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Her scream shook my nerves more than the charging Shadow Beast. My fingers nearly mis-draw the last symbol before the creature reaches us. All at one time, I dive back knocking Alia several feet away from the Summoning, and the Luminous Demon I summoned comes hurtling out in a blinding flash of light. I glance back just in time to see the Demon's light stop the Shadow Beast in it's tracks.

The Demons figure appears on the surface a dazzling spectacle of incoherent light, but just beneath it I can see it's real form. A huge blob in the center nothing more than teeth and eyes.

Wait, wasn't I on top of Aila.

9/9/2010 #511

Something huge charged into her, and Aila thought surely that...THING got her. All the air flung from her chest as she crashed into the ground with a large weight compared to her own crushing her. There was a roaring in her ears, and she was sick to her stomach for a moment. Then she was cold. And hot. And everything all at once like she caught a bad virus. More than anything, she was terrified.

When Aila dared pry her eyes apart, she was looking down at something. Little creature-like figures like gruesome toys. One just a short way apart was more human than the others. In fact, it was--

"Draden?" she said, but he wouldn't have heard her as a second realization dawned on her. She was stranded in midair above the chaos with little dots of light straggling along her body. Each one was a prism, reflecting tiny rainbows into her eyes at the right angles and sparking as they touched her skin. How in heaven's holy name did that happen??

He put a curse on me! she thought since it certainly wasn't her doing. It just couldn't be. He does the forbidden arts, and his demon is gonna kill me next!

9/10/2010 #512

Where the hell is she? I spin onto my back and see her hanging above us all. How did she get up there? I've never seen someone fly before, or perhaps it's more hovering. Wait, now's not the time! I switch my attention back to the half dead Shadow Beast and my Demon.

At least that's going as planned. My demon takes another large chunk out of the shadow demon, causing it's form to flicker like a weak flame. It'll die soon, which means I can turn my attention back Aila.

"How are you doing that?" I ask her dusting the snow off. Also, what is up with the glowing? It's like the demon's, but something about it's different. Perhaps this girl has a secret as well.

9/10/2010 #513

Aila covered her eyes as she saw the little toys fighting, but the pain was real. The height was also giving her vertigo.

"What do you mean, how am I doing this??" she shrieked. It echoed through the silent forest. "How are you doing--aah!"

Aila felt herself abruptly plummet to the ground, landing on top of something padded and warmer than the snow. She opened her eyes and found the damned man as her landing cushion. Afraid he might curse her again, she scrambled away from him, saw the shadow of her travel pack a short way away and leaped for it. The metal snaps popped apart and the handle of her butcher's knife seemed to jump into her hand. But obviously none of that could happen without her touching them, which she must have done.

"You stay away from me, devil worshiper!" Aila said, wielding her knife high overhead, only with the experience of someone in the kitchen more hours than play time. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't go right back to the city and start a hunt to burn you!"

9/11/2010 #514

What! I move to try and catch the suddenly normal looking Aila before she hits the snow. Unfortunatley I'm not to cordinated, and she ends up in my lap. She quickly scrambles away from me and to her bag. Which practically flies a foot to her, snaps open, and a butter knife flies into her hand. She seems puzzled for a brief second before she remembers me.

So this girl dose not even realize what she's doing? This is truly interesting. I can feel my face slowly break into a smile.

"You stay away from me, devil worshiper!" She yells, shaking like a leaf. The knife held above her head in a worthless position. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't go right back to teh city and start a hunt to burn you!" As she raves I plop down below a dead tree and dismiss my waiting demon. I should have been paying more attention, what if the demon had lost? I could have been in a real predicament. Not right now, I need to worry about this girl first.

"Well first off I might point out I saved your life. I could have easily let that creature eat you and ran. I killed it becuase your to slow to keep up." I look up at the sky as the moon is covered by clouds. Oh, dramatic effect. I turn my attention back to her, eyes aglow in the dark. "Also, do not insult me. I'm not a filthy "worshiper" as you put it. I'm half demon, and quite proud of it." The moon comes back out as a moment of silence decends after my words.

"You should also know that in the world, demons are no longer hated. Not as they are here, on the edges of society." I get to my feet and wait for her to do something.

9/11/2010 . Edited 9/11/2010 #515

The jarring emotions made Aila's head spin, and her knife faltered ever so, though she had enough sense to bristle when insulted. The blasphemer spoke so calmly about the forbidden arts. He used them to save her life from that monster. Or so he says, she thought, wondering if he might have just as easily called the monster there. Or maybe he was saving her to feed to one of his demons. But why wait? Why any of this?

It didn't make sense!

He claimed she lived on the edges of society, but her city was enormous. They got plenty of merchants passing through. Granted, it was the only city she ever knew and her judgment could be slightly off scale, but how much more grand could places other than, say, the capital get? And how could monstrosities like him, the child of a demon, be accepted anywhere, let alone somewhere like the capital? He must have escaped from an institution.

"You're out of your mind," was all Aila could force through quivering lips at first as she backed away, only to press against a frosty tree. "You're out of your mind. And what did you do to me? What else are you hiding?" She had to know so she could tell the hunting party what to watch out for, other than shadow and light monsters. If she ever found a way to escape alive.

9/19/2010 #516

"Well to be frank your the one who's a bit unstable." I point to her shaking hand. "Your firing off at the mouth, and here I was thinking I was suppose to take you with me." She just stares at me for a moment and I continue. "If you must know I was expecting someone, and it appears you have delayed my plans. Now I'll have to go back and look for the right person. Hopefully it dosen't take to long." With a sigh I remove myself from the biting cold of the snow and move back to the city. This girl is clearly not the person the Seer was talking about. Even if she is, I'd rather be on my own.

"Don't follow me." I toss back to the girl. I could see her chasing me all the way back to the city screaming blasphemer.

9/20/2010 #517

Birch tightened the scarf around her face a little more. It was bitter and windy out and the last thing she wanted was for anyone to see the tattoo around her right eye. The jacket Gazelle had bought her wasn't warm enough. It was apparent that he didn't know about cold weather for he was shivering himself.

"Is that stone glowing any brighter? I'm worried about Hickory," Birch looked up at the tall male. The stone that hung around his neck gave a dim glow like it had been for the past week. It only had shone at it's brightest when both Hickory and Birch were together. And ever since they had run into that group of slave traders their party of seven had been reduced to two. Everyone was taken save Gazelle and Birch. She supposed she was lucky, Gazelle did take an arrow to the shoulder for her... But her heart ached for Hickory. It felt like half of her was missing.

They had been traveling to the nearest city for the past week following the traders tracks, keeping just out of their sight. "Wait," Gazelle held tight to Birch's shoulder. He nodded to the left and ahead. From where they stood they could see two people. A male and female and what looked to be a big black mass heaped on the ground not too far from them. Gazelle raised his nose towards them and sniffed the air. His face scrunched up in distaste. "Let's keep going," He moved forward without looking at the two.

"Wait! They might need help!" Birch bounded as fast as she could towards the two, "Hey! Are you guys okay?" She looked between the two as she neared.

5/27/2011 #518

Let's go ahead and call scene, eh? :-P



The Warrior's Strife


A spirit haunts anyone who passes too close to the cave with his cursed mirror. A demon's magic keeps him trapped and keeps him from peace. The spirit draws travelers into the mirror world and sucks their energy away until they die. Legend says whomever can undo the curse will earn riches greater than gold.

Additional Rules


Act-Specific Characters

Tuyo - An angry spirit, if someone can find the cause of his death then he can be set free.

9/13/2014 #519

Someone was coming within reach of the cave. Some. . .ones perhaps? After all this time spent in a world of merely impressions, many specific sensory details from beyond the mirror could get muddled. Another ache stabbed through Tuyo's chest. Almost familiar. Almost as if he still possessed a physical chest. That sensation was stolen from him.

Revenge would be his. He sent out his magic, dull remnants of what remained from his former glory, to lure the trespassers to him. The impossible shine from a broken mirror in a cave of nothing but shadow would be impossible to resist when touched by his magic.

"Bring them to me," Tuyo barked. He felt his newest victim approach. "Make me feel. . .alive."

9/13/2014 #520
A Winter Drop

Jayda was walking slowly through a forest as she titled her head she saw a faint glimmer in a cave drenched with shadow. "I wonder?" She said

9/14/2014 #521

A frosty mist in the otherwise humid forest reached out to the traveler from the cave, wafting about her, calling to her. Everyone had a desire deep in their heart and that would draw this prey to the mirror within.

9/15/2014 #522
A Winter Drop

"No it could be a trap," Jayda mentally slapped herself. But her curiosity got the best of her as she found herself drawing closer to the cave engulfed by mist.

9/15/2014 . Edited 9/15/2014 #523

The sun's rays seemed to be shunted away from the insidious cave as the traveler entered. About a hundred yards into its mouth, the cave began a steady, but winding slope towards its heart. The only guiding light was that faint, impossible reflection from the broken mirror ahead. That was where the hidden spirit waited. The center of the cave was a round room, seemingly uninteresting other than scattered pieces of colored glass half buried in the round wall.

"Step closer," said Tuyo's grunting disembodied voice. "Step closer to your desire."

The mist began to hum ever so. It was almost unnoticeable until it was too late for the traveler to escape. The mist was impenetrable by the exit and blocked any incoming travelers from spoiling the surprise within. At least until it was their turn to fall to Tuyo's mirror. Once the traveler stepped through the mirror into the world of deadly desires, the fun could begin.

9/17/2014 #524
A Winter Drop

Jayda stopped in her tracks as she heard a faint voice "Step closer," it said, "step closer to your desire." Desire? I have no desires I'm just curious. The light Jayda was following seem to hold a dark aura as she grew closer. "I think I'll head back now," she said. As she slowly walked the way she had come.

9/17/2014 #525

"You will do no such thing!" the voice roared. "Such coward's talk!"

The mist swelled where the traveler attempted to walk. The glass shards in the wall shown with an angry light. The traveler was soon hurled airborne and into the rusty brass trimmed mirror. Rather than shattering, the glass absorbed the traveler and spit her out into another cave.

Tuyo waited at the entrance of that new cave in that new world. Here he had at least a wispy form built of broken memories. A strong type, agile and well trained muscles. His black hair was pulled back taut and matted as if once under a helm. He had a breastplate, but that was as far as any armor went. It was more decoration than for protection. He had a fearsome spirit and skill with a variety of blades; he didn't need armor.

He needed to know who he was. How would a feeble one like this help him? Perhaps she was just good for. . .nourishment.

9/17/2014 #526
A Winter Drop

I am no coward! Jayda stopped walking away and turned back towards the cave and walked deeper into it. Holding her dust off it's chain prepared to use it at any moment. She then stopped "I sense another presence," she said, "who's there?" Her voice was calm, but was hate filled with every word. ((sorry I didn't quite understand what you meant so I kept going from inside the cave. What did you mean in your last post/))

9/17/2014 . Edited 9/18/2014 #527

((Leaf, I can't tell if you've had Jayda respond to the actions in my previous post. Can you please edit your post to make it clearer? I'll edit this one when we're back on track. Thanks!))

9/18/2014 #528
It was dark. It was foresty. It was getting way too close to suppertime.

Where was he again? Last time Kian checked he was on the road to the palace to deliver a document. How did he get himself lost here? Maybe it was time to finally buy a map.

"Hello?" Kian called out, his voice echoing around him.


It had been a long time since Kian spent really any time in any natural setting, and the crackle of leaves and the reach of branches in the waning light unnerved him.

"Is anyone there?" He tried again, reaching out to push a particularly punishing bunch of sticks out of the way and revealing a cave that nearly disappeared in the evening landscape.

9/24/2014 #529

Two in one go? Tuyo would have chuckled, but it seemed inappropriate for someone of his stature. A male this time. Brilliant. A man can hide his truest desires behind his feats of strength, but they will only swell in him all the more. Tuyo could feed from that once it was revealed.

A frosty mist reached out into the oncoming darkness outside the cave. "Come in, traveler, armed with your desires," whispered the voice in the mist, alluring and retreating towards the cave.

((I hope y'all will forgive me if it takes a day or two to get back here. That RL madness. x__x))

9/26/2014 #530
(( Shh, it's fine. I get that real life exists. No problemo. ))

Kian gasped in surprise at the whisper in the fog. Something in the back of his mind stung him as dangerous. But. The voice. It seemed so welcoming. As if it wanted him to be there.

"Hello?" He called out once more, "Who are you?"

The wind rustled in the leaves, and the branches scraped against each other in eerie crackles. Perhaps it was not best to wait for a response. Kian rushed into the cave, only taking time to turn back once everything behind him had disappeared behind the thick pane of fog.

9/27/2014 #531

The cave became dark beyond the lip where the setting sun seemed not to dare tread. Again, only the impossible light of the broken mirror at its heart led the traveler down the slope of the cave. At the bottom of the slope the ground evened out as another opening revealed the last room. The broken mirror in the center of the rounded stone room awaited this man. Called to him. Each low note made little shards of color-stained glass in the walls flicker ever so.

"Your desire," the voice hissed through the glass. "Tell me. See it before you."

9/30/2014 #532

By the time Kian reached the mirror room, his eyes were glazed and his feet dragged. He was caught by the magic like a fox in a trap.

"I - I want..." He began, his voice mumbling against numb lips, then paused. What did he want?

"Happiness," he sighed.

Kian's mind flashed to his past, to much more joyful times. He remembered the face of his teacher, smiling in the sunlight as he taught a younger version of Kian to do the dishes, clean his laundry, pick up the home. He remembered birthday after birthday cake - all made by his teacher, and the little parties they had, just the two if them, on those special days.

Yes. That was happiness. But was it the happiness he wanted? Did that innocence and purity make him want to smile anymore?

Ever since his guardian had died, Kian had a hard time with much in terms of good times. He now saw his world, the kingdom he lived in, and he saw how corrupt it was, how corrupt everything was. Of the disadvantage and the pain and the pure leverage power gave otherwise ordinary people. And he hated it.

It wasn't just happiness he wanted, it seemed. He wanted equality. He wanted an equal playing field for everyone. And that, that would give him true happiness. That was what he wanted.

(( EDIT : Spelling and grammar and things. ))

9/30/2014 . Edited 9/30/2014 #533

Tuyo could taste those foreign desires as they ran laps through the man's mind. Uncertainty leeched from the sweetness of it. No. It must be clearer. This yearning must be proven.

There! A moment of much truer clarity. Equality? A gentlemen perhaps? A champion of the weak? They would see. The mirror flashed and the fog collapsed into it, dragging the man--his stronger feelings called him Kian--through the mirror with it. A similar world met him, a broken world. The mirror room in the cave was fractured, stone jutting out in piercing fractals. The pieces of stained glass were half buried within the stone. hiding their tale.

Outside the cave lay a world of unrest. There would not be happiness in those plains, only burned down villages of the poor while the wealthy would char meat with the ashes back in their marble homes around the kingdom. The world built itself around Kian's thoughts. They would test him.

At the mouth of the cave before the wreckage was in sight stood the powerful Tuyo. He was fond of keeping a close eye on his creations.

10/4/2014 #534

(( um ... Hi. may I join in? I have a character I need to develop more. ))

7/13/2017 #535

(( oh wow, nobody has been on for 3 years. ))

7/13/2017 #536
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