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Chasing Skylines

"Nice breakfast?" Muffy asked.

2/15/2009 . Edited 2/15/2009 #121

"The stables. Wonderful." Lynn felt her heart fluttering. She was leaving Cyriel and the job she hated so much. She was going to get to travel a little which would be nice after years of being sedentary. It was like walking into a dream. She raced out of the room, but a minute later, peeked her head back in. "I hope you're feeling much better, Thirilight." She waved and left.

Lynn half danced through the streets of Cyriel until she reached her home. She immediately began packing her belongings. Her clothing was folded with little care and then thrust into a large bag. She changed into travel appropriate attire and at last she said goodbye to her home in Cyriel. Lynn hurried back to the market with her final payment from Hester and bought some food that would travel well and last her the trip to Valmon and then south.

Feeling the faintest wisp of nostaligia, Lynn made her way to the stables to meet her odd traveling companions.

2/15/2009 #122

Thirilight nodded enthusiastically; the food was warm, delicious, and hearty.

Once he'd eaten his fill, Thirilight made himself more comfortable on the bed before asking Muffy, "So, what have you been telling these kind people about us? Obviously, I'm your uncle, but have you also conjured up a trade and a reason for us being in Cyriel?"

2/15/2009 #123
Chasing Skylines

"Well, Uncle Thirry, yes, I have made up a trade mission. The people of Cyriel would be under the impression I'm an orphan traveling with her merchant uncle. I told Lynn you sold toys for children, and that we come from the western plains, and are headed to Valmon for you to sell your wares."

2/15/2009 . Edited 2/15/2009 #124

"And where are the wares? Have you considered that?"

2/15/2009 #125
Chasing Skylines

"Well." Muffy smiled. "Any of your amulets, I would suspect."

2/15/2009 #126

Thirlight looked at Muffy with unconcealed surprise. While he was torn between telling her that his amulets were not toys, he had to admit that it was a reasonable story. "That works, I suppose. Anything else I need to know?"

2/15/2009 . Edited 2/15/2009 #127
Chasing Skylines

"Not of importance. Let's head to the stables. Do you need help, Uncle Thirry?"

2/15/2009 #128

"No," he replied, standing on his own power and stretching. The soreness was almost enirely gone, and if he didn't know better, he would say he hadn't been near death the day before.

Heading to the stables, he brought out the bay gelding he had purchased the day before, saddled the steed, and mounted in a fluid motion that spoke of years of practice.

2/15/2009 . Edited 2/15/2009 #129

If she had taken one of the horses that would be best suited for the journey, Lynn doubted her money would last her to the end of it. So in place of a perfect horse, she chose a decent one. Sturdy, but was aged a little older than she would have liked. She would have to be aware of how hard she pushed it. She paid for the mare and prepared it to ride just in time for her companions to show. She waved them down, happy to see that her mistakes hadn't left Thirilight a cripple, and lifted herself up on the horse. It took a few tries, but she finally got up and steady in the saddle.

"Are we all set?"

2/15/2009 #130
Chasing Skylines

"Of course. I'll just walk." Muffy looked seriously at the two riders.

And walk she did. Thirilight and Lynn seemed uneasy at first, but as they exited the town, Muffy felt the reassuring presence again. Slowing her pace till the two on horseback were a bit ahead, she told the specter, "Horse." She pointed at the horses leaving them behind.

Soon, a ghastly white mare trotted besides the other two. Muffy smiled her smile. "We had made a good trade before Cyriel."

2/15/2009 #131

Lynn hadn't thought Thirilight would leave his niece to walk the entire journey to Valmon. It wasn't an overly trying trek, but it wasn't one to walk alongside two riders. Of course, she knew little of her travel mates and perhaps that was their way. She didn't wish to offend them so they would shun her from their ride to the sea. But before they were out of Cyriel, Muffy seemed to appear on horseback out of the blue and it was an eerie beast that she rode upon. That surprised her more than where the animal was hidden to appear so suddenly.

"A good trade indeed. I've never seen such an animal. Wherever would you find one?"

Lynn found herself curious about the two she rode with. Traders could see much of the world in their business. They were lucky.

2/15/2009 #132
Chasing Skylines

"Up by the northern delta, they are famed for their white horses It is said the snow offset from nearby mountains found its way to the first steeds' manes, and from then on all their horses would bear that color of snow." She completely made the story up. Muffy wasn't confident she had ever even heard of a northern delta. She decided to make conversation in an effort to distract. "Lynn, do you have family? I only have Uncle Thirry left."

2/15/2009 #133

"That's...interesting." Lyn's voice began with reserve, but when she stated her sentiment, the feeling was truthful. Snow mixing with the horse's manes? It had to be a different magic of some sort. She had only dealt with healing, but maybe she could explore the world and see everything. It was confining to go straight from her home to Cyriel and never see anything else, but pain and healing.

Though she had never heard of the northern delta...but the train of thought was shunted aside by a new question.

"My parents live south in Hama. Any other family is scattered throughout the south really. I'm the only one to come north to train since...well, I'm from a family of healers and my parents thought Master Tallen would be best to train me in healing." Every other master who tried found her to be completely reprehensible at it and refused to teach her any further. Only famed Master Tallen would never let a student fail under his guidance no matter how long it took to teach him or her. And it took Lynn a very long time.

"So do you enjoy traveling with your uncle? It sounds like you get to see so many places. How exciting!"

2/15/2009 #134

Thirilight blinked at Muffy's steed, wondering if it was another one of those things, like what brought down the inn. Probably, he concluded, and though it gave him the creeps, at least it kept Lynn from tossing him dirty looks every few seconds.

As he rode along, he vaguely wondered if he had a means of destroying Muffy's steed, should worst come to worst.

2/16/2009 #135
Chasing Skylines

"Oh, traveling and seeing the land is as you said, exciting. Right, Uncle Thirry?"

2/16/2009 #136

Thirilight nodded. "It is, so long as the weather stays fair, and wild animals don't attack, and if you avoid running into bandits, or if you are not in fleeing for your life in general."

2/16/2009 . Edited 2/16/2009 #137
Chasing Skylines

"Uncle Thirry," Muffy stressed, "It is not that exciting, though a couple trips do get out of hand. Hopefully that won't be the case with this trip. Lynn, how far is it to Valmon?"

2/16/2009 #138

"Oh." Lynn started with mild surprise. "I--I guess I hadn't thought of that. Those are reasonable fears." Lynn was about to ask what would have them fleeing for their lives other than what was already mentioned. Wild thoughts sprung up. Were they criminals? Did they borrow money from shady characters? Were their wares not quite wht they said? But again, Muffy spoke to her so she held back her own questions.

"Valmon is just a few day's ride. Three at the very most, but only with bad weather or poor horses. Um, sorry, but how 'out of hand' do some of your trips get?" Lynn couldn't completely hide the slight anxiety and suspicion that crept into the question.

2/16/2009 #139

Thirilight turned in his saddle, one eyebrow raised, and pointed at his left arm, still in its splint. That said, he resumed the proper riding position.

2/16/2009 . Edited 2/16/2009 #140
Chasing Skylines

"Uncle Thirry is great at exagerrating minor details. A couple thefts, the occasional unexpected weather, but rarely any severe animal attacks. The only times we 'flees for our lives' is when it's raining and we need shelter."

2/16/2009 #141

"I hardly consider the collapse of an inn to be minor."

2/16/2009 #142

Wide eyes jumped form Muffy to Thirilight and back and forth as they spoke. Lynn certainly hoped the facts were exaggerated. Inns didn't really collapse wherever these two went...unless someone was really after them. Was this the excitement she wanted from leaving Cyriel? Probably not.

"From the sounds of it, you two could make money just for telling your travel tales," she sheepishly joked. "Is it worth the adventure? Do you make a lot of money selling children's toys?"

2/16/2009 #143

Thirilight looked at Muffy.

2/16/2009 #144
Chasing Skylines

Muffy laughed. "Uncle Thirry is a talented story teller. I wouldn't want to travel all the time, but for now, it's worth it. Uncle Thirry's toys are loved by the children. We make enough money to get by and to spare."

2/16/2009 #145

"How else could we have afforded such fine horses?" Thirilight asked Lynn with a grin.

2/16/2009 #146

Lynn saw Thirilight look to Muffy. His niece controlled the money? She certainly did more talking than he did. Perhaps she was the story teller and the true trader, but didn't want her uncle to lose face. Lynn smiled. "True. Your horses are lovely. That sounds like it's worth it. Could I see some of the toys you sell? I'd love to tell my family about you and your wares."

2/16/2009 . Edited 2/16/2009 #147

And so came the moment of truth. Thirilight rifled through his pockets, extracting the silk feather, a finely painted wooden top, and a flute in the shape of a bird. "What do you think? I made them myself."

2/16/2009 . Edited 2/16/2009 #148

"Those are beautiful," Lynn spoke in awe at the small pieces. "You deserve what your earn for those. You're a fine craftsman."

2/16/2009 #149

Thirilight beamed as he replaced the objects in their respective pockets. Never mind that Lynn was unaware of their true purpose - he had not been lying when he said he'd made them himself, crafting the enchantments upon them entirely from scratch.

2/16/2009 #150
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