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Strange how the girl could still have such an attitude when "Runida's" magic was at work. Men turned to puddles at her feet. Woman fawned over her, wishing to follow her every command. Girls? They seemed to be different, but this one was more than just different. The woman kept the dagger firmly in her grip. When the little one became a woman...oh wait. She never would reach womanhood. The assassin snapped again and the snakes released their grip, slithering away to reform the door.

"It would be in your best interests to bring Thirilight quickly. Go on." She dismissed the girl, feeling no other insurance of her loyalty was needed since her life hung in the balance as the poison seeped through her system. It ought to start hurting pretty soon. She started back to her bed chambers where the sword was hidden, planning to have this small mess out of the way and be on horseback within the hour.

2/19/2009 #211
Chasing Skylines

The mist wreathed around her wrist, sluggishly binding itself. It seeped into her veins, carrying the antidote it had replicated, cleansing the poison from her black blood. It would not do to have another of her host meet a demise.

Speaking of, this was awfully frustrating. Humans had such a way with making things complicated. Perhaps death would be a better choice for them.

She made up her mind. She strode downstairs.

2/19/2009 #212

Thirilight breathed a long sigh of relief as he heard Muffy walk past and down the stairs. So she had been bluffing, after all.

He waited a few minutes more, listening for Muffy's return while tracking Runida's position. Certain that the girl wouldn't be barging into his room and that Runida was in a different section of her suite, Thirilight silently removed the section of wall he'd cut around earlier and snuck into Runida's suite, replacing the wall piece behind him.

From the sounds of her movements, Runida was in the bedroom, and so Thirilight crept along the walls until he was poised outside the doorway and waited for Runida to step out, his dagger and silencing charm at the ready.

2/19/2009 . Edited 2/19/2009 #213

Dressing in her cloak and scarves and the sword tucked safely along her back, the woman sat on her bed and awaited her little companion's return. Her room was peaceful with its uninterupted silence. It would be a little sad to leave it behind. She felt a little more appreciative as the silence double crossed the person who had entered her room through unusual means. The girl was an interesting one.

But the sound of the steps wasn't like the girl's. A bit too heavy even while sneaking. "Runida" knew. It was her job to know. She withheld a sigh imagining the object of her curiosity had lost her life already and Thirilight had to come to her on his own. Oh well. The girl was a brat as it was.

"Hello again, Thirilight." The woman said to the man out of her sight beyond her wall. "We really should stop meeting like this. Night drawing close. Just the two of us. Such a lovely, intimate setting. It almost saddens me that I'm going to kill you tonight. Almost."

2/19/2009 #214

Thirilight started and wondered how she knew of his approach. Quickly regaining his poise and pulling the ribbon out of his hair, he answered "Hm. We really should, not that our nightly meetings will be an issue after today." The element of surprise lost, and movement essential for the fight ahead, Thirilight let the ribbon fall to the floor and slipped out of the dress, revealing the shirt and pants he had worn underneath. As Runida wasn't moving from her seat on the bed, Thirilight also took the opportunity to wipe the make up off his face.

2/19/2009 #215
Chasing Skylines

The waters of the sea glimmered as the sunset stroked the ocean with brightly hued streaks. The orange and reds flashed as fire, dancing on the lazy waves. Pinks and purples dashed the sky, illuminating the sprase clouds.

Then she noticed the crowded bazaars, the large ships plaguing the port, men fishing and drawing up their nets, whores dangling their goods, children disrespecting animals, people, their problems, the problems they caused --

It was too much.

People like Thirry, self-serving bastards who aimed as far as their ambition and trampled those interfering. Devious, cold-hearted bitches like Runida. She wasn't above them. Only her blood dictated her position as higher. Maybe this wasn't wrong. There could be good. Maybe she was only seeing the bad. She turned her gaze past the port, at a group of children and parents alike merrily rejoicing as they slumped against palm trees, admiring the sunset as she had.

She banished one of her specters; there wouldn't be need of both yet. She scrawled a name in the air, particularly into the specter remaining. It gleamed a moment, revealing itself for a moment. If Thirry lived, maybe he'd see this. August couldn't give her a name, but maybe she could use this as a replacement. Tomorrow the sun would rise again. As a final motion, she slashed the air with the miniature replica she had stolen from Thirry during the seven-day ride to Calista, while they had breaked long enough for her to fish from these very seas.

The sword hung in the air, along with her final message to Thirilight.

Good luck finding Wordy, Thirilight. Be sure not to fall off any cliffs.

Don't die, Uncle Thirry.

- Dawn

2/19/2009 . Edited 2/19/2009 #216

"You're absolutely right," she said toying absently with one of her scarves, "but let's meet face-to-face one last time. Why do you stay hidden behind my wall? Come meet the beautiful face of death."

2/19/2009 #217

"As you wish," he said, and entered the doorway, the dagger concealed by his sleeve.

2/19/2009 #218

The woman raised an eyebrow at Thirilight's face, his lips looked a bit more red than was typical of a man.

"Well it seems you got to have a little fun before our meeting," she tapped her lips both in thought and as a reference to what she meant. "I like to see people die happy, but I'm sure whatever whore you were with here is no comparison to me, yes?" She winked and stood, lowering her veils and hood for him to look upon the face he had seen just a week or so prior. It would be the last he would see.

She was very conscious of every concealed blade on her body.

2/19/2009 #219

Thirilight sighed and looked aggrieved. "Why do people always assume such? I will have you know that I have never slept with a woman."

He was stalling, waiting for her to make the first move.

2/19/2009 #220

There weren't many times when the assassin was caught off guard, but that was certainly one of them.

"Never with a woman?" She giggled. "Thirilight, you seem to have a gift with touching upon my sympathy for you. To die as such a pathetic man, but such is life." She raised her arms in a shrug. "Although in this town perhaps that can be fixed. Oh!" She snapped her fingers and her eyes widened as if coming to a brilliant conclusion, but instead, the door behind Thirilight nearly mimicked her front door, splintering into poison tipped thorn ropes that darted out at him from behind. She hoped for that to either catch him or distract him enough so that she could lunge at him and have his throat beneath her forearm dagger in just moments.

2/19/2009 #221

His trap detecting talisman gave Thirilight a precious millisecond of warning before the tendrils whipped at him from behind. He bolted forward, lunging towards Runida, and slashed at her throat.

2/19/2009 #222

The assassin glared at Thirrilight's sense for her trap. More of his trinkets, no doubt! She should have taken those too. Her master would like them.

She saw his own dagger coming at her and danced aside just in time. It slashed at one of her scarves, trailing it away from her neck. She ducked a little lower to avoid a quick counter and sent her dagger jamming upwards at an angle towards his chest.

2/19/2009 #223

Thirilight pivoted away from Runida's dagger and hastily dodged the poisoned thorns that had followed him. Slashing through the tangle, he severed several vines, stepping back from where they writhed, fallen, on the floor. As the vines retracted for a second strike, Thirilight charged Runida again, this time feinting for her torso.

2/19/2009 #224

"Runida" pushed herself away from the door and only paused for a moment to watch her thorns attack Thirilight in her stead. He was talented, she could give him that. But it didn't matter. She was tired of this. She slipped out another dagger from her left thigh and when Thirilight came at her, she skillfully launched both at him, but grabbed the blade secured to her other thigh in case he reverted to his annoying habit of surviving.

2/19/2009 #225

Thirilight dodged one of the daggers; his mortal wound talisman deflected the other, sending the blade spinning off harmlessly. Thirilight smirked triumphantly as he came within striking distance of Runida. However, rather than slash with his dagger, Thirilight conjured a blinding flash of light in front of the woman's eyes and ran past her, placing the assassin between him and the thorny rope that pursued him.

2/19/2009 . Edited 2/19/2009 #226

One of her daggers was off course by a disgusting degree. She certainly hadn't thrown it that way! Damn that man and his numerous tricks! And he had another to pull. The woman was blinded for a second, but kept her dagger's end prepared to strike blindly if she must. Soon though, she could see well enough past the flashes and saw her own thorns headed for her.

"Stop!" Her command was layered in magic and the thorns did just that, retreating back to the doorway and reforming as her word ended the enchantment. She didn't watch though, having full faith in her magic expertise. She whirled around with her weapon ready to strike at the most vulnerable and deadly part of Thirilight's body she could scout out.

2/19/2009 #227

Thirilight had just thrown his dagger at Runida's head when she whirled around. He vehemently cursed and prepared to dodge her strikes.

2/19/2009 #228

While she loved a good fight when in the mood, she was no longer in the mood and it was completely counteracting her lovely bath earlier. Thinking of the dagger that barely missed her head, she had a notion to bring the man's head as a further gift for her master if he cared for such things. Maybe she would cut it off anyway. He earned it.

Her motions were fluid as she struck at his heart, hoping to end this all now.

2/19/2009 #229

Runida was fast - faster than Thirilight had expected. He was unable to dodge her assault, and though his talisman deflected the knife from his heart, it sent the blade plunging into his gut. He gasped in pain and staggered forward, convulsively clinging onto Runida as his legs gave out.

In a moment of clarity, he seized a concealed dagger he had felt on her person and slid the blade between her ribs.

2/19/2009 . Edited 2/19/2009 #230

"Runida's" eyes danced with excitement as her blade sank into Thirilight's body. Not where she wanted, but he wouldn't live long with the injury and the poison. But her success was short lived as he grabbed hold of her and forced her to the ground with him while taking a secured dagger from her other arm and sending it into her chest. She didn't have the same magic to send blades off course and she felt it pierce her near or through the heart. A deadly strike.

She caught his gaze, glaring, but it soon shifted to a smile that she dared not taint while cringing from the pain of death. It was almost welcome. Her life was surrounded by killing and the lingering threat of dying herself should anyone possibly match her skill. Well someone finally had. She could rest easy now. Die young and leave a beautiful corpse behind. She would do just that.

"Well, here we are," she half gasped and finally couldn't stop a cringe as the blade twitched within her. "Death is waiting, but can you greet it with a smile the way I can?" And she did smile and it was a beautiful, content smile without any tricks of magic. She leaned closer to Thirilight; her forehead touched his and she shut her eyes. "If you want your sword back to have with you in death, you're going to have to take it." She struggled to lift Thirilight's arms and wrap them around her so he could feel Wordy on her back beneath her clothing.

With her last ounce of strength, "Runida" kissed him and whispered, "My name is Ria," before slumping onto his shoulder, dead before the pain of the poison could ruin her smile.

2/19/2009 #231

Thirilight smiled with vicious satsifaction as the dagger pierced near Runida's heart. The glare was expected, but the sudden shift to the genuine smile and peaceful look in her eyes caught him completely by surprise. And yet, he couldn't help but smile along, even as the pain of his wound clouded his grey eyes.

"Here we are," he echoed after her, and he laughed for some inexplicable reason as she asked her question. He let her place his arms around her and felt the familiar presence of Wordy through the layers of cloth and the sheath. The kiss he savored, and once Runida - nay, Ria - lay still, he carefully rolled her off him and whispered, "Rest in peace," before retrieving his blade.

At his touch, Wordy awoke, a flood of words pouring into Thirilight's mind, per usual.

It's about ti-- Thirry! What happened to you?! Never mind that! We need to get you to a healer right away!

Thirilight laughed weakly at Wordy's distress. "I'm afraid it's too late for that. I can feel the poison at work already." He staggered out of the room anyways and practically fell down the stairs, Wordy talking at him all the while. Staggering into the common room, Thirilight conjured a bright flash of light which blinded everyone present, and made his laborious way out of the inn and into the streets, using Wordy as a crutch.

He wandered the streets in a semi-delirious state, unaware of the passing of time, his location, and only vaguely aware of Wordy's voice as it buzzed around his head like a swarm of angry insects. The glint of a shiny object caught his eye and broke his daze for a moment - long enough for him to register that his Wordy-locating talisman hovered in the air in front of him.

He reached out and plucked the talisman from where it hung, noticing then that it marked the end of a message:

Good luck finding Wordy, Thirilight. Be sure not to fall off any cliffs.

Don't die, Uncle Thirry.

- Dawn

Thirilight gave a weak laugh before finally collapsing, dimmingly aware of Wordy violently cursing him. As the feeling fled from his consciousness, and as his eyes closed of their own volition, he wished Muffy... Dawn well, wherever she was, as thanks for her kindly (albeit failed) sentiments.

And then he let go.

2/19/2009 . Edited 2/19/2009 #232
Chasing Skylines

She leaned against the prow of the ship.

The stars flickered in the green-blue depths of the sea.

Dawn's specter hung as a fine mist above the sea. It showed a visage of a street in Calista.

Thirilight collapsed in her scrying, eyes closed in peace. He'd never have to be wary of assassins again.

Humans were such fickle, delicate creatures. It rained, a few drops from clouded eyes. She pitied humans.

At dawn, in the plains opposite the shores of the sea, a headstone with the epitaph, "Uncle Thirry. You can rest in peace now."

A mist overhung the flowers before drifting off to sea again.

2/19/2009 #233

And scene!

*curtain falls*


2/19/2009 #234
Mira Tsukiyoen

((Am I supposed to start a new 'Act'? Sorry, I don't seem to have understanded the rules correctly. *Rereads.*))

((Edit: Good, then. Happy to know that. (: ))

2/25/2009 . Edited 2/25/2009 #235

((Heya Mira. Don't worry about starting an act. I've just been a little swamped, but a new act will be up for you to play in tomorrow. Honest to goodness. :D))

2/25/2009 #236


Princess Pandemonium


Princess Ava has accidentally trapped herself in a cursed tower with a magic key she found. This act will allow your characters to band together (or not) and save Princess Ava from the tower and the dangers that lie within.

Additional Rules

There will be no summoing of Deus Ex Machina. You must get through each level of the tower with your own abilities in order to reach the top where the princess is.

No romance will be focused on in this act. If you want Romance, please find the proper DP for that. Thanks. :)

The action will begin for the players in Diamond City, the capital of the kingdom. The exact set up is free reign for the players as is the set up of the tower (which is NOT in the city.)

Act-Specific Characters

Princess Ava - Princess who finds a magic key that locks her inside the cursed tower.

2/26/2009 . Edited 2/26/2009 #237

Ava sighed as glassy blue eyes stared out from the only window of that high tower. It overlooked the expanse of the dark forest and a few leagues farther was Diamond City, her home and where she wished she had been smart enough to stay.

"But nooooo," she self mocked. "You just HAD to wander off into the one place you were told not to, huh Ava? You just HAD to run from the creepy monsters in the forest and find that stupid key! You're such a fool!"

She sighed again. Her tempermant was usually quite calm, but after being chased in her favorite shoes and messing up her blonde updo and having her dress ripped by monsters and thorns alike, she was rather put off. It was a strange key she found, or rather she tripped on. When she picked it up, a mysterious door appeared just a few feet from her. Of course, being the curious little girl she was and being terrified of more monsters appearing, she discovered the key fit into the door and opened it. It opened into the chamber she stood in, but once she stepped inside, the door slammed shut and the tower shook and grew. It grew so high she thought it might pierce the very sky. Then the door became a window and she could just how high she was.

And just how stuck she was.

Surely someone would find her. Someone would have to notice the black tower that suddenly sprung up form the ground for half the world to see. She put her hands together, clenched her eyes shut and prayed.

2/26/2009 #238
Mira Tsukiyoen

Terek passed through the forest. Bad eyesight and poor lighting under the trees were indeed a handicap. However, this almost felt like a game. Smiling - grinning, really - he leaned forward to see something in the dead leaves. Tracks.

The bad kind.

He had to reach Diamond City by morning, or else he was probably doomed to stay in here for another week. With that thought, he accelerated his step.

2/26/2009 #239
Chasing Skylines

She trudged through the prairie, thoroughly unamused. The ship had taken a turn for the worse, literally, into a beach two days trip away. Since then, aided by a map she'd swiped from the captain during the voyage, she had been trekking the path to Diamond City. The climate here was different; more humid, and prone to tracts of spare land and hosted more shepherds and farmers than traders and soldiers on the road.

The voyage had been odd. During the sail, the void had closed off and cut her magical resources, expelling her possessor. Perhaps she was going mad, or had woken up from a sea-sickness inspired dream.

Whatever the circumstances, her only defense was a small pin that doubled as a knife. She couldn't think of a use for it; maybe she could spear an ant.

2/26/2009 . Edited 2/26/2009 #240
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