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Having trouble writing a character? Can't quite pin down their personality? Then this is the place for you! Come here and play your character as we put them through their paces. We'll help you find what makes them tick - and have fun while we're at it.
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1. Magic is not permitted. If you can't resist its siren call, the Fantasy DP and/or the Supernatural DP bid you come.

2. It is highly encouraged, though not absolutely required, that you have at least a basic understanding of whatever science you are dealing with. Pseudoscience is fun when done well, but bad science is generally bad science.

3. Weapons of mass destruction (atomic bombs, death rays, killer sonic waves, etc.) are henceforth banned from character ownership.

4. Thy ship/vehicle/other mode of transportation shall not be faster/more maneuverable/whatever than my ship/vehicle/other mode of transportation.

5. Each Act may have its own additional rules. These will be located in the first post of that Act. Follow them.

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Murder at the Order


Bodies have been found in the Annex of the Order of the New Yevetikos (Genetic Manipultion religion).

Additional Rules

None. Just come on in and play.

1/31/2009 . Edited 7/6/2009 #2
The Perfect Soldier

Brother Maevon sighed heavily as he gazed out to the stars. To think, he reflected, Our ancestors came from one of those points in the sky. Turning around, he looked at the piles of papers on his desk. Even a church has paperwork, and it seemed like every single piece needed his signature, approval, or stamp. Even a shepherd bows to the whims of his sheep when they have needs to be met. Sighing again, he resigned himself to a full day of nothing but boring paperwork.

Just then his door flew open, the heavy burilla wood slamming against his cabinet on the other side. A messenger, panting lightly, looked at Maevon, fear and panic in his yellow eyes. "Brother! You must come quickly! There have been murders in the central Annex!"

Maevon's brows snapped together in a frown. "Murders? As in more than one?" Gathering his robe around him, he stood up and went to the door and followed the man out.

"Yes, Brother! Two bodies. Initiates Yakol and Brudgess. They were passing through together on their way to the dormitories, then just dropped dead. I was sent to get you right away."

Maevon and the messenger opened the doors to the annex, off the main building of the temple, and were greeted with the crowd hovering around the two bodies, ferverent whispers being passed back and forth among Initiates and visitors to the temple alike.

7/6/2009 #3
Kristine Karnick

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