did.

"God of fortune's blind spot..." she breathed. "That ain't no bear."

The beast towered over the group looking vicious and ravenous or just plain angry. The finer details were beyond Lilikal's deductive skills. Time stood still and she slowly reached for her cards though she wasn't sure which would be helpful, especially since the monster seemed to react badly to magic. But it would be better than having no help at all. Unfortunately, as she drew one of her decks, the monster took a great whiff and was clearly displeased with those before it. Time resumed and the hulking beast raised a great paw to strike.

3/15/2009 #454
Chasing Skylines

The splinters and shards erupting from the tree had not affected him; rather, they slid off an invisible barrier cloaking around him. The book continued to shine and began shuddering in the direction of the bear.

Kael flicked his gaze to his furs, not able to see how the hulking creature before them could be even related to a bear. It had bristling fur and arms that looked fit to snap humans like twigs; or demolish their bones to dust. It had the teeth of a snow tiger, fangs dripping blood already; or was that the illusion of menace around it? It seemed to cause anarchy to nature.

Kael's eyes stabbed with pain as its too large arm drew back in a quick motion. The beast slammed its fist toward the incapitated man.

3/15/2009 #455

Didn't she warn that idiot he ought to get away from here? She didn't think the monster would come back this way willingly though or so soon, but still. Now the paw was coming fast and there wasn't time for thinking. Lilikal abandoned the cards to their belt ring and snatched up her staff. She aimed it at Thirilight and would've wondered why in her birth god's name she would ever do this for a stranger if she had time to think it.

She shouted, "Push!"

An awful cramp harassed her stomach as she too was shunted backwards and into a very solid tree, the breath knocked out of her. She collapsed to the ground. She looked up and saw the monster's paw leaving a massive crater in the earth. Thank the gods Thirilight wasn't underneath it. The bent grass showed the short path his body slid along. The monster didn't seem to understand that notion immediately and rubbed its paw deeper into the ground for another minute. Lilikal needed that minute for the pain from every direction to ebb away.

3/15/2009 #456


One moment, he was leaning against the tree, a giant paw sweeping down to squash him; the next, Thirry was on his back in some grass, the treetops and sky spinning in a drunken reel. It seemed he needn't have worried about being unable to feel his rib bones sliding after all. He had definitely felt that rib shard get shoved into his lung when that girl did her "Push!" thing.

Oh, well. The sky was pretty, and at least he wasn't being turned into a bloody pulp. Dying mostly intact was preferable to dying as a pile of unrecognizable mush. Or something like that.

A trickle of blood leaked from the corner of his mouth as his already labored breathing became choked with bright blood. It tasted nasty, but it probably looked pretty, Thirry thought to himself as he lay completely still. Red was a very pretty color, though not as pretty as green.

Everything looks different crosseyed.

3/23/2009 #457
Chasing Skylines

The scene was too chaotic for Kael to follow.

He backed away but the book flew forward, its glossy pages hovering in the direction of the monster. A stream of ink flowed off its pages, each etched letter falling in a tumble, like a black waterfall.

It pooled. A shimmering fog developed into a spectral image. It spoke with a woman's tone.

3/30/2009 #458

"My darling," the aged and cracking voice spoke to the beast. "My dearest pet. So grown and full of vitality and strength. Do what you were born to do. Stoke the flames of life as the volatile flames threaten to do to yours and once did to your freedom. Kill them. Kill them all! Awaken your truest power with the blessed words of the--"

The voice was cut off after Lilikal dove forward and slammed the diary shut. The shadowy form's words wavered and vanished with the dissipating fog. She didn't like the monster's strength where it was now. It didn't need to uncover some hidden strength that would make it as invincible as the woman wrote. The diary resisted staying shut, but she hugged it tightly to her chest and sat up, most of her pain diminished. Then she gave a small shriek and jumped aside as she saw the beast charging at her, eyes filled with more rage than she remembered seeing.

It crashed through a number of trees before wheeling around straight for her. Why was it following her? Magic came to mind. Magic angered it and she used magic. So while she had its attention...

"Hey, you yappy lil' mutt!" she enchanted her staff and hopped on while pulling out another card. She mumbled the old words and shot a jet of water to annoy the beast and keep its focus on her. "Catch me if you can!" Lilikal sped off towards the cliff's edge in a route away from her companions so they wouldn't get hurt. She kept the monster at a distance where she felt sure it would keep following her even when--"Whoops." She laughed as she went past the edge and stayed afloat while the monster had no such ability. It roared, slashed fruitlessly in the air and then tumbled down the cliffside, kicking up dust in its wake that trailed its long path to the bottom. Maybe they wouldn't have to worry about sealing it up. Maybe the fall would kill it.

"And maybe I've got six toes," she muttered.

Lilikal decided to let the dust settle before even considering lowering down the cliffside. Maybe she could check on the others first. Yeah. That seemed important. Not that she was scared or anything. All the while, she was very wary of the diary in her hands.

3/30/2009 #459

It was getting very difficult to breathe, and he was so tired... If only the old biddy would shut up and let him sleep. Where did she come from, anyway? And did she have any cookies?

Thirry's eyes slowly drifted shut as he drowsily fought to keep them open. He didn't want to get stepped on by that crazy bear on steriods. He vaguely wondered if the bear was related to those hyped up pink elephants people talked about. Or were they white? Maybe blue? The sky wasn't blue anymore. It was red like blood. Soon it would be night, and nighttime was sleep time.

He was going to sleep now because he was so very tired...

4/1/2009 #460

Lilikal abandoned the roaring dust cloud and flew back to the group. It looked like Mystic and the big guy were scared off by the rampage. The beastling running off didn't surprise her. When they first met, it was just a cowering little thing. The bigger guy was more of a surprise, but such was life. Some people couldn't stomach adventure like the best magicar alive could.

She was about to check on Aylin, the first one she spotted, but then she noticed Thirilight still on the ground. Surely the monster hadn't hurt him. She moved him in time or else he would be so many shattered fleshy pieces in a ditch. But he was already hurt from before. Ignoring the welling fear in the pit of her stomach, Lilikal raced to his side, stashing the diary in her bag.

"Hey! C'mon. Get up. Soon as we take care of this monster, we'll get you to a healer." He didn't move. Not even to groan at her nudging. "Thirilight?" She used the same jet of water as she had before. Still he lay motionless and pale. A flash of memory burned through a vague space in her mind for the briefest of instances, but whatever the image was it left her with such dread she couldn't explain and for a moment she panicked. "Thirilight! Get up!" She whacked his arm with more force than necessary. Nothing. She swallowed thickly. Had she--? No! She was saving him from getting crushed. She didn't kill him. But he wasn't breathing and he had been before.

Lilikal tore her bag open again and rifled through the medicines and bandages and everything else taken from the cottage and of her own store, but nothing would help him now. She threw her bag aside with a frustrated cry and continued her command and action of hitting his arm for a minute before slumping forward, balled fists shaking, eyes clenched and face contorted with bitter rage. Who had earned her anger, she didn't dare voice aloud.

4/2/2009 #461
Chasing Skylines

Kael ran. He couldn't handle it anymore. Adrenaline pumped his arms and powered his legs, the weight of his furs bearing down but a passing notice. He rounded the jut of a cliff and skirted down the trail.

He halted, lungs crashing for breath, one arm shooting out to grasp the rockside, the callousness of its texture the only reality. A malvolent aura shimmered around the monster, its hulking shadow spreading in awkward ways. It stumbled up and Kael backed away. He closed his eyes and held the wolf tooth amulet around his neck, seeking the sturdy smoothness of its structure to anchor him in the snow-laden forests of home, the stars painted over the sky like the heads of arrows, and his mother's smile, weak and watery but still just motherly. And as the beast vaulted toward him, he remembered she was dead. Maybe he'd join her; but not without a fight, lest he be doomed for lack of courage.

He leaped off the cliff he was on, a short distance from another ledge. As he dropped, he fumbled through his pockets and found an item; hopefully a weapon. A glint of gold and a sleek, sharp rod was embedded in the monster. It ... shrunk, and a winter bear appeared, just with less white in its pelt and more brown. Its eyes were as watery as mother's smile.

4/3/2009 #462

Lilikal didn't dare cry. Why should she? She didn't do anything and who was Thirilight to her anyway…? And besides, there were more important matters at hand. Lilikal crawled to her bag and took the diary back out. In the exposed air, it thumped as if it had a heartbeat. What a strange thing. When she opened it to the page it had opened to on its own, she was surprised to find the same words that the woman's voice spoke and then some. Maybe what she meant to say before Lilikal cut her off.

Awaken your truest power with the blessed words of the desire in your heart. Call upon the artifact deep in your belly and desire not just to protect our ancient family. Desire to be the invincible beast you are destined to be and annihilate the unworthy trash of this world.

"Desire?" Lilikal said. "If I could get that artifact, I know what I'd desire." She glared at the diary and shoved it into her pack. "Volatile flames threaten it. Wonder what that means. Whatever it is, it's gotta be somethin' pretty big to take out a monster like that. I'll just give it everything I've got. It don't stand a chance cos now I'm mad."

She grabbed her staff without another look at the body on the ground and flew down the cliff side where the dust had settled. Nearing the bottom, she saw Aylin in front of a small beastling. The bear monster. Her face hardened. She didn’t care how innocent it looked. It wasn’t going to see another hour of life if she had anything to say about it. Lilikal withdrew one of her strongest fire spell cards and began to mouth the old words. The bear looked at her, eyes filled with yearning, and padded towards her, sniffing at her bag.

((Ratlynx, please be careful to read what's happening in the previous posts before posting. I think you may have confused which Act we're currently in. Also, head over to Crew Listings to introduce yourself and all that fun stuff. :D ))

4/4/2009 #463
Chasing Skylines

The girl from before had appeared, brandishing her staff that could fly and mouthing sinister words that could harm. Her childish features were set in a determined look. The bear dragged its paws over, its black button nose sniffing at the bag the girl had slung onto the ground.

The bear arched its head to the sky, yelping before crumpling, cowering close to the ground. The sun blossomed from behind clouds. The girl stopped, a finished feel to her exhale.

In a contained fashion, namely the bear, reality ripped to shreds. A sun had ruptured before him.

Two items clattered to the ground. The golden pin he'd stolen from the dead body, and a locket, just as golden once upon a time but now marred with rust. A W was clearly imprinted on it.

4/5/2009 #464

From behind strangely calm, closed eyes, Lilikal didn't care what the scene looked like. She only focused on the words, the card, the staff and the diary. She hadn't meant to use her staff to assist the spell. It jumped on the opportunity itself, fueling and focusing her words and intent. The diary reacted as well as a foreign force the spell didn't care to reject. Her ears rang until she whispered, "Burst."

An explosive force left the card and a moment later, she felt it blow past her as her target was struck. When she opened her eyes, the very air wavered making Lilikal nauseated until it settled and two objects landed on the ground. Only one interested her, seeming to scream for attention. She picked up the locket and the rust chipped away leaving the glittering item that had caused so much trouble.

Lilikal clenched her hand around the hated thing and felt her heart pound as she thought of her greatest desire. The locket grew bright, searing her palm as it disintegrated, and a beam of piercing light shot at the sky and blanketed it, making the air waver again. Soon the beam fizzled out, the air settled, and Lilikal's palm was left as a bloody, charred mess that she cradled as she dropped to her knees. Not far in the distance, groans of healed men could be heard from a cave as if they had never been hurt at all. As if there never was a monster or a locket or a rampage of destruction. Because there never was.

4/5/2009 #465
Chasing Skylines

Odd to have a dream of being dead. Or asleep as the case might've been.

Her eyelids kept dragging down, and pain wracked her legs. Her head felt like someone had taken the flat end of a sword and rapped her head repeatedly until finally finishing it off by grinding it in a mill stone.

Once she got her eyes open, she looked down at the tree lying on her legs. She shifted and it snapped neatly to both sides.

Pearle stood up. The pains gradually subsided. Her hand went to her hair. The dagger wasn't there, and neither was the pin.

How convenient.

She soon found a cottage in the middle of the woods, and rested there, dreaming of bears and foxes and graverobbers.


Kael's eyes flickered open. Crisp grasses swayed in the night breeze. He shifted his gaze skyward, to the stars. Where Lyar points the Blessed go.

He pondered the meaning a dream about demons and magic and flying branches could have. He heard his mother's voice, still wandering the nightlands and skies: Don't worry, it was just a dream.

4/5/2009 . Edited 4/5/2009 #466

Half-dazed, Thirilight slowly sat up. He could have sworn he had died, but that wasn't possible; he was very much alive. There were half-remembered visions floating around his head though they heavily distorted as if viewed through thick glass. The remnants of a dream, perhaps.

As he became aware of his surroundings, Thirry shook his head in bewilderment. Although he was uninjured, with the exception of a very sore arm (what did he do to it?), his leg was in a crude splint, one he remembered another man making. The other man was nowhere in sight, though.

Thirry reached up to feel his forehead, checking for a fever. Finding none, he brushed the wetness coating the corner of his mouth. The fingertips became covered in bright red blood. The muddled events from before had obviously not been a dream.

Thirry lurched up and made his unsteady way in the direction of the cliffsedge, or what he remembered to be the cliffsedge. He wondered why his body refused to cooperate, and he wondered if it had something to do with all the strangeness. Where was that bear thing? Where was the man? And where was that girl and the others with her? All these questions were giving him a headache, and Thirry decided that, from now on, he'd leave the treasure hunting to his minions.

He'd had enough.

4/6/2009 #467

Flicking through the diary with her bandaged hand, Lilikal read a number of sad entries from a bitter old woman before concluding that whatever interest the item might have held was gone. She couldn't shake the feeling that she had once been really interested in it. Why else would she have it in her bag? But it was just a ratty old book with worn pages of useless writing. She shrugged and tossed it aside. It wasn't going to help her on her way to becoming the strongest magicar to ever live.

What would help would be getting out of that sweltering place. She didn't think she could take it a moment longer, even with a breeze spell working. It made her dizzy mind wander to weird dreams of injured or dead people and flying stuffed toys and a grotesque, vicious creature and feelings she didn't like. This cursed land gave her an unhelpful chill, not that she was afraid of anything, and she would be glad to put it behind her.

And so she did. Lilikal hopped onto her staff to make the journey quicker and without another glance at where she had been, she moved on to where she was going. She didn't know where that was, but that was fine by her. That was the fun of adventure.

4/6/2009 #468

And scene!

*curtains drop*


4/6/2009 #469


Wishing Star


A bright light streaks across the sky. A shooting star! If you find it, you can make a wish! But it lands in the midst of an enchanted labyrinth where magical beings both good and bad await around each bend. Your characters must brave the labyrinth to reach the center where the star has landed. Whoever gets there first gets one limitless wish. But be careful what you wish for. You'll certainly get it.

Additional Rules

The character to touch the star first gets the wish.

The star can't be reached right away. The AM will decide when the star is in reach.

The labyrinth has many openings so the characters don't necessarily have to start at the same place when they find the labyrinth.

Act-Specific Characters

Creatures of the labyrinth - magical creatures that help or hurt the players on their way through the maze

~Arinne - a playful pixie who treats the Outsiders as playmates

~Gork - a frog-like creature that doesn't enjoy company, especially that of Outsiders

Other searchers - other people going after the star [added as needed]


*curtains rise*

4/6/2009 . Edited 4/11/2009 #470

((i'm really sorry if i mess up again, i suppose i'll just do my only half-human character and start him in a setting or whatever......i guess he'll find an entrance to a labyrinth))

The boy couldn't talk, but he could gasp in surprise (or was it a rasp of surprise?). There was a strange cave-like thing in front of him..or was it a cave? it seemed like a tunnel, for sound was echoing through it......He walked in and was overcome by shadows.

4/7/2009 #471

The tiny creature couldn't help her tittering, a chiming like delicate bells. It was simply beyond her. Whenever stars landed in the labyrinth, it brought her such excitement. Roves of people from all over the country came after it and then she got to play. She was ready to burst with glee. She could hear her friends scolding her in her head. "Arinne," they would say, "leave the Outsiders alone. Let them win or lose by themselves." But she couldn't help it.

Peeking out of an exit to the labyrinth deep within a cave, she spotted a boy drawing near and her fit of giggles worsened. She clamped teal hands over her lips. Had he heard her? Well it didn't matter now. He stepped inside of the cave passage and Arinne snapped her dainty fingers. The cave was smothered in darkness, perforated with spots of light like so many galaxies surrounding them. She couldn't be differentiated from one of those glittering spots. When the stars and darkness cleared, Arinne flew off, chiming all the while, and the boy was alone on a plot of grass within the labyrinth. His game had begun.

4/7/2009 #472
Nicki BluIs

"Left past the elm tree, right behind the maple tree, circle around the grape vines... or was it circle around the bambooo shoots and go straight past the grape vines?"

Wanda crumpled up the poorly written directions and looked to nature for cues. Moss always pointed toward civilization, right? A clever little sponge had taught her that. She inspected each rock and followed the moss... until she was right back where she started. "Maybe the moss is lost too." She sighed.

Deciding to recline for lunch, Wanda pushed past a curtain of ivy into a quiet clearing. There was a rustling wind and then an eerie tranquility.

"Hello? Who's there?" Wanda spread out her picnic blanket with slight trepidation. "Um. There's enough to share if you'd like..."

There were bubbly giggles in the distance and then darkness. "Hello?" Wanda called. "I do not have time for an adventure now, thank you..."

4/7/2009 . Edited 4/7/2009 #473
Chasing Skylines

She sat on the boulder, the rhythmic tapping of her dagger against the rock accompanying the rolling of the waves. The roaring waves slammed the cliffside below, bits of sand and rock splaying into the air. Brisk breezes swiped the arid cliffs, ruffling thin trees and whipping through her hair. Her legs swung against the boulder beneath her, adding to the erratic bursts of sound.

The sky was gray. She thought someone had said that was the color of her eyes. All she saw looking in puddles was a muddled reflection, all skins, bones, and disarrayed hair. She slid the sheathed dagger back into her hair, the pin attached to its side. Some color to brighten the stark severity of her surroundings.

The boulder shifted. Flakes of dust plunged down the cliffside, either caught by the wind or submerging into the blue waves that were tipped with white fringe. She took one leg off and steadied herself on the ground. Her foot slid, making her slip and slam against the rock. She caught her pack before it rolled off the cliffs, but it was impossible to stop the boulder, and her, from diving down the cliffs.

A slab of rock jutted out, causing the boulder to burst against it, sending chunks of rock off. One knocked against her cheek, bruising it. She landed on her feet. The rock began retracting into the cliffside; where a hole was being cut out, as if by an invisible force. She braced herself and drew her dagger. Its silver point gleamed in the sun. Just a stab and maybe see how whatever it was became invisible in the first place. An exchange, and then some money to fill out her pockets.

She didn't plan on the slab tipping her into the hole, where she plummeted, the air throwing her hair and eyelids back.

4/7/2009 #474

Arinne fluttered away, dancing on every breeze and waving hello to friends while avoiding dangerous enemies. The Outsiders could play with them. Arinne wanted to keep her body intact. That didn't mean her fun was over though. She saw and smelled another Outsider in the labyrinth, this one having food set out. Oh joy! That was perfect for some fun.

With a giggle, Arinne observed the newcomer and the clearing she set herself in. What a silly place, so close to the Carnivorous Flora field. Very silly indeed. The tiny pixie blew on the wind, catching the scent more completely and sending it beyond a far wall for the flowers to taste. If her playmate didn't find the flowers, the labyrinth would help the flowers find her playmate. It had a way of shifting the situation to its liking.

With that gleeful thought, Arinne flew off to find someone else to play with. She hoped all the silly ones weren't taken by the others in the labyrinth.

4/8/2009 #475

He was quite unsure where he was at the moment, and quite unperturbed. After his legs making him walk for an uncountable amount of time, he felt light. But he was changing.

After a few moments, he was lithe and graceful, one four...paws?

Soon he was sure he was almost out of the......whatever it was. The suddenly, like a bullet, it was pitch black. He sped up, and suddenly his whiskers felt open air around him...but he was still in an enclosed space. Three options of where to go lay in front of him.

He was in the labyrinth.

4/8/2009 #476
Chasing Skylines

She landed; but on air. An unseen force cushioned her fall. It righted her, turning her right side up. Her grip on her weapon tightened.

The airy chamber was torch-lit, with a strange, chalk-drawn pentagram on the floor. Light pierced the design from a thin slot in the ceiling. She could see the outline of tufts of grass.

Pearle kept her footsteps steady and her surroundings in check. She took a torch from its mantle.

That's when the giggles came.

4/9/2009 #477
Nicki BluIs

Since all seemed fairly normal (well as normal as can be in a forest) Wanda went back to her picnic. She nibbled on some carrot sticks and popped a few grapes into her mouth, wheting her appetite for the treasure to come. The high point o her meal would be her Superiffic Sandwich of Amazing Deliciousity; SSAD for short. It was piled high with 6 or 7 types of deli meats, various cheeses, vegetables, sauces, spreads and condiments she had never even heard of. It was a masterpiece. But first she had to munch her celery sticks.

It was because of her meticulousness that she didn't notice them. Anyone else would have wondered at bright green tendrils creeping toward a picnic basket. But not Wanda. She was busy picking off the white thingys on her orange sections. It wasn't until she reached into the basket to retrieve the crowning glory that she saw those tendrils wrting away with her SSAD.

"Hey!" Wanda got to her feet and brandished her butter knife. "Give that back!" She wasn't as intimidating as she thought she was for the vines kept going on their way, the SSAD bobbing away with them.

Wanda chased after the plant, trying to stab at its stem. But it twisted and turned and she got lost in the topiary walls. Finally, after quite a bit of step retracing, she found herself in front of a monstorous tree-headed Venus Flytrap. And it was eating her Superific Sandwich of Amazing Deliciousity.

"That's not very nice! Give it back!" She chided herself for trying to reason with plant. She made to grab the SSAD but was swatted away like a fly with a thorny leafed branch. She frowned and bit back tears lamenting the loss of her lunch. THe stupid plant wasn't even eating it right! Most of the sauces were dribbling onto its bib and it was picking off the BEST parts! And then, horror of all horrors, it just threw the whole thing in its mouth, jaw, petal-things! Without even savoring it!

Wanda was quite angry now. "You cannot go around stealing people's lunch! Give. It. Back." She punctuated her words with satifying hacks at the plants stem and branches.

THe plant was happy to oblige. In what Wanda could have swore was a ha-raspberry, the Venus Flytrap spit out all the lettuc and tomatos. Its other heads swayed in amusement as Wanda wiped her face off.

4/9/2009 #478

Gork wasn't very big, but he was, nonetheless, not to be underestimated. He hopped through his usual paths of the labyrinth at his leisure, listening, eating, waiting, eating. And occasionally he ate. But he saw the star fall into the Labyrinth and was undeniably irked. The falling stars always brought hordes of Outsiders to trample through the Labyrinth making it change from the usual paths. Now he was forced to come across many an enemy he hadn't seen in quite a long time as well as the annoying Outsiders that traipsed through his paths and his hideaways.

He hoped they hadn't reached his favorite one. As his stout green body leaped onward into it from a shifted hedge wall, he heard a familiar chiming. A pixie making its way by. Pixies could be rather tasty morsels. Bulging eyes rolled heavenward to scout for the sound. A small pixie, teal in skin and dress, flew overhead along the passage ceiling. It waved from just out of his poison tongue's reach.

"Did you see the star fall? We have playmates today!" she cried with delight and looped through the air.

"Pah! Gork doesn't care for such things!" Gork croaked and kept hopping. The pixie stopped.

"Oh, but this will be so much fun! The ones I met already were fun and there are bound to be more."

"As long as they keep away from Gork, you can have your fun. Outsiders ruin this place, is what Gork says."

"Well, these are the best times of the year, is what Arinne says."

"Arinne can take her best times of year and shove them--argh!" Arinne looked ahead at Gork's distress seeing the unmistakeable shape of an Outsider. She soared upward amongst the shadows of the passage to vanish from sight. Gork hopped into the chamber proper, marked by the design that never vanished and brought him what he pleased. That was, as long as the chamber lasted, which wasn't forever, especially when Outsiders entered the labyrinth. "What are you doing here, Outsider?! Get out! Get out!" He wound up his tongue in his mouth, steeping it in poisonous saliva, prepared to strike if the damnable thing didn't do as he said.

4/11/2009 #479
Chasing Skylines

A squat frog-like creature croaked and leaped in front of her, the echoes of faint girlish giggles fading into the distance behind it. An almost percievable green stench wafted off the frog, and the glow of torchlight threw its orange warts into detail. She dropped the torch.

The pentacle beneath her feet began to glow, but she didn't notice; the frog was curling its tongue back, a purple coating visible from the shaft of light slanting from the hole in the ceiling.

Before it could finish doing whatever it was, she dropped to the ground and rolled. She caught the torch before it got out of reach and flung it at the frog.

The fire shouldn't have cast such a bright glow, she thought, as the ground shook and light gasped up, swallowing the darkness for a second.

4/15/2009 #480
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