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Lyn found herself craning her neck just a bit to see what other toys Thirilight had within his pockets, but was quick to sit back in her saddle. She didn't realize how much they had slowed since the questioning began. "I'm sorry. I know you two must be in a hurry to get to Valmon. I won't slow us down anymore."

Lynn set her horse to a faster trot with a creeping blush coming over her. She hadn't meant to become so enthralled with possible criminals, but they were fascinating. The trip took the better part of two days, thankfully with fair weather day and night. Before they knew it, the port city of Valmon was in sight.

2/16/2009 #151

Thirilight kept mostly to himself during the trip, brooding over Wordy's fate. The talisman told him that they were headed in the right direction, but a direction was all it was. He didn't know the exact distance, and he couldn't tell the exact location. The incident at the inn had cost precious time, and he chafed at the pace they traveled at - were he on his own, Thirilight would have reached Valmon within the day, even if it did kill his steed.

As the port city came into view, Thirilight's eyes riveted upon it, drinking in the visible layout, considering which locations would be best to truly begin his hunt. But, first, to part company with Lynn...

2/16/2009 #152
Chasing Skylines

The city spread before her eyes. A wash of white sand towards the shores, cliffs bordering the city's northern half, and the tumble that made up docks hugging the sea. One of the largest cities on the eastern continent, it sprawled across the land, whitewashed and orderly. It was easy to rebuild a city that fell frequently from attacks from the isles close by.

Muffy's eyes danced at the sight of a bustling city. Even back before her days of captivity, she had never witnessed such a crowded place before. Cyriel paled in comparison, just a collected dwelling of color-drained flowers and a contingent of skilled healers. There would surely be a means of power here, a gathering of foreign and native magics.

"Lynn, thanks for escorting us here. Are you headed to your parents in the south now, or are you stocking up on supplies in Valmon? Taking a ship home instead?"

2/16/2009 #153

Lynn almost didn't hear Muffy's words as she took in the sight of the city and sea. So beautiful and so different from Cyriel. She could get lost and never wish to be found. Imagine the mix of healing ingredients from all over that she could find there! She would never need to go out for a healer ever again! Oh if only she could afford to buy it all.

"You're welcome. I think I could do with a bit of restocking before I head south. I certainly won't be taking a ship. It would be a long time before I reached Hama." She laughed. "Are you two staying in Valmon for long?" She was only somewhat surprised to feel sad to part from them so soon. Thirilight seemed stiff towards her, but it seemed to build her interest. Mysterious and not entirely dark. Not if he made those beautiful toys. But she wouldn't keep them long before she went to seek out Valmon's herb sellers.


The woman, "Runida," glared at the crisp waves beneath her ship. She could have been gone earlier and had more distance between her and Valmon if only she hadn't gone with those two fools to Cyriel. She had just missed the ship she needed and it took too long for the next one to arrive. Now on the ship, the wind was working against her as well. She planned to get off at the next city and ride on from there. It would be much faster even though she hated land routes. Too many witnesses. If Tobias was worth his pay, at least she wouldn't have nagging thoughts of anyone tailing her. Fuming, she shoved away from the railing and went below deck to her sleeping quarters.

2/16/2009 #154

"Not long, if all goes as planned. One inn collapse is more than enough for a lifetime," said Thirilight, a wry grin tugging at one corner of his mouth. "I wish you well on your journey home."

2/16/2009 #155

Lynn giggled at Thirilight's statement and nodded. "Same to you both. Safe journey." She waved and headed into Valmon on her own. With a little aid from the residents, she found where a man was selling healing ingredients behind a wooden kiosk. First eyeing them all with an expectant grin, but then frowning, she said to the man, "Excuse me sir, but how long have you been selling these goods?"

"These are fresh from just days ago. They are perfect for calming droughts or numbing potions. Whatever the fair lady needs." Lynn was unimpressed. She knew what fresh looked like and these weren't fresh.

"Sorry, sir, but you've been had. These are rather unsavory for any sort of healing. You might actually make the person sick. I'm a healer. I know." Lynn moved on to the next kiosk, but heard the man grumbling in disbelief about the woman who sold him his merchandise. Someone in scarves, a cloak and with beautiful dark eyes and an enchanting voice who was in a hurry for a boat. Did no one take wind into account for their journeys? But the man said beautiful. Beautiful. Lynn wished she could be known as beautiful. A half spiteful, half justice seeking idea came to mind...and if another half could be counted, it would be half self-serving. Ignoring her supplies for the time being, she hurried in the direction she thought Thirilight and Muffy may have gone.

Lynn scoured Valmon for what felt like tiring hours when she could have found the inn already and fell asleep, but by a miracle of destiny (or so she could dream and perhaps inspire Thirilight to a new story) she spotted her travel companions.

"Wait please!" she called out and took a moment to catch her breath as she caught up. "I--I'm glad I caught up to--to you," she panted. "Since you're traders and you'll be traveling, would you be able to help spread news? There's a woman selling products well past their prime and people could get sick. Could you warn sellers about a woman in a..." she paused to breathe and recall, "a cloak and lots of scarves and beautiful eyes and...and an enchanting voice? She's already caught a boat so since you're leaving sooner, I thought you could get a head start."

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Chasing Skylines

It clicked as Lynn recounted the con artist's profile that the woman sounded like Rinuda. She looked to Thirilight to see if he had made the same connection.

To Lynn, she responded, "We're very busy selling our goods, but I'll ask Uncle Thirry if we have time to spare. I'm sorry if we can't help."

2/17/2009 . Edited 2/17/2009 #157

Thirilight had just decided upon an inn and was about to enter when an all-too familiar voice from the crowd called out, "Wait please!"

Thirilight would have darted through the door had not a family of rambunctious children clogged the way - a family soon to be in mourning if they continued to block his way.

But, alas, it was too late for Lynn had caught up to Thirilight and Muffy, and so, with a quiet sigh, Thirilight listened to what the healer had to say, all the while plotting her demise... until she described the dishonest trader. Thirilight paid close attention to that and, when Lynn was done, looked down at Muffy and nodded.

2/17/2009 . Edited 2/17/2009 #158

Lyn was a little disheartened by Muffy's words, but knew it wasn't their obligation to help. It probably meant more to her being a former healer in practice. But then she looked up at Thirilight and they shared a glance. Did the nod mean they were really going to help and just wanted to keep an indifferent demeanor? Perhaps it was a custom to traders to seem aloof to others. Or maybe...

"Have you seen this woman before?"

2/17/2009 #159
Chasing Skylines

"What? No, we might have, but we have traveled and encountered many. It wouldn't be too surprising should we have seen this woman before."

2/17/2009 #160

Perhaps Lynn was not as useless as he first thought, and perhaps she could be used to gather information discreetly...

Thirilight glared down at Muffy, the image of a disapproving uncle. "Muffy, while there is a time and place for secrecy, we may as well tell her, especially since she went out of her way to warn us." Turning to Lynn, Thirilight said, "Yes, we have seen her before. Met her, actually. She stole an item of great value from us. Do you know where she went?"

2/17/2009 . Edited 2/17/2009 #161

Lynn could believe Muffy's answer, but then her uncle reprimanded her. More secrets. What else had they kept secret? She was feeling anxious again especially since she would probably never know. It was obvious as she tugged her frizzy hair again. She frowned and felt a pang in her heart upon hearing more terrible deeds the woman had done. That horrible woman stole something from these two! Probably one of their more beautiful toys. How awful!

"Well, I don't know where she is exactly, but I'm sure she's southbound on a boat and if she has any sense, she'll get off the boat as soon as she can, especially if she's in a hurry with whatever she stole. As I've said, these aren't good boating conditions."

2/17/2009 #162

"Do you know which port she's likely to get off at?"

2/17/2009 #163
Chasing Skylines

"Yes, which port? Uncle Thirry is very desperate to find her. She stole quite a few things. But what about the goods?" Perhaps if she could fool Lynn into believing Runida was worse than she sounded, Thirry and her would set off first with Thirilight while she stayed in Valmon.

Then she remembered the link between the thief. Surely that plot would involve more to gain.

"The goods aren't important, actually. What the woman, Runida, stole is far more valuable. Our best products, in fact."

2/17/2009 . Edited 2/17/2009 #164

"Well, let's see." She bit her lip as she tried to remember the next port south. She really wanted to help. Stealing things from someone whose livelihood was in selling their products? How terrible! And her luck proved terrible as well. Oh perfect! Of all the times to forget the map of the area! "Um..."

Her heart raced and she flushed as she felt each second creep by with painful indifference to her plight. She squinted her eyes shut to imagine the plot of the land. As she thought of a city name and "plotted" it on her mental map, she lifted her hands as well to mark it off in the air in front of her. Surely she looked insane, but it would get her the answer she wanted. After "plotting" a few cities, she shouted,

"Calista!" Her flush worsened as a few nearby eyes were drawn to them. "I mean, Calista is the next port city south of here. If you ride fast it will take another week, but this woman will have much more trouble traveling by boat."

2/17/2009 #165

Thirilight cursed under his breath: another week of travel, and probably with Lynn's continued presence, to boot. Oh well, the sooner they started things, the sooner they could part company. Again. This time, hopefully for good.

And he might be able to ditch Muffy, too...

2/17/2009 #166
Chasing Skylines

"Just to be sure, the woman is described to have been shrouded in scarves, with a beautiful voice and eyes? If so, Uncle Thirry really should watch the women he sleeps with."

2/17/2009 #167

Thirilight flushed, a strangled choke escaping his lips. However, seeing as it was futile to deny Muffy's account, he weakly protested, "I do not normally do so, but her eyes were so beautiful, and her voice was so hypnotic. They were like magic..." Thirilight paled as he finally made the connection. "Her eyes and her voice, they were magic."

Mentally berating himself for not noticing it sooner, and remembering that he was supposed to be a poor trader, Thirilight sank to the ground and whispered, horrified, "I've been raped..."

On second thought, though, that wasn't the wisest thing to have said...

2/17/2009 . Edited 2/17/2009 #168

Lyn nodded to Muffy's questions, but then blushed with more ferocity than before. How it was possible, she wasn't sure, but it was even worse when Thirilight spoke. Surely her face would burst into flames, but his thoughts actually had her thinking more fearfully.

"She uses magic to steal things and trick men into--" she stopped abruptly. "I--I--I'm sorry. W--well, I'd be happy to guide you to Calista only I feel I would just slow you down. I don't have the money for a better horse. I'm sorry she managed to steal something so important from you. I do wish you the best of luck in getting it back. I'll warn people in case you miss her."

2/17/2009 . Edited 2/17/2009 #169
Chasing Skylines

"Thanks for all the help you've given us, Lynn," Muffy said, trying not to stare incredulously at Thirry. Well, whatever the man did with his free time; more likely he raped the woman and put the blame on Runida.

Runida. Muffy chided herself for forgetting who this supposed rapist was in her surprise. If Runida raped Thirry... and the sword replica pointed towards this direction... and she just happened to be near the cliffs...

Runida was the thief.

"Uncle Thirry, I think we should hurry," Muffy said. The specter would still be trailing Runida, the thief.

((You'll get it right eventually. :p))

2/17/2009 . Edited by karma-dollie, 2/17/2009 #170

"Hurry? Oh, yes... Hurry..." Thirilight played the part of shellshocked victim perfectly, allowing Muffy to lead him away.

2/17/2009 #171

Lynn waved with a sympathetic frown on her burning face as Muffy led her distraught uncle away. She wished them the best of luck with everything. Surely she had them wrong before thinking they were on the wrong side of justice. She went back to her original plans at the market hoping she might come across those two again one day and that they wouldn't forget her. She certainly wouldn't forget them

Lyn held her face as her cheeks continued to flame.

2/17/2009 #172

Once they were well out of Lynn's sight, Thirilight reverted to his usual self and took the lead to the stables where his bay was resting. "Do you know of a swift way to Calista?" he asked Muffy.

2/17/2009 . Edited 2/17/2009 #173
Chasing Skylines

She beckoned for her own steed to emerge from the back of the stables. The horses shied away from the dusky white mare.

"I say we follow the road by the shore. It should lead to Calista, as it's the next port city along the coast."

2/17/2009 #174

Thirilight nodded in assent before mounting and trotting his bay out of the city. Aside from two canteens of water and his money pouch, he carried no other supplies -- speed was of the essence.

2/17/2009 #175
Chasing Skylines

Muffy stared at his lack of supplies.

"You didn't bring any food? Only water? To last for a week?"

She sniffed unconciously. The horse smelled rather foul, and eating it would be like retracting the energy back to herself and the void.

2/17/2009 #176

"Can you not last for a week without food?" Thirilight asked all too innocently.

2/17/2009 #177
Chasing Skylines

"Oh, what human can't?" Muffy asked, more innocent with her wide eyes.

2/17/2009 . Edited 2/17/2009 #178

"You, apparently."

2/17/2009 #179
Chasing Skylines

"Yes. I suppose I could eat your horse and you could swim to Calista. My child's legs surely can't take me far, but I'm sure you'll make it in a timely fashion, what with not needing food. There's water in the sea to spare should you need a drink."

2/17/2009 #180
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